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SEM Power

SEM Power has installed thousands of solar electric systems for homeowners throughout Florida. SEM Power works to ensure you get the highest quality photo-voltaic equipment at an affordable price.
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SEM POWER, LLC is a leading commercial and utility scale solar company, and the largest residential solar provider in Florida. SEM Power provides the most cost effective solutions for rooftop solar, solar carports, and ground mounted solar arrays for the commercial and residential markets. SEM Power was founded in 2009.
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Certified Electrical Contractor: EC13004784
Certified Solar Contractor: CVC5678
Certified Building Contractor: CBC1250267

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Lack of Customer Service

We had SEM install both solar panels and Enphase storage batteries. Other than the length of time (Covid related) it took to get our system installed and up and running we had no real complaints except for lack of communication. It was extremely difficult to get answers to our questions. That should have been our first clue. The system is working but we are having ongoing problems with our battery backup engaging as it should during a power outage. We have been trying to get this problem resolved through SEM/Enphase but it seems they put bandaids on the software and those fail soon after. During hurricane IAN the system worked great for the first few times the power shut off/returned. In the evening when the storm got really bad, the system failed to kick on at all and we were left in the dark in subsequent outages. I got on the phone with Enphase (1 hour and 49 minutes) and they “escalated” our problem because it was hurricane related. Luckily, we did not lose power longterm. We had no idea when the software problem was corrected since Enphase does not communicate with the customer. The following day I contacted SEM and asked for help and was told it was a software problem, not their problem, and to let them know when we got it corrected. They have dropped us like a hot potato and our system is only about seven months old and our backup system has never functioned properly. The only way we know if it works is to go out and shut off the main breaker and see if it works. Both SEM and Enphase need to develop some lines of customer service. We do not feel comfortable at all that we will have our expensive battery backup in an emergency and we certainly don’t feel comfortable we will have any kind of support.

Posted by clcard12 on Oct 01, 2022
I Would Choose SEM Again

I had a great experience with SEM, every person I worked with was incredibly friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable. When I had a question after signing the contract, the owner himself personally took the time to call me and talk about the entire process. The engineering group and installing group were a pleasure to work with and when I asked the main installer about chance of leaks, he told me that he simply doesn't do leaks. He was very confident in his and their processes and he very much knew what he was doing, he also showed me how and why they do certain things that prevent leaks. It was nice being shown the process in addition to just being told about them. I will gladly sing this company's praises when I get the chance.

Posted by matthewtraverso on Jul 11, 2022
A great choice in Solar installation and product quality

I rarely write reviews, and to be frank, a company needs to be very bad or they need to be extraordinary to get me to post anything. In the the case of SEM Power, the word EXTRAORDINARY is the right word. Although I installed approximately 112 solar panels about five years ago, Hurricane Irma required a new roof, and in doing so, those 112 solar panels had to come down and then reinstalled back in place. Because I was able to reconfigure my solar pool heater in a different location, it allowed me the ability to add another 12 or so panels. In doing so, my billing from FPL has gone from $650 per month five years ago to $8 today. Yes, $8!!! Hard to believe, but solar is incredible. In addition to a reinstall, the software needed to be able to see and control the daily use of power has been challenging, only because an outside vendor supplies the equipment and software. That said, SEM Power has been by my side to get this resolved multiple times due to no fault of their own. This is a tribute to a great organization that I feel was a great decision on my part. If you choose solar, give them a call. I was 110% satisfied!!!

Posted by edschifman on Mar 27, 2020
Good People. Knowledgeable. Stand behind their work.

I first had SEM install 30 panels 5 years ago on a tricky Spanish-S tile roof. Was very impressed with their attention to detail and desire to ensure a quality installation. The system has run for 5 years and has been bullet-proof, and the installation stood up to Irma. This year I engaged them again to add another 4K array. They've obviously gotten installing on Spanish-S tile down to a science now (as well as the rest of the installation). I must say, however, there were issues with the quality of the installation this time, but they took my feedback seriously, personally came out to visit the site, worked up a corrective action plan, and executed that plan within a reasonable time. That impressed me. Good people that are serious about having a satisfied customer. Everyone falters now and then - it's how they handle it that makes a difference.

Posted by brett on Jul 12, 2019
Professional & Attentive to Needs

SEM installed our 32 solar panels in the fall of 2014. Since then, we have had to pay the Duke Energy surcharge that every customer pays monthly ($8-$10). That has been our only monthly cost from April to August, and sometimes March to September. For October to March, our lowest electric bill has been an additional $15, and our highest electric bill has been an additional $52 (during a cold month when we needed heat). Before solar, our energy bills averaged $100 a month. We are definitely saving money! We were pleased with SEM's installation process, and we continue to be impressed with their ability to troubleshoot minor problems over the phone or in person since the installation. They helped us get the best price on the panels, and we did receive credit on our 2014 income taxes. We are glad that we have the panels, and we are very happy that SEM was our provider. We highly recommend them!

Posted by mrssims81 on Jul 04, 2019
Quality Job

I recommend using these guys, especially for commercial work. There installers are great to work with and are very knowledgeable. No job is to big for them to handle.

Posted by frankgrezaffi on May 17, 2019
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