Guardian Solar, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Guardian Solar, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Why Solar? We live in the sunshine state, so the answer to this question should be obvious. With nearly 250 days of cloudless sun, we live in an optimal state to take advantage of the sun’s energy by going solar. Solar power is green energy that can save you money.
Why Guardian Solar? We take pride in our quality workmanship and ability to finish a project promptly. We offer very competitive pricing and provide personal attention to every project, regardless of the size. We work out all the details to provide peace of mind and total customer satisfaction.

More About Us

More About Us

Guardian Solar LLC has been installing solar throughout the state of Florida since 2004. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Sales, Consulting and Installations.

The President/Owner of Guardian Solar LLC is a State Certified Licensed Solar Contractor. Guardian Solar LLC is a Residential and Commercial Solar Sales, Consulting and Installation Company. Guardian Solar specializes in the installation of Photovoltaic “PV” Solar Electric Systems. At Guardian Solar we help home & businesses owners across the entire State of Florida to reduce or eliminate their electric bill.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
24 Reviews
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"The Jury is still out on this company."
Reviewed Jun 24, 2019

I signed a contract with them in 2017, and send $100 to get the ball rolling. Never heard from them again. Phone numbers disconnected, website down, and no response to emails.

Update.....Guardian finally got back to me today (7-2-19) and promised to return my $100. They apologized for the mix up. Therefore, I added one more star and changed the review title.

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Verified Installer
Response from Guardian Solar, LLC
Responded Jul 01, 2019

Guardian Solar is still in business. I do not have any complaints through phone or email for an install this far back. You can reach me anytime @ if you have any concerns. I would love to address any issues you may have but I can't find any information on a customer with this name and we have had many fake reviews. Our phone number has not changed, please contact me so I can assist you.

Reviewed Jun 04, 2019

Words cannot begin to describe how horrible this company is... NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is what they say it is.

It started with my sales rep Michael who visited me after I filled out some information online looking for solar. Michael told me he was not an employee of Guardian but rather an independent "solar broker", which meant he could get me the best deal with the best companies in my area. It seemed sensible at the time and he was very nice and assured me my system would offset all of my electricity costs except for the basic charge from Duke for $8. Installation was supposed to take place in about 6-8 weeks.

This is where it goes downhill. I got the run around form Michael who claimed "I don't work for Guardian" on multiple occasions and Guardian's office on multiple occasions without any return phone calls regarding when my panels could be put on. I finally got the owners phone number to see if I could make any headway with him.

Apparently the owners name is Glen, but he goes by Danny. So I called "Danny" and upon answering the phone he seemed agitated and asked me if I had called the office before calling him because he doesn't know every job off the top of his head. I told him nobody has called me back and he literally proceeded to raise his voice and tell me "WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU ARE CALLING ME ABOUT THIS, I DON'T KNOW EVERY JOB OFF THE TOP OF MY F*****G HEAD, WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN WE ARE READY." and he HUNG UP! I was appalled! It's clear why the company doesn't care to return calls or give anyone answers when the owner acts like this! I was never rude to him, just looking to see if he could help me. I have never in my life experienced a response like this, especially from the OWNER of a company.

Long story short, It took almost 20 weeks for my panels to go up, 2 inspections before it passed the city inspection, and then another 7 weeks before Duke got my new meter on. I called Duke numerous times and was told Guardian never submitted the paperwork until 3 weeks after my job passed the final inspection!

The worst part of all of this is that my panels are not producing enough power to get my bill to $8 as Michael promised they would do. He completely lied to me from the beginning. I had another local company come out and they said there was no way the amount of panels Guardian installed would ever offset my whole power bill so now I have to have more panels put on to get me where I need to be. Fortunately the other company is trying to help and giving me a good deal to install the extra panels. They also said they would clean up the "sloppy" work and all the pipes that are all over my roof so I would be satisfied once it's finished.

If you are considering this company I urge you to seek other options first. I wish I would have done my due diligence .

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Verified Installer
Response from Guardian Solar, LLC
Responded Jun 04, 2019

We do not have a customer by this name and would really like to speak with you if this is a true review. Please call our office @ 727-940-2151 so we can validate this claim. We have gotten several poor reviews and have found they are not our customer. We have not gotten any calls regarding this issue and would appreciate a call if you are a customer of ours.

"Happy in Holiday Fl"
Reviewed May 22, 2019

This whole experience has been amazing form the onset. I love the people at Guardian Solar, they have been so professional and friendly. The results are already astounding me. It has been 3 days since my new meter has gone in and I m producing more energy that I averaged on my electric bill last year at this time. And because of this technology I can now have a heated swimming pool which I am loving more every day. Everyone should switch to Solar. I recommend Guardian Solar if you decide to switch.

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"Great Job Guardian Solar!"
Reviewed Apr 29, 2019

I decided to add solar panels to my home after several of my neighbors had them installed and loved it. I took my time shopping around and found that Guardian Solar has the best prices by far from any other company. I saw past reviews and was a little worried but Rennette assured me that Guardian installs over 1000 systems a year and is very good at what they do, so I decided to move forward. The process was easy and they took care of everything. My installation was done in 1 day and inspected the next day. As soon as Duke changed my meter I was up and running. I am very happy with my solar system and with my installer.

"Loving My Solar"
Reviewed Apr 26, 2019

Can’t say anything but good things about my experience. The crew that did my install were very knowledgeable. I also want to thank Tasha and Rennette in the office they helped me getting thru the whole solar process, They kept me updated with the entire process and my solar is up and running. I’m loving my new Duke bill , summertime is around the corner and can’t wait to save even more. My neighbor, brother and 2 of my cousins are now signing up to get there solar installed by Guardian Solar.

"Solar panels as reliable as their customer service: POOR"
Reviewed Jun 11, 2018

Guardian Solar is quick to take your money and process the loan quickly perhaps because they don’t want you realizing how terrible their customer service is and prevent you (once the loan is approved you can’t backout) from going to a responsible vendor. After installation, the solar panel stopped producing energy. Called the owner, Danny, several times due to lack of him answering the phones. Took a week to send workers to the house. According to their sales pitch, your bill “should” balance out, but it doesn’t since the energy Co. caps you at the amount you can sell energy back, so there is something to consider if you choose to go solar. The solar panels they installed at the house keep breaking and not producing 6 months’ worth of electric paying for both loans and electric. In other words, paying more for electric because now you have the solar panels loan. No balance in that equation, so who is going to pay the difference now? I would NOT recommend this vendor and looking for alternatives to get it out of this terrible business deal. If you guys know a good lawyer, feel free to recommend him/her to me.

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"Everything stopped when permitting began"
Reviewed Jun 02, 2018

Thanks to Guardian Solar, my plans for a PV grid tie system were dashed. Everything was moving along fine until September of 2017. I started contacting them and getting no reply... the funding was in place, but every time I inquired on when installation would occur, they stated that Miami dade county hadn’t approved the engineering plans and that they were working on it... I followed up several times after, but all I got were voicemails or full voicemail inbox messages. I would recommend that NO ONE take a chance and work with a company so lacing in fundamental professionalism. Guardian Solar is the poster child for a transient Florida “fly-by-night” Solar company.

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Reviewed May 16, 2018

They may give a 10 year warrantee, but if they go out of business in 2 years, that warrantee is gone. Better to spend a few dollars more with a real company.

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"Non-Responsive Liars"
Reviewed Oct 25, 2017

They sent me a proposal without looking at my home. I asked them to come out and insure accuracy. They kept making appointments and not showing up, nor did they call. When I told them that my patience was growing thin, they lied and claimed they had come out and my roof was unacceptable. This is an outright lie since my home is completely fenced, so they had no access to get anywhere near it. I was home at the time and they also didn't call, again. Now they won't even tell me why my roof is unacceptable. Unbelievable liars!

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"Non responsive"
Reviewed Aug 11, 2017

Peter does not respond to messages or calls. Can even get a site visit arranged. What a joke!!! Owner must need any new business.

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"Solar makes me happy"
Reviewed Jun 12, 2017

I was extremely happy with the workmanship and the attention to detail when my panels were installed. They came on time, got right to the install, everything they did was done efficiently and neatly and very professional. My questions were answered and all in all, one of the nicest group of people I have ever had do work at my home.

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" Looking for the best service and price "
Reviewed Mar 02, 2017

I am local building engineer with high expectation and perfection to a fault. I diligently researched their references and visited worksites. I have received excellent service from all Guardian personnel and the installation went perfect, everything they committed to they did. My 10kw system was installed in a very timely manner and care was taken with my tile roof. I am very happy with Guardian Solar, they are an excellent company to do business with.

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" Over 100 installs in neighborhood "
Reviewed Mar 02, 2017

For those wishing to find and be involved with solar energy you can not beat Guardian Solar. Why? They are there to help from the super knowledgeable sales guy Peter, the office staff to the in house install team. They have over 100 installs in our neighborhood over the past four years and had rave reviews last month at our HOA meeting. Please connect with Guardian and see for yourself the money saving and great effects of solar power.

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" Excellent all-around "
Reviewed Mar 01, 2017

Guardian Solar provided an easy, seamless experience from beginning to end. From the sales rep Peter who provided information and answered any and all questions we had, to the installation team that took the time to explain process and completed job quickly, to all the communication that was received throughout transition period.

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"Good Intentnions, Poor Execution"
Reviewed Nov 02, 2016

I bought the "full treatment" of a solar fan, special biodegradable R30 insulation, and a solar water heater from them in 2010. I did not see much changes in my electric bill, but the solar panels worked for the first six years.

This year, we had a problem for the first time. On October 21, the water was not heating and the water began to build up and rush off the roof. Since the unit is under warranty for the first 10 years, we called and they instructed us how to stop the solar component (and have it run on electricity).

I was told by their service person to call back on Monday, October 24, to confirm when they could come out to look at it. I called on Monday and they said they would have someone come out within the week.

On Monday, October 31, I had not heard from them. I tried calling them and it went instantly to voice mail (or their phone would not work). I tried calling in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. It did not matter. I then tried call on Tuesday -- and found the same problem. Finally, on Wednesday, November 2, I left a message, explaining that we had been waiting for almost two weeks and that we had been promised someone last week. If I did not receive a call back, I would cancel the request and post my problems with their service.

They have not call back, hence this review.

I called Solar Source and they got back to me in one day. I have an appointment set up for next Tuesday. It was very quick and easy -- and completely different response and professionalism than Guardian Solar.

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" Excellent reference from neighbors "
Reviewed Sep 27, 2016

Guardian did an outstanding job on the solar panel installation on my home. From the beginning, their experts helped me with understanding size (total kWatts) and placement of the panels on my home and how the optimization would be achieved with Solar Edge inverters. There were no surprises. The installation was rapid and on schedule. The crew that did the installation was extremely knowledgable. I''ve had the panels on my home for 6 months now, and the performance of the system is EXACTLY as expected. Thanks Guardian Solar! TOP RATING.

"Simply Out Standing!! (AWESOME JOB!!)"
Reviewed Sep 19, 2016

i read a lot of reviews and did a lot of research on this whole project. Dan and is crews were outstanding!! the yard and work areas were always neat clean and well organized took the crew about 2 and a half hours to do it all and fire p our solar system they were always polite and professional and made it it was done right even if no one had been watching these guys brought there A game even being it was 3:45 pm on a Saturday and there 3 rd roof of the day in Florida now that's hot but don't get me wrong they seemed like it was their first job of the day!!

"Referral from 30 + Homes in our Miami community "
Reviewed Aug 04, 2016

Nothing but the best experience all around from Guardian Solar! They have done over 30 homes in our neighborhood over the past two years and all were extremely satisfied, especially with the tile roof installations. Seemed like every monthly community association meeting someone has something great to say about their experience with this company, guess what's why they have so many installations here. Also got rave reviews from Mayor of South Miami about installation on his home three years ago :) no need to go anywhere else you can trust them.

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"This company is as solid as they come. "
Reviewed Jul 26, 2016

I'm very pleased with my experience, the product, the service, the installation have all exceeded my expectations.

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"Saving us energy"
Reviewed Jul 20, 2016

Excellent customer service, great job, neat and clean, and respectful. I would definitely recommend this company to others without hesitation. One of our best decisions.

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"Very Satisfied "
Reviewed Jul 01, 2016

3rd one's a charm! I looked at two other solar energy companies before consulting with Guardian. I could not be happier that I went with them. Starting from the first consultation I could tell that the level of service was superior. The entire project was managed professionally. Communication from the project manager and installation team was timely and detailed. I did not have many questions that weren't covered ahead of time but when I did they were answered quickly. I’m a bit of a geek and was constantly asking questions, climbed up on the roof, etc. Their work was top of the line, clean, efficient, and accurate. They handled all the permitting, paperwork and new meter needed to get the installation up and running. Both construction and electrical inspections passed the first time. The system has been running for 3 days and I’ve already sent 28 KWH back to power company. As weird as this sounds, I’m actually looking forward to getting my electric bill.

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"Great Company"
Reviewed Jul 01, 2016

I felt very comfortable with such a big investment. The sales representative was very knowledgeable, took his time to answer all questions and did not pressure me for a sale. Prior to, and during the installation, I was kept updated by the project coordinator and all my concerns were addressed. The workmanship was top notch. It's a relief to know that there are still companies that provide excellent service with employees that take pride in their work. I highly recommend Guardian Solar if you're planning to install a "solar system" at your home. We are thrilled with every aspect of our system and have already recommended Guardian to many friends. Our first bill was $7.82!

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" Excellent company they have installed over 100 in my neighborhood "
Reviewed Jul 01, 2016

Excellent company to work with! They have installed over 100 solar electric systems in my neighborhood (Trilogy in Orlando) you can see most of them on Google earth. We were referred by a neighbor as most were in here. The crew was excellent, very professional and cleaned up after themselves. Everything working great now for over a year, best part is my bill $10 a month! The sales process was great, Peter had the best pricing and products as well as explaining how everything worked. My system will be paid off in six years or sooner as promised then it will produce an income for 20+ years :)

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"Terrible Solar Installer!!! Stay away from this company"
Reviewed Jun 28, 2016

Guardian Solar has to be the most unprofessional Solar and worst Installer in the Central Florida area. It was nothing but problems from the get go. It was very obvious that there was no pre-planning involved in our solar panel installation. The first question they asked when they arrived on site was: who is your electrical utility provider? Are you kidding me? They did not even know this basic question that had been talked about and conveyed during the purchasing of the system. They did not bring with them the contracted solar panels, we had signed a contract for SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 290 Mono and they installed SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 285 Mono. When I asked why the discrepancy, I received a curt answer from Danny, the owner/installer sending me to talk to the salesperson. If I had not inspected the solar panels I would have not been aware of the change and would have not been told. In addition, they did not bring with them a Solar Fan that was part of the installation, his answer was "I don't know anything about that go talk to the salesman". They did not pick up after themselves either and left electrical tape and plastic bags all over the yard which I had to clean up. They installed the system on May 16, 2016 and it did not become operational until June 10, 2016 after multiple follow-ups on my part. It turned out that this was their first installation in OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission) territory and they did not know the process involved in getting the system up and operational. We gave 1/3 of the cost upfront and we did not pay them the additional 2/3's of the cost until the system was operational. We love our system and hope to never have any problems/issues since we do not want Guardian Solar ever again back in our premises.

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