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Helio GreenTech

You can feel confident you are making the right decision when you chose to work with Helio GreenTech. With over a decade of experience in the industry Helio GreenTech was founded in 2019 by an experienced solar team who believes in making a difference in the world.

We believe there are a few ways to make a difference in the world, but to Helio GreenTech the best way to change the world is to provide the best customer experience possible. As a homeowner, solar panel systems can seem like a large up-front cost, but there are incentives, tax rebates, and financing programs that can help make solar more affordable than traditional energy. It's cleaner, and greener for your wallet too. Dollar for dollar there's probably no better investment in your future than going solar.
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Helio GreenTech was founded in 2019 to help bring solar to the midwest in an affordable and beneficial way to homeowners. We believe in a 25 year warranty. Taking an educational approach to solar, and providing our best foot forward with service and pricing we know brings value to the industry, the homeowners, and our team.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We understand that for most of our customers, this is the first, and possibly only time you will purchase solar. That's why we take an educational approach to solar with a best foot forward approach to helping you reach your goals.

  2. We want to provide you with an experience you can't wait to tell your friends and family about. To us, going solar isn't just about getting panels on a roof, its about empowering you to make a difference. A difference in your wallet, and in the world.

  3. We know that making a decision to go solar can be a big one, choosing your installer isn't a small part of that decision. That's why it's our goal to provide you with upfront accurate information and a professional team you can trust.

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Every installer in the Marketplace has passed our key screening criteria and are approved to participate. For this reason, we’ve labeled the first tier in our rating system, the foundation for all of our installers, “EnergySage Approved”

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Our focus is helping homeowners install a great looking system that will last for years. With top of the line tier one black on black panels with inverters and equipment optimized for your home and energy needs. We take pride in how our solar installs both work and look.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing

Our teams are experienced and professional with boots on the roof experience of over 2 years, and leads with over 7 years of experience in the solar industry. You can feel confident that you system will be installed right, look good, and work well for the next several decades.

Workmanship Warranty

Panels, inverters and labor warrantied for 25 years.


Fully insured, with a 2-million dollar policy to help protect your home, our team, and the job.

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There… for every step!

Helio Greentech has been great with the process from the start. We had just moved and had not yet built up an energy profile but they stuck with it while we continued to contribute towards that with our energy company. They finally got the numbers needed and with an early opening for install they got here within 2 weeks to complete. The crew they used was polite and respectful the entire time and made sure to do their best not to impose upon our daily routines. Helio Greentech has been great at answering all questions in a timely manner along the way also, never leaving us in the dark as we ponder our questions.

Posted by mrseanreynolds on Nov 05, 2022
Solar panel review.

I appreciate the time spent producing the report and for providing an analysis of potential savings against projected costs.

Posted by migletz.james on Nov 04, 2022
Great communication.

The salesmen were knowledgeable and were able to answer the vast majority of my questions right off the bat. A few of my questions they had to investigate, but they got back to me with answers in a very timely manner. Helio GT handled all of the dealings with my HOA for project approval. When communications occurred via the phone, I would ask that the information also be sent via email so that I would have something to reference. This follow up was always done shortly after. The install took slightly longer than initially anticipated, but we had hit a sudden cold snap in early October with mornings well below freezing. The electricians did a very tidy install, routing things to best minimize the nature of conduit and electrical equipment on the exterior of the house. I put a 4 star on value at this point, since the install was just completed and the meter hasn't been swapped out by the power company to allow the usage of the system. The solar equipment is not a small investment, and until I can see actual numbers and data with the system working I don't know if the performance is meeting the planned expectation.

Posted by mofsharick on Oct 27, 2022



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