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Solarugreen - Profile & Reviews

Solarugreen designs, installs and maintains Photovoltaic (PV) distributed energy system. Solarugreen mission is to provide reliable service, exceptional solar-plus-storage design to exceed our clients expectations.

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  • "Going solar w/ Solarugreen was the best thing for me! No regrets at all."

    "Going solar w/ Solarugreen was the best thing for me! No regrets at all."

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2020

    Solar panels plus storage has increased my efficiency and lowered my carbon footprint. After doing extensive research on which solar provider will provide me with the overall best service, warranty, long-term care and maintenance, I narrowed it down to; Telsa and Solarugreen. Even though I own their car, their customer service, both vehicles and solar programs was less than desirable. I selected Solarugreen as my local provider and installer, because they could provide local service, respond to additional requests for added upgrades, and they have prior knowledge, experience, and installation familiarity with my system. These were just a few determining facts that lead me to Solarugreen, but after we initiated the project I’d learn that they afforded many more benefits and expertise then I had thought I needed. Partnering with Solarugreen allowed me to be engaged at all levels of photovoltaic (PV) selection, inverter performance and battery storage selection for a whole house system.

    As a consumer with 3 EVs and a high demand for energy consumption, I knew this solar system needed to be the best performing system that I could find for a fair market value and that would last greater than 20 years. That being said, Enphase was selected because they could deliver on my grid agnostic needs, while allowing me to capturing clean and free energy from the sun. My sleek, elegant, black Solaria 14.9 kW panels out performed my expectations, while not taking away from the curb appeal of my home. I would highly recommend the 355- or 370-watt panels to everyone. When you select Enphase, make sure you request the IQ8 microinverter, which are the state-of-the-art inverters for a multitude of great reasons. Since receiving Enphase Empower and Encharge battery storage system, it has greatly increased my energy independence away from the grid by 95%, and reduced my electrical cost by 75-80% from my previous monthly expenditures, thus getting me closer to being off the grid. In the past 8 months, my solar production is over 14 Mwh of energy, 5 Mwh of Exported energy back to the grid and nearly 700 kWh stored in the batteries for night time and off grid operations just in the past 40 days since the batteries were installed. In 4 months, I will have had this system installed for a full year, and I can wait to see what my overall calculation on my return on my investment for the future and potentially how much energy could be sold back to the electric companies, earning me money.

    Solarugreen has walked with me through some unchartered waters while acquiring permits (electrical, building and solar) from the city, navigating through the 30% Federal Tax Incentives, with the Oncor application for state tax incentive, and the state’s homestead Exemption Application for Solar Energy Device, all of which have save me an enormous amount of money. Furthermore, Solarugreen coordinated all of my contractors and over saw the site management throughout the process. At the conclusion of the entire process, I was presented with a binder, that neatly included all my permits, solar sun survey, cost projections and solar projection and energy consumption charts, product survey, and production performance comparisons, warranties, maintenance agreements and invoice. Amazingly, I don’t know of ANY vendor who would do this for a consumer. If I ever needed follow up information on my system, here is my “go to” book should I sell my home or had to MRA a replacement part or upgrade my system. Moreover, the solar system has undoubted increased my home’s market value and has extended the life of my roof by 25 additional years were panels are installed. What a win-win scenario! Bottom line, I am glad that I selected Solarugreen, and am exceedingly pleased that we jointly selected a system predicated on my historical usage date and consumptions demands. It was both wise and practical to build a system based on data and not what would be nice! My solar system could make me money based on energy sold back to the grid, but that process isn’t as transparent as I would like and comes with a lot of “strings” and contracts attached. Solarugreen connected me with solar specialists and engineers at Enphase and together we designed to my specifications and budget. I couldn’t have asked for better partners.

    My solar system is protected knowing that I can call or email Solarugreen and get in touch with a live person, who knows my system and who will monitor its performance and alert me of issues should they arise. If you are like me, inexperience and apprehensive about this solar process, then call them and they will see you through the final installation and training of your new system. They will also tell you how to take advantage of the federal, and state tax incentives and save you on a third (1/3) of your overall cost and tell you how to get it all exempted from property tax. They even offered low interest loans and funding for solar, if you need them. Solarugreen is truly a One-Stop Shopping vendor. While I’ve gotten no compensation or incentives for this review, nor would I accept them, I simply know good friendly professionalism when I see it. So, what will be your next move to get rid of that electricity bill? I’m actually contemplating using Solarugreen for my business properties before the tax incentives goes away. Thank you Solarugreen for outstanding work!

    Janet Foots
    Response from Solarugreen
    Responded Dec 04, 2020
    Response from Solarugreen
    Responded Dec 04, 2020

    Thanks for this wonderful and gracious review. It is always a look of faith to realize the solar-plus-storage solutions delivers the expected results for our clients. Your education and commitment to renewable alone with our partnership to examine all possible storage solutions was the best synergy. What a joy!!!
    Finally the backup protection was proven when your community had a power outage but you didn't because the Enphase Ensemble storage manager automatically provided energy to your home.
    This project was a bright shining star during this Covid-19 pandemic season. Solarugreen and our staff members really appreciate your support.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Associated product manufacturers

  • SolarWorld
  • LG
  • Canadian Solar Inc
  • Enphase Energy (Petaluma, CA)
  • SolarEdge Technologies (Fremont, CA)
  • Mission Solar Energy (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Panasonic Solar Panels (Newark, NJ)

Associated financing companies

  • Mosaic
  • Service Finance Company, LLC (Boca Raton, Florida)

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Solarugreen Headquarters

732 W Hurst Suite 112
Hurst, TX
76053 United States

Workmanship Warranty

Solarugreen provides 5 years warranty on the labor for the installation of the Distributed Energy System – Photovoltaic (PV) Solar systems. The warranty covers the following items installed as part of the BOS System. BOS components consist of 1) Flashing, 2) Railing, 3) Inverter, 4) Panels and 5) Monitoring platform.
All electrical work will be warranty for a period of 5 years


Oncor Electricity Delivery Company, LLC


NABCEP, Introduction to Photovoltaic (2016), LG Chem storage (2018, 2019), Enphase Ensemble Certification (2020), Generac PWRcell storage solution dealer (2020,2021,2022)


Solarugreen TXECL #36710
Ty Sterling master electrician #557436


$2.0 Million Commercial General Liability Insurance, $1.0 Million Commercial Auto Insurance, $450 K Worker's Compensation Insurance

States served by Solarugreen

  • Texas TX