Energy Monster - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Electrical Contractor

Energy Monster - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

With years of residential energy efficiency expertise and local partnerships, Energy Monster will ensure you a successful home efficiency and solar project that will save you energy and money for years to come! All of our employees are Energy Monster employees, nothing is subcontracted out.

More About Us

More About Us

Energy Monster is your local green expert when it comes to improving a home’s energy efficiency and comfort. We help homeowners by offering leading edge home performance solutions that save energy, lower utility bills and lead to a more comfortable home.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency Hot Water
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Associated Suppliers

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Energy Monster

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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Reviewed Feb 10, 2019

I rarely give 5 star reviews but the sales staff, contractors and engineers at Energy Monster have earned that and more. We recently purchased a solar panel system from Energy Monster for our residence. During the entire process we found everyone to be professional, responsive and most importantly deliver on their promises.
We are very pleased with the outcome of our installation and have seen the results of our investment not only in our energy bills, but also the energy credits and refunds from the government. Naturally, like most people we were a little skeptical with this venture in the beginning as it is seldom that consumers actually receive what was promised at the time of the sale. That was not the case with Energy Monster.
We would most heartily endorse and recommend to anyone the services provided by Energy Monster and welcome the opportunity to be used as a reference. We continue to display our “We are saving on our Energy bills” sign on our lawn and will do so until the weather takes it away.
Thank you all!
Sincerely, the proud owners of an Energy Monster system

"Very Happy With My Solar System"
Reviewed Dec 31, 2018

I evaluated quotes from three PV companies before I placed an order for a 24-panel system. Here are three reasons why I went with Energy Monster: The publicly traded company that I favored first wanted me to sign away my consumer rights, (1) with no such provisions in Energy Monster's contract, (2) a good price and (3) Dan G., the very knowledgeable and dedicated sales manager / project manager / system engineer as the main contact, I felt safe placing my order with Energy Monster.

During installation a few obstacles had to be overcome, all of which were related to the town's permitting process and required licenses. All that got resolved without incident eventually. The installation crew – Chris B. (Master Electrician) and Brandon T. – did an outstanding job installing the solar system. It passed all inspections with flying colors. There were no start-up problems.

In summary: Energy Monster's pricing was good and they selected first tier 1 solar panels and inverters. Work dedication, workmanship, project management and technical expertise were outstanding. I like that no electric cables are visible. Energy Monster used a roof penetrating feedthrough, which is located underneath the panels. It was tested thoroughly during the torrential rainstorms in the months following the installation. Not a single drop of water was leaking through.

Since August 1, 2018 my PV system produces energy. During the 5 months till the end of the year, I harvested 2,936 kWh. I live in Milford, NH. I have 24 LG 320Watt NeON2 panels with Enphase micro inverters. I am very happy with the solar system.

"right cost and schedule"
Reviewed Nov 21, 2018

Before I make a decision to install solar panels in my house, I had a few quotation. The Energy Monster gave me the most competitive price with the most advanced LG-365 panel. Also when they plan and design the panel location, there always have been discussions with me, as such the panels were installed exactly what I wanted. After that, the installation and inspections were carried out as scheduled in a professional manner. Thank you!!!!

"38-panel System and a passionate team"
Reviewed Oct 29, 2018

Tired of getting gouged by ever-inflating electricity and propane prices, we decided to go solar and chose EnergyMonster as our partner.

I won't ding EM on a star for this but we were a bit disheartened when the installation didn't begin until months after the contract was signed so we missed out on a summer's worth of solar production. In every other regard, however, EnergyMonster didn't disappoint.

The engineer on our project was very insightful, tech savvy, and up-to-date on all things solar. He was also involved in the sales process which was valuable to both myself and EM.

Typical Solar companies lack in this regard as they just send out pitch-men with a script. Dan G. is at top of the top of his class and was able to address each and every concern.

A team of just two, very hardworking, individuals performed the 38-panel installation in a little over a week. They were very kind, courteous, and worked around our schedule.

The electrical work was phenomena: extremely clean, organized, and tightly-knit.

Overall, the EnergyMonster team is comprised of down-to-earth people which is very refreshing these days. Additionally, EM provides the latest and greatest technology which others do not (despite what they may pitch to you).

I would highly recommend over competing companies such as Tesla/Solar City (the Wal-Mart of Solar) as these guys truly know their stuff and remain passionate.

"Easy, quick and responsive"
Reviewed Oct 24, 2018

Dan (Systems Engineer) and Lyle (Installer) were professional, easy to work with and responded to every question within minutes. System was installed quickly and without any hiccups. All arrangements with NGrid and my town were handled directly by Energy Monster. The application and installation process was described and completed transparently. The panels look terrific on my roof! I would recommend that if you are shopping around for solar you give Energy Monster a call and put your mind at ease.

"Clean install"
Reviewed Oct 24, 2018

Dan was very helpful, guided us through the whole process. Things went a little slow due to the high demand for people trying to get in before the end of the SREC program, but we were always kept up to date, and they also helped put us in touch with other contractors for related work on the roof to help with coordination -- all of which went great. No complaints.

"Best Decision!"
Reviewed Oct 24, 2018

The process start to finish was easy and well managed. From meeting the engineer, Dan, and the installer - we were kept informed and updated daily. The project area was picked up every evening before the install team left. I would highly recommend Energy Monster.

"Excellent experience with Energy Monster."
Reviewed Oct 24, 2018

We recently had Energy Monster install solar panels on our house in Needham. Everything went well and our electric meter is happily running backwards.

I started out knowing little about solar power. I got quotes from several suppliers and went through various design iterations. Dan answered my questions and concerns promptly and we settled on a practical and cost-effective solution. When Chris came out for the site survey he added to my confidence that I had made the right choice. He and Brandon did a very professional, efficient and clean installation. Finally, Dan came to the house for the “commissioning” and to show me the cool software that lets me monitor my system’s performance from anywhere in the world. He flew the company drone to take “sun’s-eye” views of the finished product.

With Energy Monster I made the right choice financially, technically and practically. I highly recommend them to anyone considering a solar power system

"great initial solar info,installation, and follow-up"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2017

I was impressed with Dan G's outline for solar installation including costs,credits,location of panels, expected efficiency. All these items came to fruition. The installers went out of their way to incorporate concerns about visuals, etc.
Dan G. was brilliant devising a way for us to upload production data using a hotspot when our internet goes seasonal during the Winter.It's been over a year now, no electric bills, Mass. credits accumulating. Dan still returns my calls!
I highly recommend Energy Monster. They also did my MassSave audit.

"Quality work"
Reviewed Oct 10, 2017

After talking with my neighbors I decided to purchase solar. They all leased systems with other companies. I am beyond thankful for my decision to use energy monster. Their sales representative was very informative and very helpful through the process of the installation. Very happy with my experience overall and would have to brag and say I have the best looking roof in the neighborhood.

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