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Some of our competitors say we must be doing something wrong because we're so inexpensive. We deal in bulk and we stock our own inventory. We fulfill and install for other solar companies so we keep our volume high. We don't use a sales team that eat a lot of that cost up. We use the same great equipment other solar companies use and carry the same warranties.
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Solar Wholesale saw a need in providing cost effective ways to conserve and use renewable energy. We provide the best price because we don't use salesmen or expensive financing. We negotiated directly with the manufacturers which allows us to get the best pricing. We then pass the savings onto you by taking advantage of declining solar panel prices because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to go solar.
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  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

The PV system is covered by a ten (10) year Workmanship Warranty, a ten (10) year Inverter Manufactures Warranty, and a twenty (20) year Manufacturers Warranty. The Warranty's covers all components of the generation system against breakdown or degradation in electrical output of more than ten percent (10%) from their original rated electrical output. The Workmanship Warranty will cover the full costs, including labor and repair or is replacement of defective components or system. All equipment is warranted to perform in accordance with manufacturer’s published specifications provided that the equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.


Contractors License# 10516638-5501


OSHA Certified
EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contractor

Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

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Poor Support Service

Solar wholesale put together a complete package, including instructions, and step by step process for getting the solar system approved by authorities having jurisdiction and installed. If this was all they promised I would give them 4 stars. Unfortunately, after the sale has been made - NOTHING! They do not return calls or provide ongoing service. I could not get them to correct and update the Solar App for monitoring the system. I had to work through the mfg to get this done. I expanded my system and turned to Solar Wholesale for help. They would never return my calls. Previous employees I had worked with left the company with no one who would respond and answer questions. Too bad really, Solar wholesale could have had a repeat customer and received additional sales from other customers through referrals had they provided service as promised.

Posted by 88croym on Oct 11, 2022

If u value your time,money and sanity avoid Solar Wholesale at all cost. First they sent us wrong instructions. When we requested the proper ones they sent the same wrong ones Also sent us a bunch of components for a different system and didnt send many that we needed. Had to go out to marketplace to buy our own. They mostly ignored our repeated requests for help. And they kept insisting we sign a document that clearly said in bold print "DO NOT SIGN THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE AND OPERATIONAL".They even threatened legal action if we didnt sign it. Finally,when we got it all installed,we discovered they sent us a dead $12000 battery pack. Run,dont walk away from this company.

Posted by glenmartensen on Nov 22, 2021
If you are in Utah, go with SolarWholesale...

I chose SolarWholesale / Next Energy Alliance because they had a local office and offered the lowest overall price I could find. It took them 28 business days from the time I signed the contract until I was generating power. And, the panels were actually installed 13 business days after the contract was signed. I don't think many companies can beat that short install timeframe. And, did I mention that they were the lowest price I could find in Utah? I am a Utilities Engineer, and I have to admit that I am super-happy with my experience. SolarWholesale added a car charger into the contract for an extremely low price, and they made good on their promise to install it. It was installed on the 14th business day. And, I have been saving money with this great, name-brand, level 2 charger ever since that time. I got 36 panels and a car charger installed for under $30K with a 2 year, same-as-cash finance option (included in the $30K price tag). After tax incentives and such, I should be well under $20K for everything. And, I expect my ROI to be somewhere between 8 and 9 years. My average generation per day in the first week is between $5 and $6 per day (or roughly 66 kWh of total energy generated per day times 9.2 cents per kWh for RMP's lowest tier rate). So, it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme by any means. But, I expect to save somewhere between $1,500 and $1,800 per year on power. And, that should be good enough to cover my power expenses on a 3,500 sq. ft. home with a big family. With the 30% off in federal tax credits and $1,600 off in Utah State credits at tax time, how can you go wrong? Those credits are going down year over year, so I believe that the time to act is now. Go with SolarWholesale, and I think you are in good hands.

Posted by Rob Davy on Jul 10, 2019
Avoid these guys at all costs!

If there were a zero star option these guys would get it. Josh/Joshua Duke gave Solar Wholesale two 5 star reviews on Google. That’s the same guy and he’s a sales manager for Solar Wholesale!!! WTF?!? He’s the sales manager with whom I signed a contract at the end of 2018 to “lock in prices”. Fast forward to almost the end of June 2019 and I still don’t have solar panels on my roof and they tell me they won’t install any unless I pay 25-35% more than what was agreed upon in the signed contract! Run from these guys!!! Run fast! They’re a shady bunch!!! Beware of any of these guys’ positive reviews! They’re likely employees!

Posted by paulrichards26 on Jun 21, 2019
Poor service

Installation went fine but I’m having a very difficult time getting a small problem fixed

Posted by a1hardwoods on Dec 19, 2018
No BS Only Solutions

I have spoken to many solar companies and most seem to take advantage of the homeowners lack of knowledge about solar systems. I am a Certified Energy Engineer through AEE (cert ID 18143) and I am able to accurately calculate system size I need and I have a good idea of system cost. Most companies under size the system and overcharge. Solar warehouse is a no BS company. They accurately sized my system and gave me a very good cost ($2.80 per Watt). They will give you the straight talk you need when deciding if a system is right for you. In addition, they installed my entire system in less than a day. They are the best solar company in Utah.

Posted by jim.peterson on Mar 19, 2018



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