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Roof or Ground Mount, Storage and DIY -

We will give you options that most can not. Every home is different and using a cookie cutter checklist just cuts corners and adds risk. NVEnergyLLC wants you to feel confident with your choice of being your own green energy provider. We understand your financial risk of buying your equipment. We care about aesthetics, quality of equipment, and quality of installation. To reduce risks, we only use tier 1 equipment and we only utilize licensed crews that are local so an installation is completed with care and confidence.

Ask for references and talk with the owners of an NVEnergyLLC installed system.

If you want DIY, look no further! The answer is yes. We are ground mount specialists. Bring your own equipment to excavate, set up sona-tubes, labor to mix cement and you can save 20% on the project. Talk to dozens of NVEnergyLLC customers that have done this!
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NVEnergyLLC was created out of the belief that energy should not be sold to the highest bidder, not at the highest margin, but should be available to everyone.

With the tax benefits and low equipment costs, solar PV is really within most peoples reach. Using the Mass Solar Loan as a finance vehicle, most installs are zero out of pocket and no UCC-1 filing (depends on lender requirements).

Most marketing strategies aim at the focus of providing a lease or ‘service’ of a reduced energy rate, a free installation, absorbing all the credits, and not giving benefit to the owner, not us.

Our business model is to provide a path of ownership and so that ALL the benefits are realized by the owner. Federal tax credits, state income tax credits, and SRECs all goto the owner.

Our services are priced reasonably against the big box companies, while using products made in the USA.

We use licensed contractors and electricians to install the equipment and we want you to feel comfortable with your installation.

Servicing all of Massachusetts.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

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5 years, Parts, Labor.


Mass Business Incorporation: 001091966
MASS HIC: 182253


Fully insured $1M



Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

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Excellent Service.

I am Physician and DIY guy and love doing renewnerable energy project because I care about our environment. I have had an experience of doing an off-Grid 3.6 Kw System with the help of an electrician friend on a huge barn on my farm land in upstate NY. In December 2015, I wanted to install 20 module system at my house in Dudley, MA, but in Mass I was required to have a certified and licensed solar company to do solar system to do installation. That would have increased the cost significantly. I couldn't find any company to help a DIY guy like me. After some search I found Nate of NV Energy and explained to him my situation, to my great delight he was not only willing to help but also was quite encouraging of home owners to do the work, where it was allowed, and cut the cost of installation significantly. He was very open to discussion and critique. He and his team did a superb job in finishing work withing one day, saving me even more money. He was also very instrumental in finishing up with application process and paperwork needed to deal with National Grid in timely manner. They continue to be available to help even after installation is over. I am so impressed with his excellent service that in December 2016 I asked him to help me again in installing an add on of 10 module system to the original 20 panel system using micro-inverters. Both system are a great success. I am extremely happy with him and his team and highly recommend them to anyone looking to install solar systems. In fact three of my doctor colleagues used my recommendation and have already used NV Energy services and are very pleased with them.

Posted by apra1005 on Aug 27, 2017
NV Solar is the only contractor you should be dealing with.

My family and I are so glad we went with NV Solar. Nate is extremely knowledgeable in the solar arena. He is extremely patient and explains everything there is to know regarding the process from beginning to end and how to sign up to start receiving your SREC's. If there are any issues after the install Nate will make sure they are corrected immediately. In my opinion if you go with another Solar Contractor or company your an idiot. Chris Amenta Lunenburg, MA

Posted by nerealtytrust on Jul 27, 2017
Solar installation

NVEnergy has been an awesome company to work with for our solar. We had interviewed 4 different companies and compared owning vs leasing. Nate is extremely knowledgable and was able to help us in making the choice to purchase our system. The work was done quickly and efficiently with concise explanation of what to expect along the way. Even now, 7 mos later, it's comforting to know that if necessary, we can reach out to Nate and he will always respond in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Nate and NVEnergy for solar.

Posted by lmcnamara1 on Jul 26, 2017



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