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Energy Select is based in Leonardtown, Maryland, and is focused on being a local expert in solar. Each of our team members is active in the Southern Maryland community and focuses on improving the community around them. Only active in Maryland we can put all of our efforts into helping out neighbors save money on their electric bills. We will guide you into making the right choice for your household, whether it be solar panels, EV chargers, or battery-backup.
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Energy Select is a full-service energy consultant and contractor. We provide solar panel installation, energy audits, lighting retrofits, and other money-saving services for both residential and commercial customers. We specialize in looking at the whole picture to provide the best energy solution with a balanced effort of energy conservation and clean energy production.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Southern Maryland is our home. We know this area and understand that reputation is extremely important. Having been in the solar industry for over seven years, we hope to provide our expertise and help our neighbors save money through going solar.

  2. We have been installing Solar for the past 8-years and have a background of knowledge while also focusing on learning new technologies and updating current practices.

  3. We can show your home's added value with a no-cost Pearl Home Certifcate. Pearl, partnered with the U.S Department of Energy and Energy Star, will provide a certifcate that will show your home's increased value after installation.

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We install roof, ground, and pole-mounted solar systems, EV charging stations, and solar battery backup power. We also provide a home energy analysis to help make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

We have a team of 5 local Energy Advisors who can guide you through the solar process and help determine the best system for your needs. We pride ourselves in knowing the solar industry extremely well and are happy to answer any questions that come up!

Karen Gable, Energy Advisor
Gage Murdock, Energy Advisor II
Gregg Havens, Energy Advisor III
De Travers, Energy Advisor IV
Gary and Ryan, Energy Advisors IV

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25-year workmanship


Maryland Home Improvement License #133726
Maryland Master Electrician #447
Maryland Contractor's License #18168299


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BPI Certified
NABCEP Certified
Energy Star Business Partner
Maryland Sign Association Partner
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Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • PWRpartner
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Not the best experience

Overall the experience has been very negative. While there has been good aspects with Energy Select, if I could do it again I would not select them for the installation. Once things went from the consultant and signing papers, to the next phase everything went bad. Almost every aspect from beginning to the end was done at 60%. I had to get notify them about so much since there seems to be terrible internal communication. Missed deadlines, equipment and trash that was left at my house, excess wiring that was thrown in my yard, electrician turning off breakers and not notifying me to turn them back on (like my septic system), telling me that they would be there then never showing up, assuring me that I would have aspects of equipment then after install saying that I didn't qualify for it, communication with any sort of management is non-existent. If you are not proactive in making it right, they wont do it on their own. There is no checks and balances in their system to make sure everything is done correctly. The positive Tamika, Gregg and the head Installer. All have gone above and beyond to try to fix things. The Enphase technology is great!

Posted by r_mckenna1 on Apr 29, 2023
Save by Going Local!

Chose Energy Select because they were a local company and was not disappointed. Gage really knows his stuff!

Posted by gaffigansteves on Jan 31, 2023
Best of the best

Energy Select has been excellent every step of the way. We worked with Karen who IS AMAZING! She is knowledgeable, professional and available as a resource no matter which part of the installation process you are in. We couldn’t be happier.

Posted by brendanwolfe36 on Jan 27, 2023
Great Install Experience

Energy Select installed a 14kw system on my home in 2022 and did a phenomenal job. Very, very knowledgeable staff and install crew was efficient and worked concisely. To start the process, the associate made it very clear to us that this company was competent and we really felt like a valued customer to them from the start. Once we decided on the system, the operations team communicated with us through out the entire process and got us set up on all of our Maryland incentives, benefits, etc. It was a seamless experience and I appreciated working with a great, local contractor.

Posted by George T on Jan 27, 2023
VERY happy with our solar system!

Shortly after buying our first home, my wife and I decided to add solar panels because the previous owners had just installed a new roof. Between that, the 26% federal tax credit and our home being a great candidate for solar based on sun exposure, it made sense to move forward. Our energy consultant, Karen Gable, was VERY responsive throughout the entire process and still is to this day, over a year after our panels have been up and running. Our 69 panel system produced over 100% of our first year power usage, but not too much. It was about exactly what Karen projected. We run our heating and A/C to our hearts content, constantly use the dishwasher and run laundry. Its a great feeling to not worry about running the A/C or heat too much! Our install process wasn't quite as smooth as we hoped, but Karen and the team, CEO included, were very open and receptive to my feedback, making changes to their business processes to ensure smoother experiences moving forward. Nobody is perfect, what matters is how you handle speedbumps and they did a great job. Ultimately, the system was finished right in time for Spring and the system has been working flawlessly since. That's what truly matters at the end of the day. Overall, we're very pleased and I'm now talking to my parents about installing solar with Energy Select since they're getting a new roof.

Posted by kevinv9191 on Jun 09, 2022
keep away from this company

Keep away from this company, Energy Select. It has been a nightmare working with this company. First, when they came out to measure my roofs, they did not have the ladders they needed and borrowed on of mine. Then they call and stated that the material for my install had arrived and asked for a delivery time. They did not say that it was only a partial delivery of material. And I found out two months into the install that some components were delayed due to supply shortages. The solar cell installation took about two weeks of effort but the crew was never consistent with showing up and the company never told me when they would be here. So it took around two months for the roof installation. Then I was waiting for the rest of the component but they left scraps from the roof installation in my driveway until a complained. The components finial arrived but the company scheduled delivery and install with me three different time and did not show up each time. When the components were installed, they were not the components I had approved of originally. When I complained I was told that what I approved was only a concept drawing but it was the only drawing I had for what was being installed. Now I find out that the components provided are not the correct ones and I am waiting for the replacements. Again the company has not provided any idea of a duration for the wait.

Posted by jim_e_mcp on Apr 26, 2022



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