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Univix Power Solutions

At Univix, our mission is to provide families and individuals across America with a dependable, on-demand power source at an affordable price. We want you to feel secure in the event of a power outage, which is why we developed The Bank – a powerful, affordable, versatile, transportable, and greener backup power solution. Experience a backup energy source that’s simple to use, reliable, and long-lasting; providing you with a hassle and worry-free experience that keeps the lights on and the power running.
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We have developed a powerful backup energy source, The Bank, that was designed to be a cost-efficient and affordable alternative to the standard generator. With our energy products, you can power your home longer when the grid goes down, and be sure your home has a fail-safe power source when you need it.
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Often referred to as a solar generator, or a battery backup solution, The Bank is a home backup solution that protects your home from power outages and surges, keeping your home running. Think of it as a giant UPS for your home.
Yes, it has a powerful 8000W continuous inverter that has a 12000W, 60-second motor start. It can run just about anything, However, your backup time will be much shorter with heavy loads.
Next to none! The Bank is fully sealed and requires no maintenance until our carbon batteries need to be replaced 10-15 years down the road, and since they aren’t lithium batteries, this won’t cost you a fortune!
Carbon batteries are fully sealed AGM-type batteries, with carbon composite plates and carbon-enhanced electrolytes inside. Sulfur doesn’t stick to carbon; therefore, these batteries can’t sulfide up! This makes them long-lasting batteries with a deep sta
Carbon batteries are stable around the same price as AGM batteries. Which makes them less than half the cost of lithium.
Carbon batteries are extremely safe. They are fully sealed and don’t require venting. They do not catch fire or have any explosion risk. There are no reactive rare earth minerals in carbon batteries, which also allows them to be 100% recyclable.
We are located out of Laconia, New Hampshire. If you’re nearby, come say hello!
A sine wave is a waveform that represents AC (Alternating Current) changing with time. Pure Sine Wave inverters are capable of producing a cleaner, “quieter”, sine wave that is healthy for all electronics.
Yes! All of our inverters also have built-in charge controllers for alternative energy. We have a range of 60a to 120a charge controllers built in.
Univix inverters can switch between power sources in under 20 milliseconds. This means that our inverters are capable of switching from grid to batteries in the event of a power outage, without resetting your alarm clock, or flickering your lights.
You can see all of our products, learn about them, and view spec sheets on the "Shop" page of our website at
You can use our "Find a Dealer" tab on our website to find the closest dealer to you! We are adding dealers everyday, and don't always update the map! If you don't see a dealer near you, please give us a call.

Services Offered

  • Manufacturing

Workmanship Warranty

10 Year warranty on The Bank
10 Year warranty on all Inverters
10 Year warranty on all Carbon Batteries


CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 107.1

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  • Better Business Bureau



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