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Palmetto Solar

Palmetto is leading the world into a clean energy future by making it easy for homeowners across the United States to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy. Our end-to-end approach takes the guesswork out of solar savings, guarding individual and natural resources from unnecessary waste.
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Palmetto makes it easy for homeowners to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy. Our end-to-end approach takes the guesswork out of solar savings, guarding individual and natural resources from unnecessary waste.

Leading the world towards a clean energy future is at the heart of everything we do. It's our north star that guides us to perform sustainably and ethically as we sell, design, finance, build and maintain residential solar systems across the country.

It enables us to have a positive impact on the people, environments and communities we serve by providing economic development and job opportunities.

Our employees and partners are committed to integrity in action, fairness in conduct and respect for all. We believe in the future of clean energy to help save our planet.
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  • Installation
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  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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  • Solar Edge
  • Q Cells

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Workmanship Warranty

25 years. As our solar products are primarily third-party owned systems, the warranty covers the system and components for the life of the agreement.


Business Incorporation: 46-4639124
NABCEP: PV-100414-005126


Fully licensed and insured.


NABCEP Certified PV Installer on team.

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  • SolarEdge Preferred

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Never provided a quote

Met with a sales rep via virtual call. Nice guy but I guess he didn’t like my answer when I told him I was still getting proposals from other companies. He never sent me a quote despite multiple attempts to remind him. If they are this unresponsive in providing you with a simple proposal, imagine their after service.?

Posted by mkavan on Nov 10, 2023
customer service

The panels and installation went fine, there customer service after they have you as a paid customer is horrible. I've been 2 weeks with no production due to the second inverter going bad, it seems like these inverters are built to fail after 12 months. They don't want to have a conversation about the issue they would prefer to chat with you online.

Posted by darrylpresley45 on Aug 01, 2023
Es mentira que el Gobierno te devuelve dinero en los taxes

Me dijeron que el gobierno pagaría un porcentaje del costo de mi préstamo para pagar los paneles en los taxes ! Y es total mente mentira!!!! Solo lo dicen para que uno coja el prestamo ! Dios los perdone por engañar alas personas They told me that the government would pay a percentage of the cost of my loan to pay for the panels on the taxes! And it's totally a lie!!!! They only say it so that one takes the loan! God forgive you for misleading people

Posted by grego-vs on Feb 22, 2023
If I could leave NO stars, I would!

I was interested to see if solar panels were for me. A representative, Christopher Guevara, contacted me about 2 weeks ago. He explained that it would be "no cost to me." I was hesitant about them being put on my house since the roof was put on in 2020 & there's a huge maple tree in the front yard. I asked if it might be able to be on the garage, which is full sun all day. Most likely not due to structural issues. Ok. Mr. Guevara explained they'd have to run a credit check-why? If it's no cost to me, what difference does it make if it's 400 or 800? I spoke with him Friday 11/18/22 & he assured me he would have answers and call me on Monday 11/21/2022. Nothing. I figured with it being a short week due to the holiday, he was busy. I called him today, Tuesday 11/29/2022 & he informed me that I had to fill out an application & that the credit pull was just like the one the utilities do before you start service with them. He said his supervisor had to email me the application to fill out. I guess you have to apply to be able to get free solar panels. I asked "just so I'm clear and understanding you correctly, I'm getting solar panels at no cost to me installed on the roof of my house and in doing that, I will no longer have to pay an electric bill because the solar power that I collect will be enough for my house. Anything over what I use for the day, the electric company will buy from me and at some time whether it is quarterly, half a year or yearly, I will get a check from the electric company paying me for the electricity that they bought from me. Is that correct?" He assured me that I was understanding correctly. Okay! He asked me if I had received the email from his supervisor and I looked and saw that I had about seven. I told him I wanted to take the opportunity to sit during my breaks at work and read over everything and go over it with a fine tooth comb before I sign anything and send it back. He seemed kind of agreeable with it, but asked if I would be able to get them back to him by tomorrow- Wednesday 11/30/2022. I confirmed that I would be willing to do that for him. At that point we agreed he called me tomorrow and we ended the conversation. When I opened up one of the documents, I saw that it was palmetto solar providing the solar panels. Before I wanted to sign anything, I wanted to see what the reviews look like with them so I googled it. It seems that there are mixed reviews. I would say it's probably an 80/20 split with 80 being the positive side. I called the customer service number because I wanted to inquire more about the installation on my house and inquire if I can have them installed on my garage roof instead because the garage gets full sun and only one side of the roof gets full sun. I spoke with the customer service representative and he was very nice. He pulled up my stage one paperwork and said he could see the ariel satellite view of my house and the diagram of where they would be putting the solar panels. He congratulated me on being approved for the work and that I was approved for 52,000 to be paid off over 25 years. WAIT!! WHAT?!?! What in the world are you talking about? The customer service representative said that I was approved for 52,000 to be paid back over a 25-year period at 2.9% and that my payment would be $178 a month. Hold on! I told him my regular electric bill is only $56 a month because I'm on the budget plan so how can they justify that my bill is now going to be $178 a month when Mr. Guevera told me the solar panels were free to me and that using them would take place of my energy bill. The gentleman told me the panels ARE NOT FREE!! That I not only had to pay my utility bill every month, but I had to pay the $178 for having the panels installed. This is not what I signed up for and agreed to. I feel like I was lied to and there was a whole lot of misrepresentation going on! The customer service gentleman apologized and said that he could put paperwork in to have it stopped from proceeding forward and that I will not be contacted in the future. He apologized that I was lied to. He asked me to call back in 1 to 2 business days to confirm that the paperwork was done and signed off on so that I will no longer be contacted. He said since it's only in stage one, which is just the talking and planning and me signing things phase and since I have not signed anything, then it should be no problem to close the account out and shut it down. He asked who the representative was that I spoke with and I gave him Mr. Guevara's name. He asked me if I knew who Michael Kelly was. I did not. He said that is the salesperson that's listed on the paperwork. When I scrolled down through the paperwork that I received via email I did see Mr Kelly's name and phone number. I think the customer service representative and our call ended. I then called Mr. Kelly. I explained the entire situation and dealing with Mr Guevara. I told him how mad I was and I feel that it had been some type of lying going on and hoped that this is not how he ran his company. He assured me that there should be no misunderstanding about there being payment and that things are not free and that he's going to have to go back and talk with their sales representatives to make sure that they are not giving out inaccurate information. I assured him they are and it's not one that they are lying about, it's the whole dog on thing! I told him either he's lying to his Representatives, he's telling their representatives to lie to people or Mr Guevara is just lying to me to get a sale. But either way it's a bunch of nonsense! This is just bad business and definitely shines a negative light on palmetto solar! I certainly hope that they do a reassessment of their sales representatives and the information that they give their sales representatives and the information that their sales representatives tell potential clients! Shame on all of you!

Posted by slkrajcovic on Nov 30, 2022
The Best Decision I Made This Year

I went through several quotes for solar panels before landing on Palmetto. Their quote was below other vendors, but it wasn't a decision based on price. I chose them because they explained the product and the process very well. I was then set up with an app for tracking the installation process. I'm so happy I chose a company that cares about customer service!

Posted by jtlanglitz on Nov 03, 2022
Solar quick and convenient

We had a great experience with Palmetto Energy. Their staff are always very friendly and helpful and the installment was completed very quickly and with little disturbance. This was important when working from home. I have already recomended and referee them to my friends in the area du to our great experience.

Posted by euey_mahon on Oct 28, 2022



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