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Texas Solar Integrated, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Texas Solar Integrated, LLC has over 60 years combined experience with Solar Installations. The owner has been in Solar industry for almost 20 years. The team of experts have been selected to streamline and outperform all other installers. The attention to detail and professionalism is mandated by the owner. Each and every installation is carefully engineered to the highest standards. You select the best because you want the best for your family. We are bonded, and insured!

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  • "Zero rating"

    Reviewed Sep 09, 2020

    This company is all about the sale and then passing the buck. Took it took 5 1/2 months. My system was installed in May, but was not connected until July 16, because my installation failed 2 inspections. First, the didn't ground it, and the they didn't connect the solar box right. This delay cost me a lot of money in power bills.
    Solar is an illusion, unless you can afford to pay cash. My bill is now the same as without solar and plus a $20 fee for not having a smart meter. DON'T DO IT. And, DON'T USE THIS COMPANY When I called their customer service they sent me to CPS.

  • "They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk."

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2020
    "They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk."

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2020

    We purchased a system 3 months ago.
    Install: Not Professional
    The initial sales pitch and install seemed good to go, but it was too good to be true. The crew that installed our panels drilled holes in the roof that should not have been drilled. They filled said holes with caulking and called it good, then lied to me saying they were "fixing some roofing nails." The holes lined up perfectly with the grid they had chalked on the roof. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they had made a mistake. Own it and I have much more respect, but to lie about it, then not fix it properly is an entirely other level of problem that one should be aware of.
    I then noticed the same black caulk they used to fill the hole on my roof all around my pool decking, my patios, sidewalks etc. Let me tell you, that stuff does NOT come off! There were also holes, not marks, HOLES in my pool decking where they dropped materials, placed ladders, whatever. The hole they drilled into my Soffit to pull the electrical from my attic down to the electrical panels was left open, not caulked or closed off to keep bugs out, just left wide open. I had to have the Soffit fixed myself as they weren't going to be back for 7-10 days. There was a panel which was completely shattered upon arrival. They told me someone would be back the following week to replace the panel with a new one. It took them 3 weeks to get a new panel to my house. I took pictures of all the damages the install crew caused, submitted them twice to two separate folks and 3 months later I am still getting the run around on having all of the damages fixed.

    Panel Production: Poor Quality, Poor Value, Not Responsive
    This is just the start. The panels themselves seemed to work fine (minus one day) for the first 14 days, but then something happened that I could not explain and ever since the system has not been performing. I was producing and average of 110 kWh/d but for some unknown reason, it's producing an ave of 86 kWh/d, dropping down to the mid 50 & 40kWh ranges. So now I am 12 days from making my first solar payment and I am going to have to also make a payment to the utility company because Texas Solar Integrated can't treat those who have already paid for a system with the same level of care and handling they prior to signing on the dotted line. Now I'm not sure what has happened to my system for it to stopped purring like it did for that 16 days, but if I'm already not happy, what will this look like in 1, 2, 5, 15, 20 years. They say these panels have a 30-year warranty. Well that Warranty means shit if the company that installs them and then services them can't uphold their end of the bargain.
    I have learned the original installation was done incorrectly. The envoy panels were wired incorrectly from the very beginning meaning the construction should not have been signed off on, so this the Loanpal clock should not have started when it did. I have pushed back on Texas Solar Integrated to make this right with Loanpal restarting the clock for a few different reasons so we shall see if they do the right thing.
    I will update this review to keep the public up to speed with the integrity of this company.

    Tech Services: Not Responsive
    It can be 10 days before seeing a tech, and when one does show, he may only be here for 20-30 minutes and he's gone. If the system malfunctions 30 minutes later, which mine has, he doesn't come back, because why? Well because he's scheduled so thin that he can't possibly come back to show me the attention I deserve as a paying customer. I mean, they already got their thousands, right? So, the customer service of this company is horrible. I mean it's really, REALLY, horrible and I would not buy a system from this company if I could go back 3 months. I'm livid and if y'all are looking to spend money on a solar system, take my word for it, steer clear of Texas Solar Integrated. They are spread way too thin and cannot take care of the folks that are their customer base now.

  • "We had multiple issues and now they refuse to communicate with me"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2019
    "We had multiple issues and now they refuse to communicate with me"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2019

    We purchased a large system $37,000. Soon after install the roof was leaking. We reported it and they denied fault. After months of calling them and having the roof tarped over top of the panels they used their insurance to file a claim. It was paid and my roof was replaced. They uninstalled and reinstalled the panels for free. No more leaks now. However the system is not producing anything. 600 kWks in November. Still have high electric bills plus the solar loan payment. I have been calling them for help but they won’t return my calls or emails. Its been 2 months. I have been ghosted by this company. So I can’t troubleshoot them or try to use the warranty or anything. This is so frustrating. I don’t know what to do now. We feel so ripped off.

  • "Great service"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2019

    Thomas the owner is a true professional. He came to my residence and was extremely knowledgeable. He gave me a great price and answered all my questions. Great Veteran owned business.

  • "Texas Solar Integrated Rocks!!"

    Reviewed Dec 18, 2018
    "Texas Solar Integrated Rocks!!"

    Reviewed Dec 18, 2018

    We are so happy with this company from start to finish, they made the process easy and answered all our questions! We are beyond excited when we see our $0.00 bill! Thank you!!!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Texas Solar Integrated, LLC Headquarters

5120 Service Center Dr
San Antonio, TX
78218 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 years


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NABCEP Installer


TECL # 32831



States served by Texas Solar Integrated, LLC

  • Texas TX