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We don't just sell Solar, we sell a positive financial impact in our customers lives. With PosiGen you not only get a top quality solar system, you also receive energy efficiency upgrades, lowering your homes energy consumption. Make Power with Solar and Save Power with Energy Efficiency, creating more savings for each of our customers.
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Solar for All - That's our mission.

Making your life easier - That's what we do best.

Solar Energy has a history of being complicated and costly. PosiGen makes solar easy. PosiGen not only offers a very competitive cash sale price, we also offer an affordable leasing option that broadens the economic spectrum of people who can afford it. PosiGen's leasing option has fixed pricing for the entire term of the lease and no minimum credit score requirement!

We offer a top quality Solar System, we also can include Energy Efficiency, and Energy Education. By pairing Energy Efficiency Upgrades with your Solar System, you can increase your Savings by as much as 50%.

Consider PosiGen as a new kind of energy company.

We utilize the Earth’s two greatest energy resources - the Sun and You.
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Do not use this solar company

Does NoT work! Was told that my electricity bill would go down when in fact it has went up! Was also told that electric company would be paying us. My husband went ahead and got panels also for our business and they never work. We’ve called to complain about not feeling like they are working and the very nice customer service lady confirmed that they weren’t! So you’ve been taking my money KNOWING that it doesn’t work. that’s not good! No matter what incentive they give you, just don’t do it.

Posted by andrewdishmanflooring on Jan 19, 2024
Very happy

If there were any problems it was because of Entergy (our utility company here), which is notoriously bad. They delayed switching me on for months. Which is why I am so ecstatic to see my first bill where the kilowatt hours sent to them were about 3/4s the amount sent to me. I hate Entergy only second to the Sewage and Water Board. My house is under renovation so everything leaks like a sieve too, so once I'm buttoned up better, I'm sure the ratio will be even better. Free installation, responsive customer service. But the app and website could be better.

Posted by doubletakewoodshop on Nov 11, 2023
Posigen Solar Install - CT

This is a 4 star review

Posted by BCARRA on Jul 14, 2023
Poor scheduling

Received a call from posigen. Man on the phone told me my roof was excellent for solar. I told him I was in the beginning stages of researching. He told me they have a plan where they rent my roof and pay me $150 every month. I was intrigued so I scheduled an appointment. Needless to say, I waited over an hour. No phone call. I even called and texted to see what’s going on and no response. After reading these reviews, I’m kinda glad they wasted my time knowing I would receive bogus information just to get me to go Solar. I think the majority of these solar companies is a cutthroat business. Government incentives is also BS. Yes you get a rebate, but you have to give it back, on top of the company over charging for the panels plus the high interest rates. The purpose of going solar is to reduce your electric, not pay more. They all seem to predict the future.

Posted by danieloppel on Apr 30, 2023
Damaged my roof

I purchased my home in February of 2017. On or around October of 2017 PosiGen installed solar panels on my roof. In November of 2022 I discovered massive leaks on several areas of my roof. I hired three independent roofing professionals and each company confirmed that the leaks were a direct result of the improper installation of PosiGen’s solar panel. The companies concluded that PosiGen Solar incorrectly and improperly installed the solar panels causing extensive damage to my roof in my home. The damage is extensive and only occurs were the solar panel brackets were installed on my roof. Prior to me purchasing my home in 2017 a home inspection was completed my roof at the time of purchase was only five years old. PosiGen also conducted their own mandatory inspection prior to installing the panels and their report is void of any mention of damage to my roof they deemed my roof in excellent condition. . I have contacted PosiGen twice a day since. I have also provided PosiGen SolaR with the independent reports I received as well as photos taken by the roof inspector. I begged them to work with me to please resolve this issue. As my home is the only thing I have left. my sister who has stage four lung cancer resides in the home, I cannot, under any circumstances afford to lose it. I have begged them to please simply correct their error and I have been met with this red tape. To add injury to insult I had to pay PosiGen $1800 for them to temporarily remove their solar panels that caused the damage they caused. given the urgency I had no choice. mold has begun to form and my rafters that support my roof are weakening Day by day please help This issue remains unresolved. At the request of Posigen I granted Posigen access to my home, to allow them to conduct their own assessment and evaluation of my roof by one of their employees who shall be referred to herein as Steve. While it is apparent that their employee determined that Posigen was not liable for the damage the improper installation of the solar panels caused to my roof, this determination was both foreseeable and expected. I cannot ignore or be expected to accept the notion that their employee is free of bias and neutral to both parties. This is why entities whom primary responsibilities involve determining the facts of a case are required to be neutral. Any affiliation or association to a party negates the objectiveness. I granted Posigen access to my home as a measure of good faith, not because I expected any other outcome. At the onset of this complaint, I attested to the negligence and poor workmanship performed by Posigen in installing the panels on my roof. The negligence and poor workmanship that led to this complaint is further aggravated by the additional damaged caused to my roof when Posigen removed the panels. After paying Posigen $1,800 to remove the panels, Posigen by way of their subcontractor, arrived a day early and removed the panels in the rain. Posigen used a sealant that cannot and should not be used to seal holes on wet surfaces; for example applying to sealant while raining. Please see the attached email received from NPC, the manufacture of the sealant used by Posigen, confirming this sealant must be applied to a dry surface, attached hereto as Exhibit A. The manufacturer’s instructions state that the product is to be applied “to a temperate, clean, dry, frost free structurally sound surface”. After Posigen removed their panels from my roof, it was discovered that roughly 50 shingles were broken and/or cracked. Please see the photos attached hereto as Exhibit B. This was only discovered after Steve inadvertently showed me photos he had taken while on my roof. Upon viewing the photos, I noticed in one of the pictures an excessive amount of sealant above several of the brackets. When I questioned Steve about what I had noticed he simply dismissed my question with this statement “when they removed the panels, they cracked a few shingles and tried to protect it by covering it with sealant”(This is Posigen’s accounting of when the shingles were damaged). Posigen’s employee nor their subcontractors never informed me of the additional damage the removal of the solar panels caused to my roof. To add injury to insult, they forgot to fill several bracket holes with sealant leaving these areas completely exposed to the elements. These issues add to the issues discovered at installation “The brackets were not properly waterproofed, flashed and sealed adequately in addition to this, the fasteners that attach the brackets were not inserted into the rafters in several places not only [to] guarantee a secure fit but to reduce the chance of leaks” I have and continue to ask Posigen to simply repair the damage caused to my roof and restore my roof to its original condition prior to the installation of their panels including the additional damage caused to the shingles after the removal of the panels. I am asking them to do this WITHOUT an admission of wrongdoing. I have attached a photo of the area of my roof untouched by Posigen and their solar panels, attached hereto as Exhibit C. As you can see from Exhibit C the roof is free of all damages and defects as a ten-year-old roof should be. I am fully aware of Posigen’s policy not to install solar panels on roofs that are damaged. They conducted their own assessment when my roof was only five years old, their own reports and act of installing the solar panels are testimony to the condition of my roof prior to the installation of their panels. The panels would not have been installed if the integrity of my roof including the existence of damaged or cracked shingles were present prior to installation. As an act of good faith, I have offered Posigen the ability to use their own roofing company in an effort to be fair and equable. If Posigen refuses to continue to take corrective action, then Posigen and I have reached an impasse and I believe no progress is possible. Posigen has completely ignored the independent roofing inspection report that concluded the following “The only area that is having water filtration is the area directly below the solar panel Installations, suggesting the brackets and solar panel installation are the cause of the water intrusions. All other penetrations on the roof have flashing and functional gaskets. Thermal reading confirmed a uniform temperature on the entire roof suggesting there isn’t any discrepancies in any other areas than the previously mentioned.Recommendation: Pro Exteriors recommends that the solar panel system is taken down from the roof. The roof is replaced using ice and water barrier on the entire roof surface as shingle substrate and new architectural shingles are installed. When the panels are reinstalled, the brackets that penetrate the roof need to be flashed and sealed adequately in addition to this; the fasteners that attach the brackets need to be inserted into the rafters to not only guarantee a secure fit but to reduce the chance of leaks” a copy of which is attached to my initial complaint.” Posigen by way of their representative has stated they will not consider the other independent roofing inspection reports. This leads me to believe Posigen has determined that their employee’s word is law and the final absolute power. Am I expected to ignore the physical evidence of the following: My home inspection report issued less than a year prior to the installation of the panels attesting to the age and excellent condition of my roof. Posigen’s affirmative actions of installing the panels after their own independent inspection of my roof. The independent roof inspection reports that clearly point liability toward Posigen. The photos and reports of the damage that occurred while Posigen were removing the panels (which supports the assertation that the workmanship is subpar at minimum). The photographic evidence of the installers missing the rafters in several locations while installing the panels. The photographic evidence of the excellent condition of the portion of my roof that was untouched by Posigen and their solar panels (Shows the damage is isolated to the areas were the panels were installed). The age of my roof (5 years) and the industry standards of the life time expediency of 30 years.

Posted by angelarosact on Dec 14, 2022
Will Gladly Breach the Contract

Signed a contract with Posigen to do $20,000 worth of work for solar panels. 4 months later they came back and requested an additional $40,000 or would refuse to perform the job. This is after the panels arrived in their warehouse and they had pulled a permit to perform the work. They provided no backup paperwork as to why the project was now going to cost $60,000 for 12 solar panels. Don't trust a word they say.

Posted by bdj226 on Nov 11, 2022



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