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Barnes Solar - Profile & Reviews

Barnes Solar is a local, family owned residential and commercial solar installation company that has been installing solar in Southern California since 2008.

10 reviews

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  • "Extremely happy with Barnes Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2020
    "Extremely happy with Barnes Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2020

    I waited to write this review because I wanted to have enough time with the system to write a fair review. We have now been installed about 9 months and we are extremely happy with our choice to go with Barnes Solar. They were professional, responsive and fair. Initially, we were leaning toward another vendor, but after talking to neighbors we researched Barnes and decided to go with them. It was a great decision. Throughout the process, our project manager worked hand-in-hand with us. Even several months after installation, when I contacted him for copies of paperwork, he immediately replied and provided the materials. I would highly recommend Barnes Solar.

  • "I recommend Barnes Solar hands down."

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2020
    "I recommend Barnes Solar hands down."

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2020

    Let me save you some time on deciding whether to get solar and which contractor to use. Not only was Barnes Solar the best price they did a great job. It took me a long time to decide to go solar. Now that I had it installed; I should have done it a long time ago. Picking the right contractor was another challenge. There are so many contractors in this industry I didn’t know how to proceed. So I took the time and started getting estimates. Normally I get 3 estimates and decide which one will do the best job at the best price. Not necessarily the lowest bid. With solar I got 8 estimates. My project was a custom one. Barnes Solar beat out the competition. Even after the installation I had questions and Barnes Solar was there to help.

  • "Great service and product"

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2019

    Best service and price. Final solution for your solar need.

  • "Awesome Company - Spectacular Service!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 27, 2019
    "Awesome Company - Spectacular Service!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 27, 2019

    I chose Barnes for my Solar Installation and I couldn't be happier. As we were going through the bidding portion, as one would expect, they were super quick with responses to my questions. BUT... even more important AFTER the installation was done (and my invoice paid!), when I called with questions, they were RIGHT THERE with answers. Super Pleased!

  • "Made the Right Choice"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2019

    We contacted a few Solar installers, gave them a spreadsheet of the last few years of our electrical consumption by month and had them come over to give us their thoughts and cost proposal. Prices were close and most everyone was nice and knowledgeable, but Jake from Barnes was especially clear, patient and even offered to take a quick look at the roof (1 story flat roof and I have a tall ladder).

    Jake's pricing was good and he came prepared with 2 proposals, 1 based on our recent use and 1 that would be enough for a future 2nd electric car.

    We agreed to move forward with Barnes, including a new 125A subpanel.

    The Barnes crew was friendly and clean. Jake was very interactive with e-mail and a couple phone calls. The only negative was the time it took for our city to issue the permit, and as a city employee I know that was true.

    Bottom line - We had a great experience and recommend Barnes (and Jake) without reservation.

  • "No ones perfect? I beg to differ!"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2019
    "No ones perfect? I beg to differ!"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2019

    Ever hear the oft-used phrase, " No one's perfect"? Well, count that as a myth now. Following much research, and several bids, ( AND one scorching summer/fall with electric bills soaring into the $500's even with thermostat at 80), we settled with the company who not only used aerial google photos, but "old school style", actually put a guy on the roof to check the way the sun hit the roof in consideration of our giant shade trees; human sundial fashion; Ricky reset the " typical" position to an array that would bring the best benefit specific for our site. Ricky also advised not over buying panels and his calculations have proven near exact. (This guy's good!) We had a bit extra produced energy, received a small check from Edison, so easily added a Tesla. Still covered. Yep, Barnes Solar sent the best, most professional squad to install the new system, electric panel, as well as the most recent addition, a Tesla charger much thanks to Jose who set that up, with exceptional skill, cleanup and professionalism. Jake, was great to work with, in keeping us on the schedule. This company IS perfect! You can take THAT to the bank.... unless you haven't gotten your solar from Barnes Solar that is!

  • "Stop Looking and Go with Barnes"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2019
    "Stop Looking and Go with Barnes"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2019

    After shopping with 5 other solar companies for 6 months and nearly giving up because of changing sales reps, changing designs, changing quotes, unresponsiveness, and vague pricing, decided to call Barnes. Best. Decision. Ever. From first call to installed panels was just over 1 month. Everything was clear and transparent. They designed an appropriately sized system with extremely fair pricing. Best of all, I never waited more than a couple hours to get a response before, during, and after the install. We couldn't be happier with the end result and recommend them to everyone in the area.

  • "All great"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

    I had 3 quotes (Tesla, Sunpower and Barnes Solar). Finally, I selected local company Barnes solar due to their response time, transparency, 25yr warranty on equipment+ service , quote and guarantee to finish work on given quote (if extra , they will pay as my budget is fixed) .
    Their Service and my experience from start to end was great. I worked with Jack at Barnes Solar. They took care my HOA, city ,SCE form and approvals OR in other word, they took care everything. Workmanship of crew and electrical personnel was better than I expected. Very friendly , professional and honest in communication. They made suggestions from experience for all equipment location/ plan and where to run electric pipes which I changed a bit and approved. Due to my electric panel didn’t had enough space for wiring, they added one more medium size electrical panel (took 5-6hr to install + equipment cost) (which was not planned or was not included in quote), They installed it at no cost due to prior agreement.
    I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

  • "Great Experience"

    Reviewed Mar 21, 2019
    "Great Experience"

    Reviewed Mar 21, 2019

    Jake at Barnes solar was great to deal with. Very responsive and knowledgeable. Happy with my new panels and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

  • "Great experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 21, 2019

    The entire process was quick and smooth.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Barnes Solar separates itself from the competition with its commitment to high-quality installation work, efficient installation timelines, hands-on customer service and fair pricing. Barnes is dedicated to making sure the job is done quickly and correctly and that the homeowner feels they are receiving the benefits they were promised in the sales pitch.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Barnes Solar Headquarters

23201 Orange Ave.
Lake Forest, CA
92630 US

Workmanship Warranty

20-year workmanship warranty.


CA CSLB Lic. # 943909


$2 million in General Liability Insurance
$2 million in Worker's Compensation Insurance
$1 million in Auto Insurance
$1 million in an Umbrella Policy

States served by Barnes Solar

  • California CA