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1st Light Energy

Over the past 14 years, 1st Light Energy has installed thousands of state-of-the-art solar electric systems. We're committed to building energy-efficient homes and neighborhoods like yours and energy-efficient businesses. But most importantly, we're committed to you. So, work with us and start saving today with solar energy.
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Company Mission Statement:
To be a complete Renewable Energy Firm that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turn-key solar energy systems.
Company Vision:
We help our customers realize all the benefits of renewable energy, such as solid financial returns and a positive impact on the environment, through a unique “Commitment to Solar, Commitment to You” approach, which means our in-house installation and customer support teams make the process easy and convenient with little or no upfront investment.
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  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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10 years warranty, Covers all workmanship and roof penetration


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General Contractor,
Home Improvement Contractor


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Workmans Compensation,
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Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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  • Certified Installer
  • PowerUP

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October 2019, we purchased solars from 1st Light Energy. Since then we have had a few issues, with the capping of the solars etc and after months of arguing the issues were finally completed. Since November 2022, we have had massive leaks in our home; after calling several roofers, it was agreed that the problem stems from the way that the solars were bolted down into the roof. An agent from 1st Light came in early December 2022, who confirmed that our brand new roof is damaged from the way that the solars had been installed. Since then, rain, sleet, and snow have caused the damage to our roof to worsen, spreading down the ceiling, bay window and window sill of the interior. They have set up 2 appointments with us, but each time no one showed up to take the solars off so the leaks can be repaired. The leaks have gotten to the point that the interior wood has rotted and mold is beginning to spread in between the rafters! 1st Light guarantees their work and had agreed to pay for the roofer cost. However, they NEVER Show up and we have had the roofer on stand by each time! Furthermore, the damage to our window, wooden window sill and ceiling should also be repaired, at 1st Light’s expense, as well as the mold completely removed from the rafters, so that our home could be safe again. My husband, myself, our 2 children and my 83 year old mother who have lived in the home for 17 years should not be exposed to this health hazard any longer!

Posted by teachme70 on Apr 19, 2023
Faulty equipment they won't stand behind

First problem, a sales person will sit down at your table and talk about a "call home" feature if your solar stops working, they'll know and notify you. Only that's a lie, because when it stops working and I catch it after a few months, I bring it up to them, and am told "it's my responsibility to monitor. Second problem, I purchase a 40k dollar system that had a hardware failure in less than 5 years, and I have to pay $250 to get them to come out and diagnose it. Once they determine it's a hardware failure, I ask if the service fee is refunded. No, the warranty replacement doesn't cover their time and work. Except I bought a 40k dollar system that isn't good for 5 years, so you should probably stand behind the product you're selling. Bottom line, look elsewhere. They don't stand behind their product or their sales promises. I'm out 3 very expensive months of solar coverage at this point plus $250 to get them to fix it. There are too many companies in this game to put up with this.

Posted by wbradfordbishop on Jun 20, 2022

Installation was OK but solar panels have not worked for the last year have continuously called the company have filed filed a claim on their website but no response back we’ve called over 15 times almost every day and cannot get anyone to talk to us or help us.

Posted by davidjohnson1443 on Jan 14, 2021
Everything went smoothly

A person came to our house and made a very clear, concise analysis of our electrical costs. At no time did I feel pressured, Garett was never badgering us or bugging us for an answer. When we signed all the paperwork installation began briskly and with no hiccups. It did take about 60 days for the total install from start to finish but a lot of that time was waiting for permitting and for my own local electrical irrigation district to approve plans. Overall I am glad I made the switch to solar, and yes I am making payments on the panels, but even with my loan payment (which is at a good interest rate mind you), I am STILL paying less than I did pre-solar. If I bought another house I would definitely choose First Light Energy again.

Posted by roger_27 on Aug 09, 2018
100% Satisified

The staff at 1st Light Energy is the best. Thank you Jennifer, for explaining to me the process I was going to encounter. The installation was finished much faster than I thought it would be, and I was totally impressed. The installers showed up when expected and were professional and courteous. I thought the town permits and SCE Permission to Operate would take forever. I was wrong. I'm generating electricity much faster than I could have imagined. Thank you 1st Light Energy, Weston and the 1st Light Energy Team. Job well done!

Posted by on Aug 03, 2018
1st Light solved all of our energy needs!

We purchase a 2200 sq ft, two story, Central Valley California home in July of 2015. Because of the sweltering hot conditions, our electric bill peaked over $550 a month which was way over our budget. I contacted 1st Light Energy and they quickly set us up with a unit that suits all of our individual energy needs. I'm very pleased with the customer service, professionalism, and savings that 1st Light Energy has provided my family. Going solar was the best decision ever- for our budget and for the environment.

Posted by terirenee19 on Aug 02, 2018



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