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Sunfire Solar Systems, LLC

Sunfire Solar is a locally owned and operated Solar Installation company originally located in the El Paso and Las Cruces area, we are now proudly serving the whole of New Mexico and West-Texas. As a company we believe that the customer deserves more from their Solar Installer, we are the type of company that you can recommend to your friends and family!!!

Our hallmark is transparent and proactive communication throughout the entire installation process, we are the company you can trust to put our customers first. Whether you are simply looking to reduce your utility energy costs or are in the market for battery back-up, high efficiency refrigerated air, heat pump systems and solar combination systems we are the experts who can help. We will ensure you receive all the information you need to allow you to make very informed decisions about the equipment and products available.

Claiming your energy independence will be fun and easy when you have Sunfire Solar on your side!
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Our Team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Solar Installation industry, our team provides our customers with all the information they need to ensure an informed, value-based buying decision. We are dedicated to designing the perfect system, completely customized to provide the best value to our customers, considering all aspects of your home's energy usage and efficiency. Our offerings include complete home systems combining Solar with Air Conditioning and Heating systems(HVAC), Battery back-up/storage devices, as well as electric vehicle(EV) home charging stations, and off-grid systems.

We sell and install only the best products, custom designed for your energy expectations and convenience, at a good price, with an array of financing options that will fit the budget and financial plans of every family.

We are a company that you can trust to take care of their customer throughout the installation process and for years to come.

You can trust our team:
-to put you, and your family first in the process
-to help you determine the best value for your goals and needs, both present and future, all under one affordable payment
-to get things right, the first time
-to do what is right, not what is easy

The time is right to claim your energy independence, we are on your side!
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We are committed to providing clear, proactive communication to guide you through the entire process.

  2. We are committed to providing all the information necessary for you to make a highly informed buying decision that is value based for your specific needs.

  3. We provide a wide of array of home efficiency options and combination systems that allows you to get the best of Air Conditioning, Storage Systems, and Solar under one low monthly payment.

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No. Conventional Solar PV systems operate under a principle called anti-islanding; which means that if the grid goes down, the power goes out and your solar system will shut-down as well. Anti-islanding is intentional for the safety of utility workers.
It's true regular solar can't help you, but Sunfire Solar offers the latest technologies for back-up options, everything from Sunlight back-up with emergency power to complete home back-up systems, we can ensure you have power, even when the grid is down.

Our offerings include complete home systems combining Solar with Air Conditioning and Heating systems(HVAC), Battery back-up/storage devices, as well as electric vehicle home charging stations and off-grid systems.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Our team is made up of people who have been in the Solar/Home Service industry for many years, we all have a variety of different experience in Solar, HVAC, & Storage Systems. Some of us were on the roof working to install the systems the proper way, some of us were in the office proactively communicating, designing, engineering and interfacing. From many walks of life and many varied experiences we all came together as a team for one reason: we believe that customers deserved more from their solar installer. Many of us worked for companies that tried hard, but for one reason or another decided things were more important than customers... Running a business is hard, managing cash-flow is hard, getting everything right, every time is hard; but none of these are reasons to forget that the our customers are the most important part of our business and everyone on our team will make the necessary sacrifices to prove this commitment time and again. Sunfire Solar was created by people, already in the solar industry, with a shared vision: to be a company worthy of our customer's trust. You can trust our team to keep our promises and deliver a superior customer experience to you, no matter what.

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25-year manufacturer and workmanship warranties.


Electrical: TX 37131 - NM 410098


Fully insured to protect ourselves and our homeowners.


NABCEP, Enphase, Unirac

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Great service, affordable price.

Sunfire Solar was great to work with! They were responsive with all of my concerns. They walked me through the entire process. They were not pushy at all during the process. The price was affordable. I would highly recommend!

Posted by jadamson8 on Feb 18, 2024
Would Definitely Recommend

They came to our house and went thru the entire process. We told them other things we were wanting to accomplish and they were able to do it all. From the solar panels to a new dual unit to a new mini split. They went above and beyond what I thought they would do. We have a room that used to be an outdoor patio and converted to a sunroom. Sunfire did all the work to install the mini split so that room is now heated and cooled. Very professional from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Sunfire Solar. Thank you Thomas and your staff. Shane and Donna Feb. 7, 2024

Posted by shaneahale on Feb 07, 2024
The road to Solar was difficult. Sunfire turned that all around.

I come from a very technical background and learned everything I could that was involved in PV technology in residential. Between the wife not wanting me to spend that much time on the roof and me not wanting to deal with the hassles of permitting. We opted to contract the work. I was victim to the first company I'd gone with as they took my money and ran. I did my research, but should have looked into positive reviews more. When we decided to renew our effort to accomplish this install, I used EnergySage and got quotes back fairly quickly. Some quotes were well above the industry norms. Sunfire Solar was right in line with industry norms. But, most importantly, provided a well documented plan and didn't try to sell me on ideas or products that were outside of the scope of my project. I'm anti-sales. It's just in my nature. I tend to know what I want. I never mind scoping questions and the like. But I'd rather be told to look elsewhere than to be sold on a product that won't give me what I'm looking for. Thomas came out for a site survey. We had a great conversation on what my plan was. He asked a few questions to make sure he fully understood my vision and we were off to the races. I was never pressured to deviate from my plan. I don't know how much that means to everyone. But it means a lot to me. Throughout the process, the whole team was very responsive to any questions. More importantly, they were quickly responsive to any questions PNM or the city had through the permitting process. And, that led the process to go as quickly and efficiently as you could expect any bureaucracy to go. The install went seamlessly when approvals were finally complete. The whole team was friendly and knowledgeable. The team took better care of my home while working on my roof than even I do. And the electrical boxes required for the installs were a work of art. One of my greatest complaints about many of the solar installs I've seen is the sloppy electrical work surrounding the meter. It may all be wired right, but ugly. Not here. The electrician took great care to ensure everything was not only properly installed, but didn't bring an eyesore to a home that I work very hard on. We had zero issues through the inspection process and the system has been producing well for the last month. I'd recommend Sunfire to anyone.

Posted by gdave44 on Jan 29, 2024
Really good, not perfect

Very happy with the technical competence and professionalism of Sunfire Solar. They use excellent products and do very professional work. Their only weakness was customer communication and attention to detail from a scheduling perspective. Without the latter, this would have been a 5-star review.

Posted by bill42845 on Oct 14, 2023
They helped me when nobody else would!

I reached out to many different companies and finally found Sun Fire Solar. Marco came out to replace the inverter than I found wasn’t working after NMSG went under. His team coordinated the warranty replacement, ordered the parts and replaced my system. They also adopted my system. That’s awesome. They are reasonable and super professional. 100% recommended!

Posted by dial.christopher on Oct 13, 2023
Excellent Experience with Sunfire Solar

I found Sunfire Solar through Energy Sage, along with several other solar contractors that I received quotes from. After “interviewing” Sunfire, and other contractors, I selected Sunfire for my project based in part on their positive customer reviews and pricing. Another important factor in my decision was the knowledge, hands on experience, and professionalism of Thomas Kemp. Thomas worked with me to develop a projection of monthly and annual electric use with the recent addition of two plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and a hot tub; demands not reflected in historical use data. And then Thomas worked with me on a “bundle” of home energy improvements that included replacement of the electrical service panel, purchase and installation of two high-efficiency mini-split heat pumps, and a 6.4 kw solar PV array. The bundled price was very competitive relative to quotes from other contractors. Soon after an agreement was signed Sunfire went to work on the service panel replacement and then the mini-split heat pump installation. Of note is that I was allowed to specify the brand and models of the heat pumps. Installation of the PV array was the final step and was delayed approximately two months while approval processes and permitting were completed by the electric utility and the City of Albuquerque. The array was energized two weeks ago and to date it has performed exactly as projected in terms of peak output and daily yield. Based on what I see so far I’m confident the annual projected yield will be realized and will meet 95-100% of our household electrical use, including that of the two PHEVs. And finally, all of the individuals I interacted with through the duration of the project were responsive, easy-going, and professional. This included the assigned project manager, other office personnel, the electrician, HVAC guy, and others involved in the installation of the PV array. Overall I had a great experience with Sunfire Solar and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

Posted by mikewaterguy on Sep 25, 2023



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