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Apex Solar Power - Profile & Reviews

Apex Solar is one of the Top 6 New York Solar Contractors, according to Solar Power World, and in 2017 took the title of New York’s #1 Rooftop Solar Contractor. They have been selected by more than 30 Solarize communities across the region and have installed over 4,000 solar systems, EV charging stations, and roofing projects across the Northeast. Apex Solar offers the most comprehensive selection of renewable solar solutions that can be found in the region.

Apex Solar specializes in the design and installation of residential and small-scale commercial solar. They also provide EV charging, battery backup, and roofing services. Their service area includes New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

Apex Solar has helped thousands of homeowners take control of their electric costs and gain energy independence. The mission of Apex Solar is to provide the easiest path to a more sustainable way of living.

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  • "Initial underproduction was fixed very fast. But a 2nd problem took 10 months to fix."

    "Initial underproduction was fixed very fast. But a 2nd problem took 10 months to fix."

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2019
    Updated Jun 17, 2021

    Our Apex system was installed May 2018. A year later I noticed production for 1st year was below the promised amount in contract, so after discussions with Apex they brought and installed another panel completely free (there was only room on roof for 1 more panel). That was wonderful and I gave them a 5-star review then.
    A little over a year after that (in August 2020), the system had a problem, which took them 10 months to fix. Not sure what Apex found on the roof, usually their techs would only come about once per month. Then they replaced a Solaredge inverter, but it wasn't communicating properly. Then they changed the comms card in it. Then they had to straighten something else out with Solaredge to start reporting SRECs. During the 10 months I lost roughly $2000 in net metering and/or SRECs. APEX did not agree to give me any reimbursement. So now I give them 3 stars as an average.
    Originally in 2018 when shopping for a system I had a lot of questions and APEX very knowledgeable about all aspects and very quick to reply to each of my questions, and Apex offered a good price too, so I hired them. But as mentioned above the post-sale service has been mixed.

  • "Great Until Service Needed!"

    Reviewed Apr 26, 2021

    We had our solar system installed by Apex in the summer of 2020. The experience from design, install, and interface with National Grid were all top notch, 5 Stars! Things went well until the system started shutting down in March just as the production started to increase as the sun came around. I contacted, or tried to contact, service at Apex with phone call and email, a response never came, 1 star. After writing a letter and a post on Facebook I got a call. In the mean time I was fortunate to realize that the problem was simply a bad breaker, replaced it and all is well. I finally got a call from Apex, after I had solved the problem, they said it was a Solar Edge problem and they made some firmware corrections and that the system was now OK. I may not be a solar technician, but it is interesting that as soon as the new breaker was installed the problem was solved and working great ever since. Maybe a real person answering the phone at Apex might be a good start to better service!

  • "Be aware buying from Apex solar"

    Reviewed Apr 22, 2021

    We bought from Apex solar. Dealing with the people at the corporate level was a dream. From the salesman to the project manager to the people that help you set up the Smart program was great. But the installer that they use I forget when they were supposed to install the system or after the system was installed I think it was after the system was installed they were late by about an hour and a half when I had the building inspector in the electrical inspector at my house waiting for them to turn on the solar to make sure everything was installed right. After that I had to keep bugging them to come out to the house to turn on my system and it was a few months after I had everything installed and ready to go. The inverter they used for the house was solar edge and he’s also a monitoring system within four months I had a problem with the solar edge where it was not seeing the panels and how much energy I was producing. I had to go out and shut the system down and turn it back on again to reboot it. And almost exactly a year later it got stuck in night mode. Which means that at night when there is no sunlight it shuts down and goes into night mode. So that during the day it was still stuck in night mode I tried to reboot it a couple times I called their service department they told me to shut it off and wait 24 hours and it still did not reboot so I had to call solar edge and start a ticket with them! And they remotely went into the system and found that I was still stuck in night mode and I needed to talk to the people who installed which is Apex my system. So I called the service manager left them a few messages emailed him and it took him a couple days to get back to me when he did he told me to shut the system down and then restart it and wait 24 hours and it should reboot did all that still stuck in night mode call them again he said it would cost me $295 to send a technician out to look at the system and probably cost me more if they had to do something. He said it would be another three Weeks for someone to get out to the house just to see what was wrong. I went and talk to solar edge and they gave me another installer that I could talk to and I signed an agreement with them they were out the next day found out what was wrong in a week and a half later have my system up and running! Based on this I would never endorse Apex solar. And if I could go back and change the solar company I went with I would not go with Apex! Oh and by the way all this time there was no rain and sunshine so I would be making a ton of power!

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Apex Solar Power has been selected for over 30 community Solarize campaigns, and were the first installer awarded with Company-Wide NABCEP accreditation in the Northeastern USA. We know every project is unique, and every homeowner's situation is different. With the most comprehensive offering of solar options in the industry, we can help you find the best solution for your energy needs. We work hard to make solar easy, and the best way to choose the best solar system is to understand all your options.

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  • 88 Apex arrays in just 3 days!
    88 Apex arrays in just 3 days!
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Apex Solar Power Headquarters

64 Main St.
Queensbury, NY
12804 United States

Local Offices (8)

  • 253 Worcester Rd
    Charlton, MA 01507
  • 15 Tarkett Dr.
    New Windsor, NY 12553
  • 6 Cedar St
    Malone, NY 12953
  • 6660 Joy Road
    Syracuse, NY 13057
  • 10909 NYS Rt 9N
    Keene, NY 12942
  • 50 Christopher Columbus Dr.
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • 386 Pearl St.
    Burlington, VT 05401
  • 441 Meeting Street
    Charleston, SC 29403
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Workmanship Warranty

Apex Solar Offers a 25-year inclusive workmanship warranty on all our installations and 25-year equipment warranty!


Solarize Albany, Solarize Saratoga, Solarize Adirondack Coast, Solarize Schuyler, Solarize Canton, Solarize Akwesasne, Solarize Tri-Lakes, Solarize Beacon+, Solarize Rosendale, Solarize Woodstock, NY Sunshares, Solarize Sullivan, Solarize CNY, Solarize Nyack, Solarize Columbia, Solarize 7, Solarize Westchester, Solarize Tompkins.


NABCEP Accredited Installers


Business Incorporation: 46-3046124
NABCEP: 042013-6 , SH110112-8

States served by Apex Solar Power

  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New York NY ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • Vermont VT