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Generac knows power better than anyone. That’s why they have dominated the residential backup power market for 60 years and are continuing to lead. From PWRcell, their flagship Solar + Battery Storage System, to Enbala, their distributed energy management platform, Generac is leading the market in clean energy technology. They are your source for high performance energy solutions. No other company offers the complete lineup of clean energy products, accessories, tools and resources, designed to meet the needs of professionals and homeowners alike.
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Generac is the leading global supplier of solar energy storage systems, backup power, and prime power products. Since 1959, Generac has grown its product offering from the largest home generator brand into a broad range of innovative clean energy products. Generac’s PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System and other home energy management tools represent its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its customers.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. PWRcell offers whole home backup power, so your home stays comfortable and secure during utility power outages.

  2. PWRcell stores energy which can be used to power your home during peak demand times saving you money on your utility bill.

  3. PWRcell offers 30% more power output than our competitors (figure based on single storage cabinet of battery modules), and it offers more storage capacity, so you can run more than just the essentials.

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  • Manufacturing

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  • Over 3,500 installers nationwide

Workmanship Warranty

Covering parts, labor, and limited travel
PWRcell Battery Cabinet, 10 Years
PWRcell Battery Modules, 10 Years or 7.56MWh of energy throughput per module, whichever comes first
PWRcell Inverter, 10 Years
PWRmanager, 10 Years
PV Link, 25 Years
SnapRS, 25 Years
PWRgenerator, 5 Years Limited


ISO 14001
ISO 9001

Industry Certifications

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Not so bad after all. Maybe.

This is an updated review. It may be difficult to get through to Generac customer service however they do pay attention to their customers. I had previously posted a review and it gathered some attention. They have since reached out and is actively working to ensure my system is functioning normally. I plan to keep this updated

Posted by Crakpot on Aug 13, 2023
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 12.06 kW
    "Excellent Company"



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