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Go Solar Group

Go Solar Group is the first solar company to offer power backup in every system installed. We believe that German-engineered solar panels and inverters, supported by batteries, provide the most secure & most efficient solar experience. With solar backup, you'll continue to save money over time with free, stored energy instead of reliance on grid pricing.

As a Go Solar Group customer, you will have the ability to rely on free solar energy production for at least 25 years (warranty & production guarantee period). We'll proudly be your energy solutions provider when you're ready to upgrade appliances, monitor your usage, or eventually service & upgrade your solar system.
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Go Solar Group is a Utah-based solar company. Go Solar was founded to provide a healthy, sustainable light solution to off-grid communities in Africa. With every system purchased through Go Solar Group, capital is offered to provide interest-free microloans for solar products to those in need. No mark-up. no profit. Just clean, healthy light.

Go Solar Group offers the following solar services: a free home assessment & system quote, solar financing, solar array design & engineering, system installation, and tax credit preparation.
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25 years racking & panel warranty


Business Incorporation: 8543016-5501
Jeffrey Gray: Master Electrician & NABCEP: 262881-5502
Scott Cramer: Apprentice Electrician: 8796694-5505


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They took the deposit and had said an engineer would come to tell us what is needed in the property. That person never showed up, and no call back to reschedule the appointment. Fast forward, one year later we stopped by the office and they claimed the contract was cancelled because they had not heard from us. They claimed they sent an email but we never received (we searched). Many calls were made for the deposit but not even a call after the deposit was made (interesting). 2019 they said we could continue the process but all their proposal was not what we had negotiated. Bad note taking, even offered money back. 2020 again at the office. Finance department has no balls to come out and give money back, claiming after 30 days we get no money back, message sent thru the front desk. Do not fall for them!!!

Posted by on Sep 24, 2020
Nothing they said is true

I had solar now for 2 years and the installation was not done very well I asked to have them 5 high groun mount and they sent the wrong parts they didn’t know codes I asked them to install so I can add to it and they refused I asked if I could monitor it and every they come out they get and leave before I get home so I given up on trying after 2 years with solar my bill went from $220 to $330 a month plus $210 for the solar payment and was told that it would be around $80 a month more that’s a lot more than $80 a month and trying to deal with Kate not even worth wasting your time I wouldn’t recommend Gosolar

Posted by mnarancher on Nov 06, 2018
I got everything I wanted!

I worked with Go Solar Group to get the perfect system for my growing house. We are going to be moving as many appliances over to electricity after we have seen a couple of our electricity bills, and how net metering is a huge benefit. The installation was clean and all the installers were friendly. After Rocky Mountain Power turned on the net meter we were immediately seeing our production during the day exceed our usage -very cool.

Posted by petergsimon on Jun 29, 2017
AMAZING company and knowledgeable staff

This company has far exceeded any expectation I had for them by going above and beyond every step of the way. From the initial installation in Salt Lake City to helping me retrofit my house (after moving to Colorado for work) and upgrading the panels to meet the new electrical code, Go Solar has been insightful, and helpful beyond words.

Posted by davidoyler83 on Jun 22, 2017



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