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Impact Solar LLC

A customer-oriented experience, paired with expert design & installation service are our top priorities. Clear communication, transparency, and well-defined expectations throughout the process are what you can count on from us.
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Impact Solar is a full-service solar installer, operating in south and central NJ. We have been in business since 2015, offering custom solar solutions, with expert design, installation, and workmanship that is backed by NAPCEP certification.

Apart from the design and installation of your solar system, we pride ourselves on our communication and project management. Communication between customer and installer is paramount. Solar systems are construction projects. There will be moving parts and sometimes hurdles to overcome and problems to troubleshoot. Having a clear, open channel to your installer, both during the installation process and after, is key to a longstanding, trustful relationship.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Communication & Transparency: We treat the initial solar consultation process as an educational experience. Customer clarity and proper expectations are our goals. You will have a direct line to all team members working on your project.We go at your pace.

  2. Reputation: We have been in business since 2015 and take our reputation very seriously. We are proud to say that we have 5-star ratings across all review platforms. The feedback from our customers speaks to the experience we offer.

  3. Workmanship: All of our projects are completed by a NABCEP certified designer and installer. This certification is paramount in understanding the design, installation, and maintenance of your solar system. We do not subcontract any of our solar work.

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From the consultation process through installation and project completion, we offer a turn-key solar solution for our customers. A hands-on solar consultation will help identify the pros, cons, and potential savings of each project. We can offer a multitude of financing options, so you can pick a loan option that will work best for you and your specific goals. Our Operations team will handle all permitting and applications with utility, township, and state bodies. All of our solar and electrical installation work is completed in-house and led by a NABCEP certified designer and installer.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

We are a small, local company by design. Our company sizing and structure allow us to maintain project focus and communication that customers should expect for their construction projects. All of our solar and electrical work is completed in-house with NABCEP certification.

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Workmanship Warranty

25-Year Workmanship and 15-Year Leak-Proof Warranty

For the twenty-five (25) years after installation, Impact Solar will be responsible for any damages to your home caused by the installation of your solar system.

24/7 Monitoring.

10-Year Solar Production Guarantee
We guarantee your Solar Production for the first 10 years of your system's life on a yearly basis or we will write you a check for the difference.


NJ HIC # 13VH08519600

NJ Electrical License # 34EB01770300


NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Authorized Solar Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Gold Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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Amazing Staff and Amazing Company and Amazing Work

I had been kicking around the idea of solar for a while and then I walked by a solar sales guy at my local Costco. Got a quote and it ended there. The price was astronomical. plus, I needed a new roof. 8 months goes by time to do the roof no choice now. walked by a different sales guy in Costco same company, slightly better quote but still may make sense. So, I started doing more research. I called 9 different companies and spoke to 9 sales guys. Only one that didn’t sound like they were selling me was Jeff over at Impact Solar. In fact, Impact was recommended by the roofer. I almost had a done deal with another company who was decent and gave me some good things to think about. Also helped that their price for better equipment was WAY less than that Costco company (we all know the one). But after speaking with Jeff and him going into more detail and answering every stupid question I had and giving me even more info about things I didn’t think about I decided to take the next step. Jeff scheduled a site visit (had 4 others done already). Rob showed up, Rob is the owner and walked me through everything during the site visit. He also did things others didn’t. He measured the sun and shading showed me what it looks like, talked me through what he thought would work best and how to go about it. I was amazed at all the little things no one ever bothered to explain that I wouldn’t think to ask. I called back others to ask questions and started getting the feeling that they were fed up with me not moving forward and asking again to explain certain things. That was a big turn off for me. I spoke some more to Jeff asking the same questions and digging deeper. Jeff was always professional always happy to explain and always got an answer for me on technical stuff if he didn’t know. So finally, I felt like I was making the right choice after multiple equipment choices back and forth. I got the QCell Qtron 425 and the Iq8M inverters which I felt was the best combination for what I wanted to achieve. We worked out the final price and I was happy where I was. (Impact happened to also have the best price) They also had a very good payment process and what I mean is that you make 3 payments. 10% down at contract signing (which by the way is 4 or 5 pages not 50) contract is also written in plain language and Jeff worked with me to make some changes so I would be happy with it. 60% due at install (that’s when the panels are on the roof and tested) and the final 30% is due once you get the approval to operate. This keeps the contractor honest and interested to get you to the finish line so they can get paid. Rob told me he wants the customer to feel like the company has skin in the game and something to lose if they don’t finish. Thats amazing in my opinion and keeps them honest. Once I signed the contract and made my initial down payment it was a matter of just waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Did I mention waiting. But not for Impact they got right to work. I had the pleasure of dealing with Michelle who was just as amazing as Jeff. She walked me through the steps we needed to take. First, they sent me paperwork for my Utility application and paperwork for the NJ Application and paperwork for my permits with the township. I spent time waiting for the paperwork to get processed but not for Impact. Every time something moved forward and they can action another step I was contacted within 1 day so they can keep it moving. They also coordinated with the roofers and most importantly they scheduled the roof and solar install in a way that they can run wiring while the roof was up and open so as to hide as much as possible. Once I got all the Oks and the Permits and the approvals in place things moved fast. Roofers were out within a week and Impact was on site to do their piece while the roof was wide open. Rob and team showed up and got right to work. Not only that but because I lost power several weeks before due to a storm, I had impact also run a generator plug for me. Let me tell you they did an amazing job. And the box was installed as if it always belonged there. All the wiring is hidden nothing running across the roof or down the side of the house everything is tucked away or in the rafters. I don’t know how they did it but its is Super Clean. After that they were out for 2 more days to finish the panel install. Rob walked me through the next steps, showed me how everything is supposed to work. Tested the panels and was on his way. (I left the panels on, and watching the old meter spin backwards is very nice). Also little things were done such as a critter guard to protect against rodents and birds nesting under the panels. And I can't see the panels from the street, and most are on the back top roof you can see either. The lower roof you can see but its a very clean install. Michelle immediately scheduled all the inspections at the earliest possible date so we can finish everything and I just had to wait for the township to show up and issue approvals. Michelle was on site for the inspections to make sure it goes smoothly. We hit a small snag, but a quick photo that day got everything approved. Next day I picked up the certificate of approval so as not to wait for snail mail and Michelle efficient as always immediately got part 2 of all the applications moving with the Utility and the State and a week later, I was approved to operate. 2 days later they swapped me for a smart meter and here we are a month after. Of course, nothing is perfect and we did have an issue. The new Enphase gateway monitoring clamps were defective. Sean who was behind the scenes almost immediately got one of the techs out here to figure it out and fix the problem. They said the new clamps were good but sometimes they fail and the consumption is not reading correctly. They swapped the clamps and now several weeks later the issue is gone and hasn’t been seen since. While this is a bit of an annoyance to both me and Impact the fault is not with the company at all and the fix was very quick once we saw it happen. However, that was just a wrong reading on consumption. The system was still working properly and the Utility was getting the right date, the Enphase app that I see was getting the wrong date. Not the end of the world and it was fixed quickly. Now I am just waiting for the State which I was warned will take several months to get my SREC number so I can sell the SRECs. Impact and the whole team is amazing, they were thorough, honest, professional and answered all my questions no matter how many times I asked. And when you are buying Solar which cost thousands upon thousands you need to ask questions and be satisfied with the answers. You aren’t buying a phone or a toaster you can replace in a year. This is a 25-year investment. And for me it is a great investment. So far, the daily production on a nice sunny day is above what was expected, on a partially cloudy day, it is what I expected from a sunny day. And when it rains, well I get some production but its raining and no sun out. If this keeps up, I believe I will hit my target numbers for the year. Especially since I have an East facing roof and not a South facing roof. The system price does not include the 30% federal tax credit or any of the SREC I expect 35 Q-Cell QTron 425w Panels iQ8m microinverters expected to get 15+ MW/yr.

Posted by aeyzner on Mar 19, 2024
Amazing People and Company

All around great experience from start to finish. Jeff was great to work with and helped plan the entire system. Michelle and Sean handled everything from scheduling to applications. Rob and the electricians installed the system and EV charger perfectly. They even gave me advice on some small electrical stuff I was trying to take care of myself. It seemed a little wonky trying to get the wiring from the electrical panel to the solar panels but they made it work and were very clean and professional. I spoke to a bunch of companies and their customer service was top notch. I highly recommend.

Posted by rajan_324 on Feb 20, 2024
All around impressive

Great people providing great customer service, great PV installation, top notch patience for all of my questions, helpful in understanding all of the options for all of the parts of the PV aystem without forcing me into the most expensive choice. Budget conscious information to help decide where money could be saved if needed. Jeff, Sean, Michelle, Bruce, and all of the rest of the team were a pleasure to work with. Honest and professional. I'm not the easiest of consumers to work with but Impact had all of the answers to all of my concerns which made our time working together exciting. Jeff only sells what he is willing to install on his own house. Choose Impact solar with confidence of the best install.

Posted by scottflorek715 on Feb 18, 2024
5 Star Experience from start to finish!

This is the second solar installation I have completed in the last 7 years and using Impact Solar on my most recent new home purchase was the best choice I made after doing extensive research. I used the EnergySage website to narrow down a group of vendors for my project and decided on using Impact for a number of reasons. My initial contact was Jeff Orem who spend countless amounts of time answering all of my questions and design inquiries. We emailed nights, weekends and he always responded in a timely fashion and was able to explain the differences and or benefits of the equipment and was able help me compare apples to apples on the different panels and inverts to use and the ones I researched. He was upfront and honest about what the system could do based on the layout I felt was suitable for my new home. There was never any pressure or tactics to get the job by doing. my roof and then attempting to obtain tax credits that weren't appropriate. He was truly interested in doing the right thing and not acting like a high pressure dishonest salesperson. Rob Warren, the owner of the company then came to my home and did the actual walk of the roof and offered a design that would work for my location. He took his time to explain the system and the installation process and was on site during the installation and participated it completing it! Michelle Morrison, Project Manager assisted with all the paperwork flow and approvals needed as well as payment policies. She was always updating me on the progress and was on site for several hours after the installation to work with the township building department doing the inspection and approval process. She also worked with PSEG to finalize a new meter installation and then the company to monitor our system and the incentive payments. I may have left out a few other associates I dealt with over the process and wanted to thank them as well for all the attention to detail. There are many companies our there that reply as soon as you submit an inquiry on Energy Sage be ware not all are equal. Some say how large there are, others offer what ever panels that have in stock and others will look on a computer program of your home and promise the moon. Will many will try to bundle the solar job with a roofing job suggesting they can warranty it. Buyer beware..... using Impact Solar was a very good positive experience and in this day and age something that is rare. You won't go wrong selecting Impact Solar. Mitchell From Princeton, New Jersey

Posted by mdkramer2 on Nov 23, 2023
The sun has been put to work!

Can't say enough good things about Impact Solar and the job they did for us a few weeks ago. My fiancé was the one who wanted to go solar and I was the skeptic - I have a few friends who have solar and they went through a lot of headaches with their installers, so I was very hesitant to invest in a big project like this. Impact Solar delivered in all aspects, and I couldn't be happier with our decision to work with them. Jeff is a very patient salesman and Michelle is exactly the type of personality you want in a project manager - organized, clear, and a big advocate for the customer. Rob and his team did a great job on the install, and it looks like it belongs on the house. Impact Solar is the honest solar installer that you're searching for.

Posted by colleenwilson.033 on Nov 10, 2023
Go with Impact Solar!

Can't say enough good things about Impact Solar. They are a great company to work with. We had our roof replaced in addition to getting solar panels installed. Their roofer was also very good, knew what they were doing, and gave us a better price than a competitor we were looking at. Impact Solar was very thorough in explaining things and very transparent and honest. In talking with other solar companies, it always felt like they were trying to sell me on a financial instrument rather than a construction project. Rob, Jeff, Sean, and Michelle were all great to work with. If you are looking into putting solar panels on your house, absolutely go with Impact Solar.

Posted by lpmitros on Aug 09, 2023



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