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Impact Solar LLC - Profile & Reviews

Impact Solar offers a customer oriented experience with full transparency on the equipment being installed, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Every solar design will be completed by an employee who has completed all NABCEP training for PV installers. Likewise, every install will be completed by a licensed electrician to ensure NEC and local compliance. We handle all paperwork from permitting, government incentives, and interconnection agreements but also understand we are at the mercy of their approval. This is no excuse for a lengthy installation time-frame.

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  • "More than satisfied"

    Reviewed Apr 27, 2020

    The process began with the salesman, Brett, walking me through the comparisons of all of my choices on Energy Sage. Pointed out the pros and cons of each and answered all of my newbie questions clearly. The owner was on site for the installation and he walked me through the system. Impact handled all of the necessary permits without any involvement from me, which was nice. Also, since my roof was over 20 years old, I needed a new one. They provided the roofers at a better rate than I could find on my own search. Very convenient and cost effective. Upon installation and clean up, they also hooked me up with a company to sell my SRECS. The entire process was simple, hassle-free, and pleasant. I highly recommend Impact.

  • "Excellent Company!"

    Reviewed Apr 27, 2020

    This company is top notch! Rob and his team are honest, meticulous and punctual. Rob spent quite a bit of time walking us through the process to make sure we were comfortable with our decisions. Please note that I don't normally fill out surveys but felt obligated to do so because how strongly I feel about this company. The end product is absolutely perfect!!!!!

  • "Highly recommend!"

    Reviewed Apr 27, 2020

    In the summer or 2018 I had about 35 panels installed on my split level home in Haddon Twp. Rob and his team were professional and thorough. Several neighbors inquired about our system and also decided to go solar after seeing the system up on our roof. Our system is sleek and only visible from the back and one side of our home. I am so happy I went with Impact Solar. My electric bills are super low and I feel better knowing I am helping to take care of our Earth! If you are looking to go solar, call Impact Solar.

  • "First Class Service"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2018

    Robert and his crew were incredibly professional throughout the process of our solar installation. The crew pays very close attention to all details of delivering excellent service in a caring manner.
    Robert has even offered to fix my back yard if I am not pleased with the results of the trenching that was done. I am confidant that Robert and his company will honor their words and contract and provide any support and maintenance in the future
    I would recommend Impact Solar to anyone looking for solar power.

  • "A Great Company to do business with"

    Reviewed Jun 01, 2018
    "A Great Company to do business with"

    Reviewed Jun 01, 2018

    I was reluctant to go solar but I figured it was time to help the energy situation. I interviewed about 7 solar companies and none compared to the knowledge, products provided and expertise of their sales representative. Dan the sales rep was able to answer any questions I had about solar. He understood solar, installation, warranty, lease vs purchase, financing, cash flow savings, SRECs and was able to put it in terms I understood. My system is costing me $0 because of low interest financing, selling the energy I produce through SRECs and getting a 30% Federal tax credit. And the best thing is my electric bill is less than $10 a month. Impact Solar installed the system in 2 days and handled all of the paperwork, licenses, permits, Home Owner Association Requirements and at no additional charge. The installation crew is their own people. Their work was excellent, passed all inspections and were very neat. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • "Residential Solar installation"

    Reviewed May 02, 2018
    "Residential Solar installation"

    Reviewed May 02, 2018

    Extremely satisfied with all phases from the sales pitch through the completion of my solar project. The owner and all the employees that I had contact with were true professionals. I always do extensive research when addressing a capital expenditure for my home. My questions were always answered in a timely and accurate fashion. I give Impact So.ar my highest recommendation.

  • "Great decision/experience!!"

    Reviewed Apr 26, 2018

    Impact's service was great from sign-up through installation and servicing. Everyone from sales to installation to dealing with my many many questions was helpful, knowledgeable, and made sure all of my questions were answered. Our electric bill is now $4/month and between what we pay for the panels/month and what I sell back via SREC's we only pay about $65/month.

  • "I love my solar"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2018

    As a PSE&G customer with GAS for heat, hot water and washer/dryer, I didn't think Solar was for me. After the salesman for Impact Solar went over my bill and I realized that 2/3 of my yearly expense was for electric I paid more attention to what he had to offer. After explaining the Federal Income Tax Energy Credit I would receive - it was a no brainer. Best move I ever made.

  • "Excellent Company!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2018

    I had 5 companies come to my home and my wife and I decided to go with Impact for a few reasons. First thing we really liked is the salesman, he was straight forward and was clear when explaining the process. Buying solar has been a little confusing but Impact broke everything down for my wife and I. The second was the price and value. We purchased a 17KW system and they also put a new roof on my home. Third was the install process, they were the only company to go over the install process with my wife and I. They run the conduit wiring thru my attic so it was hidden and away from the elements. We’ve seen a couple of homes that looked terrible with gray tubes all over the roof. They hid the conduit wiring and it looks a lot neater. Highly recommended!

  • "Great company!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2018

    Impact Solar did a great job from start to finish. They explained the entire process, how it works, SRECs, warranties, etc. and the install went very smooth. Also, the electricians they used were incredible and non-invasive.

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  • "Solar System"

    Reviewed Jan 08, 2018

    I am very pleased with my new solar system installed by Impact Solar. The company is extremely knowledgable about the product and they have great communication skills with the customer. They are professional and available anytime even after the system has been installed. The best news: my electric bills are down!

  • "Impact Solar is Amazing!"

    Reviewed Jan 08, 2018

    Rob and the entire Impact Solar team have been incredible. From the first conversation, they were transparent, flexible, and wanted to work with us to ensure that our needs were met and our expectations exceeded. We are a Jewish synagogue, and we are largely driven by volunteers. Rob took the time to explain the process to our volunteers, and was patient as we went through our board processes. We would recommend Impact Solar to anyone!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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A pleasant customer experience is our top priority. We will work with you to design a custom solar system, notify you of completed steps along the way, and be there to maintain, clean, and monitor your solar system after installation.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Impact Solar LLC Headquarters

202 Glenwood Ave.
Haddonfield, NJ
08033 US

Workmanship Warranty

10-Year Workmanship and Leak-Proof Warranty

For the first ten (10) years after installation, Impact Solar will be responsible for any damages to your home caused by the installation of your solar system
24/7 Monitoring

ISLLC will monitor your system through the inverter manufacturer’s portal for 10 years after installation.
Solar Upkeep Program

What happens after installation is complete? We created a complimentary, proactive maintenance program to service and protect your system for 1 year after installation. We will inspect and clean your solar system once a year to ensure no long-term production issues. If we detect a manufacturing defect, we will remove and replace the part at no cost to you. Ask our consultant how you can continue this service after the first year.

Installation Upgrades

We believe that aesthetics are just as important as the savings you will see. We use low-profile mounting and flashings with an elevated water seal for superior protection. Additionally, we will install a skirt on your system to give an elegant, seamless look and install conduit in Your attic as to not be visible from the outside. Certain roof or attic conditions may not be suitable for these upgrades.

10-Year Solar Production Guarantee
We guarantee your Solar Production for the first 10 years of your system's life on a yearly basis or we will write you a check for the difference.


NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer


Solar PV

States served by Impact Solar LLC

  • New Jersey NJ