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Good Faith Energy

Good Faith Energy is a top-rated solar design, finance, installation and maintenance company based in North Texas. We believe in high quality, affordable solar systems for all people. In addition to solar, we design and install energy storage systems, building automation, and electric vehicle charging stations.
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Our Core Values are Respect, Integrity, Service, & Excellence.
Good Faith Energy’s vision is to transform our energy ecosystem through smart, sustainable, reliable technology while providing a lasting social & environmental impact.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

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  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Gold Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Quality and Pricing

I reached out to them for Solar Installation from the time of Sales to Installation exceptional service with attention to customer service. Highly-qualified and trained technicians.

Posted by jarihjafri on Jan 18, 2023
Above & Beyond

Ever written a bad review, but extremely specific about everything? Then they call you and want a better review, but soon it's very apparent that they didn't bother to read the review and they have no intention of doing anything at all to fix their crummy work? My AC installer was like this. It's hard to find a good contractor and impossible to find a great one. Well, A miracle happened. It is possible to find a great one because I found Good Faith. They're absolutely the best contractor I've had. They'll do you right and are good for their word, (especially with a reminder, but that's natural if it's a little different.) I can't believe how well they sorted out my monitoring system. Above and beyond is what I'm saying times 10. Everyone from the front desk to Jose and his team. When you see Jose you can tell he's perfectly adapted to the job. I mean, they must be genetically built to do an amazing job. How else could he do it so we'll? OK, that's weird. I can't find the words because they're rare. How many positive reviews have a given contractors? This one and........ this one. They really do care about their reputation. Back to Jose, He's incredibly likeable. I almost shed tears when they came back to fix a string. (I think I just did shed tears. Whatever, just allergies :-) My eyeballs sneezed.) I wish I had the money to get a new system. Mine covers everything but barely produces. This was a D&R job. Hire these guys and soon if you can. I expect they might be busy because you can tell by other reviews that this review is solid. I hope for everyone's sake that they expand tenfold and never compromise their work ethic. It'll catch on. It makes me feel good that my career of working above and beyond, maybe someone appreciated it this much. Just imagine if everyone took responsibility for their work and bet themselves on each job, like these good folks. The Earth requires it, and that touches me that they care. Good luck out there, everyone!!

Posted by gavindr6 on Apr 09, 2022
Unresponsive and way over priced

We reached out to them through the Tesla website and they didn't even quote Tesla items. I had to numerous times ask for a responce to emails, only to get one after I told them I was giving up and calling someone else. Once we got their quote, I had seen enough. Went with someone else who did a phenomenal job at over a $40k savings (and yes this is apples to apples).

Posted by mfreis on Sep 24, 2022
Good Faith is so

The young man from the company came for an estimate, on time. My house is old and all the options were expensive. I had to choose one, because I'd already bought the electric car. He could have had an expensive contract with me. However, he also offered an option which turned out to be free and thus got nothing for his trouble... or did he? Well he gets this review, plus I felt so good to meet an honest person, that I am now inclined to invest in solar and am likely to reach out directly to this company. I am just very happy to have met a person with conscience and honesty.

Posted by berge.minassian on Aug 09, 2019

After doing an incredible amount of research, quotes, and dealing with customer service. I can not say enough good things about Good Faith Energy. I have an 11KW system with a 16KW battery back up. Mo was terrific in explaining cost per watt. I was dealing directly with Tesla which was nothing short of a disaster they want you to sign a contract but outside of any business signature are terrible in regards to customer service, explanations of service and price. I would highly encourage any customer interested in solar and renewable energies to give Good Faith Energy a Call. Since my system has been installed GFE has been incredible in teaching me about my system taking time to show me the APPs and other medians to monitor my system. Even after install if I call they will return my call usually immediately at the longest a couple of hours. I give GFE 5 stars if they had ten stars as an option I would leave 10.

Posted by jpainkin on Aug 15, 2018
Nice, helpful, professional company.

Excellent customer service! Kept communication open and if I had any questions or needed help after installation, I could call. Highly recommend!

Posted by arodmarch2525 on Aug 07, 2018



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