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"We are not your fly-by-night sales company. We are a long-term, family run business born in the Carolinas, serving the Carolinas. We care about our brand, our clients, and we believe in our work. If we wouldn't put it on our mom's house, we won't do it" - Orrie Boss, Founder

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Our company handles every aspect of your solar installation. We work with you from start to finish and throughout the life of your system. Switch today, we make it easy!

We also install car chargers, including Tesla!
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At Boss Energy we are redefining how our clients see solar.

By understanding each of our client's individual needs, we are able to create custom solar energy solutions that are beautiful and functional.

Our team of top designers, engineers, suppliers, and builders allows us to deliver truly remarkable state-of-the-art solar systems for each client. These systems increase property value, slash monthly payments, and allow for our clients to utilize all that their property has to offer
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

12 year workmanship warranty which covers all parts and components used during the installation. We also have a 5 year leak free guarantee which covers your roof from any leaks that may occur as a result of the solar installation.


General Contactor: G120221
Electrical Contractor: M114925

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Powerwall Certified Installer
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Solar panels causing roof leak- Update 07/26

****Review updated Jul 26, 2022*** This is an update to my Jul 17 review. I am happy to report Boss Energy reached out to me within hours of my post. In just one week my roof has been repaired and the company and I are working on a plan to finalize the interior drywall and paint. My ratings of Boss Energy have been updated to reflect this recent progress. I am hoping to provide a more improved (and final) rating once the interior repairs are done and this matter is closed. ===================================================== July 17,2022 review Boss Energy was the General Contractor for the installation of my Solar panels. For the 2nd time, since solar panel installation, the panels are causing a leaky roof (btw @ the time of my Solar installation, my home was 12 months old). The first leak took 2 months to get repaired. For the current leak, I cannot get anyone to even return any of my calls. The only feedback I have received from the company is an apology for the no response and..... "unfortunately the company is slammed with servicing NEW Customers". If I could do it all over again, I would have made a different decision. Regarding the Solar System, the system works fine; however, when you factor in the poor workmanship of the roof installation and poor responsiveness; the system's overall value goes to zero.

Posted by jdaverett on Jul 17, 2022
Expert Installer

Boss Energy has been the best solar dealer and installer I've had the pleasure of working with. Their team is professional, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. James Reed was my first contact and he presented a beautiful, detailed plan with options for my solar system. He covered everything from materials, locations, permits, timeline, options, and expectations. This was my fourth attempt at getting solar and no one came close to the products, price, or service. Orrie Boss, proprietor Boss Energy, oversaw the installation and has been in constant communication about Powerwall status, interconnection inspections, and has been monitoring my system to ensure that it is operational and generating to expectation. The install is super clean. The wiring is completely hidden and the panels are low profile and completely blacked out. I've never liked the look of the "old" solar - this is as good as it gets.

Posted by rcarlisle31 on Jan 05, 2022
Outstanding Design, Install and Value from Boss Energy

I did extensive research before pulling the trigger on installing a solar energy system. Being an engineer, I got way down into the weeds. Orrie Boss of Boss Energy was the only company that took the time and effort to satisfy all my questions. He often asked clarification questions and provided excellent options. It’s very important to select a company with sufficient depth of a range of expertise to cover all the bases. Construction experience, licensed electricians, design, access to latest equipment and numerous local solar energy installations to name a few. Boss had it all. They had a master electrician on their staff, Chris Gallagher, that had previously done the wiring for my house renovation. I consider him the best I’ve ever worked with. He figured out a way to run the array conduit without running it over the roof like other contractors suggested. Much more aesthetically pleasing. I can’t say enough to express my satisfaction with Boss Energy, especially Orrie Boss, on the outstanding installation of my system. All contract aspects were completed on time using the exact equipment specified. He was extremely responsive to my numerous inquiries before and after installation. My system is operating perfectly just as he designed it. I’m a very satisfied customer and would not hesitate to use Boss Energy in the future. Another big plus for Boss Energy is that they are certified Tesla Powerwall installers along with installing home electric vehicle charging stations. They will be doing the install if I upgrade.

Posted by 81911sc on Jan 08, 2020
Time Of Day metering and the Powerwall

Orrie, We've discovered something about the Powerwall that we think your Berkeley Electric customers and potential customers should know. Had we known this we would have been sold immediately. That is that BEC offers an alternative to the flat-rate metering at 12.5 cents/kWh. It's "Time of Day" metering. The "off peak" rate is 5.9 cents/kWh and the "peak" rate is 28.2 cents. The summer peak time is 3pm-7pm. The winter peak rate is 35.5 cents and applies from 6am-9am. The Tesla app can be set up to take advantage of this rate schedule by going off grid during peak times. It charges the Powerwall to 100% before going off grid and the house runs on the battery through the peak time while the panels continue to feed power to the grid for credit of 5.9 cents. So, in addition to the savings from the solar panels, the reduced grid rate makes for huge savings. Changing to TOD metering is simple and just involves a visit to the office and agreeing to remain on TOD metering for a year. Peggy and I are extremely pleased.

Posted by ledfordbarry on Jul 29, 2019
Professional always

Very satisfied with my Tesla Powerwall installation. Orrie and the team were on time and did a very professional installation. Highly recommend Boss Energy!

Posted by sskrzysik on Jul 24, 2019



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