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SunWork - a local nonprofit organization

SunWork's nonprofit model lets us deliver solar power to homeowners with already modest electricity use (and correspondingly low electricity bills) at a third less than the conventional cost, allowing more people to make the switch to solar and enabling broader adoption of this clean, safe, and renewable alternative to the sources of energy that contribute to climate change.

In order to improve the quality of the installation and the customer experience, our professional Project Leads are responsible for the entire process, from the site survey, through design and permitting, to the actual installation as well as the final inspection. This eliminates the possibility of problems that might occur when handing the project off between the different stages of going solar.
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About SunWork - a local nonprofit organization

A nonprofit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Central Coast that installs solar electricity systems on small-energy-footprint homes with professional project leads and the assistance of trained volunteers.

SunWork takes care of every aspect of a solar installation, from site analysis and system design, to permitting and rebate paperwork, to installation, inspection, and continued support.

As a nonprofit, we don't mark up the cost of the equipment, so any reduction in equipment cost gets passed on to the home owners. We also do not ask for a down payment in an effort to minimize the barriers to going solar.
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(650) 520-9918

Services Offered

  • Installation

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Workmanship Warranty

10 year installation warranty


Solar Contractor C-46


General Liability, Contractors Bond, Worker's Compensation

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional

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One of a kind

In a word. . . impressive. I started this process towards the beginning of the year not even imagining that this would go as well as it had. I decided to educate myself, and fortunately I came across SunWork during my research. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario because I was the perfect candidate for their business model, customers who are interested in learning the in's and out's of the system and how it is all put together. Mind you, if you want to be hands off, they cater to that as well, but I think they really would rather have their customers get involved as much or as little as they would like. Before I found SunWork and reached out to them, my mindset was that I was going to do this completely on my own. I feel like going through this process and learning what I did, I have a greater understanding and could probably get it done on my own. SunWork provided me the opportunity to take my baby steps when it came to getting this project going. When I first reached out to SunWork, because of the 'S' Tile on my roof, it wasn't looking like it was going to be a reality. I'll be honest, I begged and pleaded to work with this non-profit, because I knew they were EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I believed the same was true of them, whether they knew it or not. I think I may have convinced them when I showed them that I was in this for all the right reasons. I was not looking just for a bargin, although that was a huge selling point for me, I was looking for a partner and a teacher, Bryan (project leader) was just that. After a bit of begging and convincing, I was told Bryan would have to do a site survey and he would be the final decision making authority. My wife and I waited for our site survey with Bryan and crossed our fingers for the best. When Bryan arrived I did my best not to try and scare him away with how much I wanted to work with him, it worked. He did a very thorough and meticulous site survey and I knew this was exactly what we needed for our home. Bryan got back to me after a few days, said the 'S' Tiles were typically a no-go for the volunteer model, but we could make it work, since they were of good quality. My wife, uncle and I attended both free workshops, (which I also highly recommend) one for volunteer training and the other for "Going Solar", which, by that time we already had a signed contract and a project date confirmed. I went to the class eager to learn and nervous about getting volunteers, especially since we live in Orcutt. I believe by the end of the workshops we had a full list for both days. Fast forward a couple weeks and the project was upon us. Bryan, myself, my uncle, my wife and volunteers got to work. Bryan was so patient as we had a crew of first timers, but as we went the work seemed to flow pretty well. Everyone had a job and a purpose. At times I felt a bit useless, as I was pretty unsteady on my feet and around these types of tools, but I felt included and I felt like I had a purpose in being there, not just a spectator. Bryan worked hard, even surpassing the normal "work" hours to get us ahead of schedule for the following days work, which was really admirable. I'm glad Bryan did that for us because it turns out there was a last minute cancellation (no fault on the part of SunWork) for volunteer. My uncle, Bryan and myself worked hard to get the panels up, wired and the system online by the early afternoon. I could go on about SunWork, Bryan and why solar is so important. I will, but not in this format, I plan on volunteering and doing what I can to get SunWork more projects and more happy people. Bryan was a pleasure to work with, I guarantee your system won't be slapped together and thrown into place like a commercial installer does.

Posted by dwash310 on May 23, 2018
Great experience with Sunwork

We have our solar installed through Sunwork. The whole process took something like 4months. Best part is the pricing and transparency. Other providers were quoting a price which is almost 50% higher than what Sunwork was quoting. There is some delay in getting the appointment and the date for installation. The reason is that Sunwork installs only on weekends. So, one has to wait longer. However, the wait is worth. In terms of transparency, the statement gave details of every small detail of work done. The final bill was few hundred dollars lower than previously quoted. Our installer was Bryan Noel. Great guy to work with. Myself and my two kids volunteered to work with him. Learnt a lot about solar power and installation. I would recommend Sunwork to anyone who is interested to get solar installation.

Posted by karpoo on Jan 10, 2018
Good value, enjoyable experience

A big attraction for me was that SunWork encourages participation in the installation by clients (it didn't hurt that it was also the most affordable bid). Of course, if clients wish minimal involvement, that is also an option. I had a very enjoyable day working with the volunteers on the installation. The followup by the company was also very good.

Posted by rjhosey on Jul 27, 2017
Solar installation

We were very happy with the installation process of our small solar system. Having had solar on a previous residence, I knew basically what to expect in terms of results. But this time, I was thrilled to participate in the actual installation. We attended a pre-installation class so that we knew the vocabulary and the tools we were going to use. Before the installation, we met Matt Thompson of Day One Solar in Santa Cruz who was the lead on our project. He was simply great!. The materials arrived on time and we were able to complete the installation in one day. I can't say enough good things about Mike Balma, Reuben Veek and Matt Thompson and the volunteer work they do for SunWork. They are dedicated to taking solar to as many rooftops as possible.

Posted by jbfuerst on Feb 06, 2017
SunWork is amazing

All I can say is WOW. These guys are so professional from beginning to end. We didn't think we could get solar, due to our small electric bill and small house. But because putting solar on small houses with low electricity bills are their specialty, SunWork was able to help us. They were all so patient with me (and I am clueless about electricity), explaining everything really well, every step of the way. I have felt so well-taken care of. And if that were not enough, the final price came out to be several hundred dollars less than the estimate and because they are a non-profit they were able to pass that savings on to me. I'm SOO excited that we are now generating our own power and saving money. A total win-win. Doesn't get any better than that!

Posted by dlevoy329 on Jan 23, 2017
Who could ask for anything more?

Bryan was knowledgeable, patient with my questions, and thorough in his work. And the whole process was incredibly quick. And the price was very right. Let's kick coal to the curb!

Posted by jwpickett on Nov 04, 2016



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