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Solartime USA Inc

We are a "bumper-to-bumper" solar company. We handle the entire project from initial consultation to final inspection. We will meet with you in person or virtually via phone/video for a free consultation and design a solar system specifically for your needs. We employ all trades necessary for the installation. We handle all permits necessary for your solar system such as HOA, Utility and City permits. We handle all inspections before and after installation so all you really need to do is decide to go SOLAR! :)
Over 40,000 families and businesses in Dallas and around the world have put their trust in us and this is what keeps us going.
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SolartimeUSA is a family-owned and operated company. Started in 2009 by Paul and built to help as many homeowners get access to Solar Energy and help our beautiful planet at the same time. Our biggest focus is THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our customers buy systems that generate energy for decades, so we carefully choose high quality and reliable equipment to assure they are forever-happy with their purchase! We truly care for every single one of our customers, and they can attest to that.
It is not just about the sale! Professional design, efficient installation, and post-installation service are what's MOST important!

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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We are family owned and operated with 14 years of solar experience.

  2. Over 40,000 systems installed between DFW, Poland and Germany

  3. We have our own installation crews.

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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Associated product manufacturers

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Workmanship Warranty

25 year leak warranty
25 year labor warranty
12-25 year parts warranty (depends on the manufacturer)


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Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Outstanding Service

I looked at many different solar companies before choosing Solartime USA. I'm so happy that I chose this company for my solar panel installation. They were outstanding from the beginning by helping me decide how many panels I needed to the what type of backup power source would work best for me. They handled everything from city permit to HOA approvals. I have been totally happy with my solar array and the energy it's producing. Solartime USA is a top notch company that can be trusted.

Posted by fam5390 on May 26, 2023
Awesome Company

I found Solartime USA on youtube. The owner Martyna taught my wife and myself about Solar Panels through her awesome videos she does on you tube. We then contacted Solartime USA and spoke to our eventual Sales Person Mike. Mike was very low pressure. He wasn’t hounding us. If I sent him a question by text at 9pm. He answered pretty quickly. Mike did a site visit and a ROI calculation for us and we decided to proceed. Our project manager Kathryn contacted us and got us scheduled and away we went. We were always notified when they were coming to work on the project and they were always on time. The work was done very neatly and professionally. You could barely tell that any trenches were dug because it was covered back up so meticulously. Once the work was completed Mac came out and gave us a demo and explained how everything worked and how it was all monitored by Solartime USA. This was a great experience for us. I wish I can give more than 5 stars. The European culture in this company of hard work and doing what they say is refreshing compared to the normal BS I deal with from other contractors. If you are going Solar talking to these people is a must. Solartime USA.

Posted by ksmocovich on May 25, 2023
Best Solar Installer in DFW!

Full Disclosure: I am now an employee of Solartime USA but I was a customer before I became an employee. When I wanted solar on my home I talked to 7 companies, including Solartime USA. Jason and Martyna both spent over 2 hours at my home on two different days. They took the time to go over everything in detail and never rushed me into anything. I had to ask them for the contract! All 6 other companies showed up to my home with a contract ready for me to sign and the price was only good for 3 days. Needless to say I did not sign anything with those other 6 companies. I was so impressed with everything that I became an employee of Solartime USA about a year after my system was installed. Martyna, her dad, mom and brother truly represent what it means to be a family-owned and operated business. I felt that when getting my system installed and I feel it even more now! They actually care about people, both their customers and their employees! (Greg and the install team were also excellent!)

Posted by mikecogs on May 25, 2023
SolarTime USA is Very Good!

Compared half-dozen solar options and in the end SolarTime USA was the best. Jason provided the most information and options and answered a lot of questions. Once contracted, Kathryn handled everything that was needed to be done, pretty much full service. Installation was quick and clean and the entire team was very friendly. Appreciate the additional information from Martyna, and the help from Kathryn in getting the provider to complete net-metering quickly. Great experience and would absolutely choose them again! They also provide generator services as well!

Posted by wdewerff on May 13, 2023
Excellent overall

Thanks to Hari, Martyna, Jared and their crew, I am so happy that I went with solar time for our Solar Panel installation. Right from the contract signing , dealing with HOA specifications, approval from city and finally installation, Solartime was thorough and professional and clearly was on top of things.Special mention to Hari, who spent great deal of his time in communicating with our difficult HOA specifications and finally able to get their approval. He was able to submit 3 different designs without compromising on the annual production and maximizing the efficiency of the panels. I will have no hesitation in recommending Solar time to friends and family in DFW area

Posted by kmuralidhar758 on Apr 27, 2023
Recognition for Solar Time - Thank you!

Hi Martyna, I would like to take time and recognize Solar Time team including you, Olivia and Jerald. I am very pleased with the overall Solar work that your team completed. Martyna, you have been simply best when it comes to answering technical questions or any other information related to Solar. You have guided me from the day one with all the details in black and white. Very thorough and clear to ensure customer has all the questions answered and not worried at all. Furthermore, you had sent proper documentation including calculations and specs as needed. Olivia’s project planning has been excellent. She followed through the complete process reaching out for overall approvals both from the city and from the HOA. She updated me on weekly basis where we are in the process and what to expect in the next following weeks. Also, for the parts that are ordered she will mention upfront that there will be delay or any other issues. Furthermore, she also helped me with the follow-up on final bill for the overall Solar work. Jerald has been amongst the best resources I have come across from any company I have worked with. We had Solar Panels installation during the last few weeks of December 2022. The temperatures at that time were below freezing. Despite of bad weather, Jerald had come almost every day to ensure panels get install properly without any shortcuts. His attention to detail, listening to customer and being punctual for commitments many times are the key highlights to mention. Also, the installation of Invertors within the garage with proper mount and ensuring everything is secured. Thank you again Martyna and Solar Time team for the quality of service provided by your company. Mohammad Saleem Gaziani Plano, TX

Posted by saleemgaziani on Apr 17, 2023
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 10.63 kW
    Rural TX mid century home on hill top solar system.



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