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Advanced Renewable Solutions LLC (ARS) - Profile & Reviews

Since 2013 Advanced Renewable Solutions LLC (ARS) has provided high quality solar services to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We frequently noticed the poor workmanship and overall lack of quality in most residential installations including conduit running across the roof, missing panels, and irregular shaped arrays. In 2016 we decided to make a difference by beginning to design and install in the residential market. We now offer homeowners the ability to work directly wiith the installer in customizing their best solar solution to maximize production and curb appeal.

Most of our projects are completed within 6 weeks of contracting.

Additional photos at https://www.facebook.com/Solar4SouthJersey/

ARS is proudly based in Bellmawr, NJ where the Jeffers family has a five generation lineage.

13 reviews

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  • "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Feb 02, 2021

    Excellent service and Alex was great at answering our questions

  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed Oct 26, 2020

    We had a great experience with the company and our main contact Jim!

  • "Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020

    The SHORT story.
    Using Alex for my solar installation was the best choice I ever made. I would expect anybody who hires Alex to have an excellent experience.

    The DETAILED story
    I met Alex 2 years prior to my installation. His company had a booth at a local craft fair. I stopped just to ask questions about solar installation. Alex spent lots of time answering my questions. I made him a promise that if I were to go ahead with a solar installation I would get in touch with him.

    Over the next two years I received lots of unsolicited calls and literature from various other solar installers. I even had one come to my house to make a presentation. But, when the time came to actually have an installation I remembered how impressed I was with Alex's knowledge and honest approach.


    The installation happened ON--TIME, as much as can be expected because you have your local power company and local municipal inspection. Alex has no control over the timing of these two outside authorities. BUT, with Alex's guidance, they actually went quicker than normal.

    I also had additionally electrical requirements (I had recently bought an electric car and a electrical heat pump heating system for the house) that needed to be explained to the local electric company. I needed more solar panels than could be explained by prior utility bills.

    Alex walked me through the whole process and now the solar system is making enough electricity to provide all my current electrical requirements AND, according to my electric meter, I am approximately an extra unused 2500 KWh, which will help balance out the Winter months (when there is less sunlight and therefore less solar production).

    In addition to "sizing" my system perfectly, which was not simple because of my "estimated future needs" Alex helped select solar panels that actually "look good" on my roof. (my panels are on the front side of my house). The day after the installation was completed I went outside and look at my roof. I first thought the installation had NOT been done. At first glance I did not even see the panels. As compared to most solar installations I see. Drive past my house and you would not notice a solar installation at all, which is what I wanted, and Alex supplies.

    My next door neighbor did a solar installation about a month after me. He went to a LARGER WELL KNOWN solar installer, who was a client of his (I'm sure he got a better price). BUT I HAVE A BETTER VISUAL INSTALLATION.

    The story doesn't end with Alex. The installation crew was efficient, clean, and well organized (remember they need access to the inside of your home).

    Should anyone reading this want to see my system please feel free to ask Alex for my address and come see it yourself. I am proud to be one of Alex's successful installations.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • "Great job ARS!"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2020

    Our experience with ARS was great. From the beginning, Alex Lukacher thoroughly explained the process and timeline, as well as the benefits of owning versus leasing the panels. The installers were very professional, and neat, and left no exposed conduit on the house. Alex is very quick to respond to any follow up questions that we have. Overall a very positive experience and would definitely recommend ARS.
    Dave and Laura - Mickleton NJ

  • "Quick, Professional & Savings!"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2020
    "Quick, Professional & Savings!"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2020

    Alex and the whole ARS team are a delight to work with for owning your solar panels. Alex made the decision easy by clearly outlining the pros and cons of owning vs leasing your panels. The ARS team stayed in constant contact over the course of installation and activation... even a year after install, I still get contacted to ensure all is well and that we are seeing the benefits of solar. Speaking of benefits, the combination of the federal tax credit, insanely lowered energy bill ($6.00 average over 2019) and SRECS makes owning solar a no-brainer for a home owner, and it was a no-brainer to work with Alex and the whole ARS team!

  • "Best company out there"

    Reviewed Mar 23, 2020

    Working with Alex and his team was a seamless process. From the first time we met with Alex he was honest and open about the entire process. He was knowledgeable about leasing vs owning - and helped us make a informed decision to purchase our own system. Installation was perfect and the panels look FANTASTIC on my house. The type of panels they use do not have the bright silver edge and blend so nicely with our roof (some people don't even notice it!). If you are looking for a honest company to work with I highly recommend them! I was referred by a friend who used Alex and his team. And I have since referred a few friends who are getting panels installed.

  • "Exceptional workmanship and clean installation"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2020
    "Exceptional workmanship and clean installation"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2020

    ARS installed my solar system just over 2 years ago. When I compare the appearance of my solar system to others in my neighborhood that were installed by other providers, I am so happy I went with ARS. The install is so clean and all of the conduit is ran through my roof and walls. You can't see any of it. Since going solar, I have saved over $4000.00 that would have gone to the electric company. Also, I make money every time my system produces 1,000 kWh. This was the best choice for me because it gave me total control over my electric bills. Thank you so much ARS!

  • "Definitely recommend"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2020

    I did research before reaching out to a few companies about solar. ARS and Alex were by far the most professional and prompt company I dealt with. He came to out house and explained the entire process and answered all of our questions. We did not sign up the first night as we wanted to do more research and think about the decision. Alex was understanding and came back a second time to show us the design and how the system would look. At that point we made the decision to sign. Alex has been in constant contact with us through the whole process. We just had our system installed and it looks great. The install team was professional and very clean. Install was done in one day and we could not be happier. If you are looking into solar you need to call Alex and the ARS team. As a realtor I have dealt with quite a few solar companies and this is by far the company you want to work with.

  • "One of the best financial decisions I’ve made"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2020
    "One of the best financial decisions I’ve made"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2020

    I have had my ARS installed solar system for over a year now. As far as the workmanship and design, I was really concerned about how the panels would look on my roof as I really wanted it to be symmetrical. ARS designed my system around all my wants and needs and they were very accommodating considering all of my concerns. They helped facilitate a needed new roof as well! Everything went seamlessly, very clean and respectful workmanship.

    It is performing exactly the way Alex explained it would. I have earned over $3,200 in 12 months and most months my electric bill is under $5 even during the summer.

    Before signing with ARS, I had several solar companies reach out to me. I saw an ARS advertisement and loved that they were a local company. I ended up knowing Alex (my solar consultant). I felt solar was a scam so I decided to ask him what the deal was. He came out to my house, explained everything thoroughly and was very patient with my many, many questions. He explained why these solar companies are so eager to get to as many people as they can. There’s a lot of money to be made for going solar in NJ and that’s what they’re after.

    I have zero regrets going solar with ARS. I am confident that I found the best company to work with and I know they’ll be with me for the long haul. It’s one of the best financial decisions I have made.

  • "Amazing service, price, design, and install"

    Reviewed May 03, 2019
    "Amazing service, price, design, and install"

    Reviewed May 03, 2019

    After working with Mitchell and the ARS team, I genuinely believe everyone should have solar. They did an unbelievable job the whole way. They even built our system to support my Tesla!

    I think there is a fear or skepticism associated with making the jump to solar, but ARS easily helped us through everything. From day 1 we felt included, involved, and informed on the process. They designed a system that offset our power 100% and it will essentially cost us nothing after SRECs and tax credit... in fact, over the life of our PV system, we'll be net positive.

    They took care of all the financing, permits and applications for us, they acted quickly and communicated often, and the quality of the install was unbelievable.

    I cannot understate how good this looks. The panels blend nicely with the house and there is not a single wire, conduit, or anything exposed. They took incredible care in getting it done beautifully.

    I highly recommend ARS, Mitchell, and his team.

  • "Thomas J. Wade"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2019

    I made my decision to go with ARS, LLC in early December,2018. They completed the job before the end of the month.They were on site for 1 day, all ARS's employees were professionals & did expert work. I have recommended ARS to 4 or 5 people who asked me about the company that did my great looking Solar project. I give them an 11 out of 10. T J Wade

  • "Excellent Guidance for a Novice to Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019
    "Excellent Guidance for a Novice to Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

    ARS has been a pleasure to work with so far. ARS produced the most competitive bid here on EnergySage (3 total), and it also beat out the additional proposal from the solar company affiliated with my home's security system with respect to out-of-pocket and continual cost, as well as the energy production level. Their salesman Mitch has been especially helpful -- asking questions about my family and home life that competitors didn't (so as to better tailor the system), and then offering incentives in accord with that. He's also followed-up repeatedly by telephone, e-mail, and text to respond to every question I've had, and offered solutions to every suggestion or problem I thought of. We're set to start the installation in a few weeks (after permits are obtained), but I'm extremely pleased thus far with the service and professionalism I've received thus far. I'll update this review after my system is up and running, of course, but I expect that the positive experience I've enjoyed to date will continue.

  • "Quality work by ARS"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019

    Advanced Renewable Solutions (ARS) did a clean and beautiful job on our roof top solar system. It only took them two days to complete the physical installation.
    We have our solar system installed by ARS in the spring of 2018 in time for the summer savings. At that time, we had two main goals in our mind (1) financial benefit i.e. lower electric bill, tax credit and SREC income and (2) nice curb side appearance after the panel installation.
    We have black roof shingle. ARS helped to select a high quality AXIblackpremium monocrystalline solar panel each with micro inverter. The black color (not blue or green) panel blended with our roof perfectly. ARS also carefully using shade factor to calculate the number of panels needed to cover the entire main roof (not partially covered). ARS did not take short cut. They installed the conduit under the roof to make the side of house look clean. All these together to further enhanced the curb side appearance of the entire roof top solar system. We are very pleased with the result and the quality of work by ARS.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Keep the Federal Tax Credit and TREC income to maximize your return. Financing offered.

We take great pride in the aesthetics of our installations; our staff designers take the extra time to fully customize your installation to provide the cleanest array possible. We'll relocate rooftop plumbing vents as needed to best suit your design. We use only Tier 1 triple black panels and install skirts as a standard.

We partner with NJ State Licensed Tree Care Experts to properly prune back trees or remove if necessary.

We are an accredited CertainTeed roof installer.

We service solar installations installed by others. Ask us about the Enphase upgrade program.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Advanced Renewable Solutions LLC (ARS) Headquarters

82 E. Browning Rd
Bellmawr, NJ
08031 United States

Workmanship Warranty

Labor warranty: 25 years.
Roof warranty: When we penetrate your roof during a System installation we will warrant roof damage we cause due to our roof penetrations. This roof warranty will run the longer of (A) one (1) year following the completion of the System installation; and (B) the length of any existing installation warranty or new home builder performance standard for your roof (the “Roof Warranty Period”)


Accredited CertainTeed roof installer.

Accredited CertainTeed Master Elite solar installer.


Business Incorporation: NJ 0400587509
Electrician: NJ 34EB01653500, MD 12638
NJ Home Improvement Contractor: 13VH08954900


Construction Projects General Aggregate $5M

States served by Advanced Renewable Solutions LLC (ARS)

  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • Pennsylvania PA