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Buffalo Solar - Profile & Reviews

Buffalo Solar is the premium company throughout the region that designs and installs the highest of quality products and systems at a fair price, but done the RIGHT way! Founded in 2014, Buffalo Solar Solutions began as a husband-and-wife team working out of their own home. This Buffalo-based company is now 25+ employees strong, and though we’ve grown bigger, our mission as a company remains the same - OUR CUSTOMERS are the primary focus of our business, and with over 100 customer five-star reviews, we have built an outstanding reputation in New York State.

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  • "3 years later, still a great decision"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020
    "3 years later, still a great decision"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020

    I met Buffalo Solar at a home show in 2017. I sent them my electric bill, they came to my house with a proposal which seemed great on paper... I had some changes and while they worked on them, I dug into this company and its founders. Tyler was such a genuine, nice guy that he had to be faking it, hiding a terrible past. Well I was wrong. Tyler and Alicia are just amazing humans. I've even talked to their friends from high school who say how nice they were back then! So, they're good people - but what about the solar system, and their fees, and working with the financing. All. So. Easy. The installers are true professionals and cleaned up after themselves. The system produces like they promised, and the savings keep rolling in. Yes, there are other providers out there who may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Buffalo Solar is made up with good people who are proud of the work they do.

  • "Great professional experience"

    Reviewed Oct 21, 2020

    Buffalo Solar Solutions was very professional and knowledgeable. They made me feel at ease about my decision and help me through it without making me feel pressured. I recommend them to anyone A1 top notch

  • "My Honest Experience with Solar Power"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2020
    "My Honest Experience with Solar Power"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

    It took me awhile to pull the trigger on getting Solar power for my home. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I started the process at the Buffalo Home Show. After getting several quotes from various installers I decided to go with Buffalo Solar. They seemed to have the most information and technical knowledge of the whole process. Once installed and operational they did not disappoint in any way. They took care of everything including the easy process of getting all the rebates. My electric bills went from $175 a month to just under $18 per month. In summary I could not be happier with Solar Energy and Buffalo Solar.

  • "Best solar company out there!!"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2020
    "Best solar company out there!!"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2020

    I highly recommend Buffalo Solar. I had several companies reach out to me to try and get my business and Buffalo Solar's service outshined them all. They are committed to their customers and treat them like family. From pre-planning to the install process and even after we signed off on project completion they continue to take care of the system. The owner of the company was actively involved in the sales process, was available by phone, and personally checked in to make sure that everything was going smoothly. The staff are always very friendly and go above and beyond to assist you with any questions that you have. Buffalo Solar stands behind their work and all the parts that they order. In fact, almost a year after the installation because of their continuous monitoring they discovered that part of a unit was not functioning correctly. They noticed the issue and they immediately contacted me to let me know they were replacing it for free. It was so quick I didn't even notice that there was an issue. It just further proved to me that Buffalo Solar has great attention to detail, wonderful customer service and that they stand behind the work that they do. They also have a strong commitment to stay on top of current technology. You know that they are the right choice for your solar installation project because they are constantly learning and upgrading their system offerings with more efficient technology. They provide you a great deal of education around the best system for your home or business and do not upsell or try to add on unnecessary services to your project. With Buffalo Solar you will always get a great product and amazing service! I highly recommend them!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Buffalo Solar uses the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing modules in the industry to ensure that you maximize energy production, and the system is also beautiful on your home. The Everest racking we use is the highest rated in the industry to ensure that your system remains in place and producing in any conditions. When modeling your system, we use Aurora software, which is the most accurate in the industry. This ensures that our initial quote is the most likely of any local provider to be the exact system installed. This avoids the unpleasant surprise of having to add panels or other components after the process begins. It is for all of the above reasons that Buffalo Solar was awarded the Most Forward Thinking Contractor in 2018 by Solar Power World!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Buffalo Solar Headquarters

3279 Walden Ave.
Depew, NY
14043 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10 year workmanship warranty. This covers all parts and labor outside of manufacture warranty.


Solaria Pro-Partner




Master Electricians - MEL15-10032591


Fully Insured

States served by Buffalo Solar

  • New York NY