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Off Grid Hawaii


Our latest creation is a complete system that covers all the main essential Sustainability Needs; Shelter, Food, Water, Energy & Transportation!

Starting at $28,500.00 these systems will produce a sustainable source of food, water and electricity every day, and offer an extremely fast return on investment. We have several ways the purchase a system as a prefabricated kit for your assembly, or as a turnkey complete installation. You can pay cash or we have several financing options such as loans or leases and including a no cost option for installation where you pay only for the energy you use. We are encouraging people to own their systems and their sustainable future so owning your system is always priority one. But in many cases people just have no use for solar tax credits, or they do not want the responsibility of ownership. In these cases we have several solutions in place that are proven ways to benefit from solar without the complications of perchance financing, tax credits or the long term cost of ownership. There really is no reason not to have an install as we have removed all the barrios, lowered the system cost and simplified the funding process.

The Life Pod is a small free standing structure that implements solar panels as a roof surface providing dry covered shelter and water catchment, the water off the solar roof is stored in rain barrels, on the south side there is a Hydroponic food system mounted that produces fresh organic supply of greens, on the north side of the structure is a small utility closet that houses the solar battery and all the food system equipment, on the side of the utility closet there are 4 electrical outlets and an EV charging station, you can run the AC power over to your home or business and power any of your electrical needs with the off grid energy from the Life Pod.

There are several ways to configure the electrical system of the Life Pod:

· Off Grid - This is a stand along battery application not connected to the grid

· Grid Tied No Back Feed – This is a grid tied application that does not back feed the grid, but can use the grid if you exceed your battery storage

· Grid Tied Net Meter – This is the typical solar application that does back feed the net meter and you can use the meter to store your energy for use at a later

· Grid Tied Reactive Smart Grid Inverter – This is a grid tied application where the battery inverter can offer the utility smart grid features that actually support the grid making solar the solution to grid stability! Reactive functions and programming of the battery inverter is the core to these Smart Grid Services we can provide to the utility.

Ideally the best option for the future of Hawaii would be the Grid Tied Reactive Smart Grid Inverter application, if there was thousands of systems installed that all were programmed to react to the needs of the grid then the utility would benefit from the grid support services in the form of voltage and frequency support using the battery inverter to inject or absorb grid energy based on pre-programmed parameters the inverter would monitor the grid state and react accordingly to what would best help support or heal the grid stability. The ability to program the charging or discharging of the battery at off peak times making use of late at night energy when there is access wind power not being utilized or shifting day tome loads to night time battery storage. The idea that renewable energy could be the solution to grid stability is a fairly new concept but the inverter manufacturers have been able to perform these kinds of special reactive functions for a long time, just no one has bothered to make use of the inverters abilities. This reactive application of battery inverters could form a mesh net work of decentralized energy storage that does not have a single failure point and that could provide all these extra grid support functions without the need for telecommunications back to the power plant from each individual site. Very different then the concept of large scale megawatt centralized energy storage that has a single point of failure potential.

Having said all that, the current status in Hawaii it is getting harder to impossible to connect any more renewable energy generation to the utility grid. Applications for solar are being rejected by the utility company, and high cost interconnection review study fees are being charged to homes and business owners who are asking for permission to install solar or other forms of renewable energy. The grid is just too far saturated with existing installations and the utility is worried about the stability of the power grid. No one is home during the day and all these solar systems are producing more than the homes use during the day, so where does all this excess day time energy production go? The utility company has to run it backwards through your net meter and then try to sell it to someone does the street from your home.

But unfortunately Hawaii has been very proactive and we have some of the highest percentages of solar install then any place in the USA. So down the street from your solar install everyone else has solar too and no one is home during the day when the solar energy is back feeding to the power grid, there is no place to sell that excess power to and no place to for energy storage. So what can we do and how do we continue to benefit from solar installations in Hawaii if the utility company says NO? We have the option to install battery inverter systems off grid and depending on the utility company we simply program this new installation as stand along, as no back feed, as net meter or the best option as a grid tied reactive smart grid inverter.

So no matter how things change over time we are prepared to adapt and can move forward with installations of as much solar to meet our needs, and there is no need to live in fear of the utility control over solar installations. We could pull out our meters in revolt or we can live in harmony with the utility company and be part of the solution to grid stability problems. Either way this plays out we are ready to move forward, we can reconfigure these systems to the ever changing needs of the future.

BIPV Racking System (Click to visit web link)

Our BIPV Racking system makes regular solar PV panels into a water proof roofing material, will not leak!

Let us design and engineer you a solar roof building and ship it to your site for assembly.

Please visit us and “like” Facebook Web Page, we have posted lots of photos of our products and engineered systems.
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Off Grid Hawaii
Power to the people, By the people!

Organic Hydroponic Systems - Food
Water Catchment Systems - Water
Renewable Energy Systems - Energy
Sustainable Living Systems - Homes
Renewable Vehicle Systems - Transportation
Sustainable Education Systems - Learning

At off grind Hawaii we provide Products, Services and Education for a Sustainable Life Style and Future. This is your first step towards independence, at Off Grid Hawaii we specialize in complete turnkey Sustainability Solutions for your Food, Water and Energy needs. Let our team of trained and skilled technicians help guide you to the right products and services. Whether you’re a "do it yourself" customer or you need a complete turnkey installation and training we can tailor a solution that meets of your budget and your Sustainable Future.

What is sustainability and how do we meet these needs?

· Organic Aquaponic & Hydroponic Systems - Food
· Water Catchment Systems & Filtration - Water
· Renewable Solar & Wind Power - Energy
· Sustainable Living Systems - Shelter
· Renewable Vehicle Charging Systems - Transportation
· Sustainable Education Systems - Learning
· Sustainable Recyclable Economy – Local Investing

At off grind Hawaii we provide Products, Services and Education for a Sustainable Life Style and Future.
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