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Paradise Renewables - Profile & Reviews

Paradise Renewable's is fully licensed, insured and bonded to do business in the state of California with over 1,500 solar installs completed.

We are a full service solar company which means anything and everything from a main service panel upgrade to adding a line to charge an electric car is something we can do and do not outsource. Batteries included.

With over a 1500 installs, a 5 star rating and some of the lowest prices in the industry, we are the choice when choosing to go solar.

24 reviews

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  • "Quote"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    Very knowledgeable, went over the work involved. Answered all my questions.

  • "Try to contact for warranty"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2020
    Updated Nov 20, 2020
    "Try to contact for warranty"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2020
    Updated Nov 20, 2020

    Try to contact about warranty which installed 4 years ago and cannot reach out to them.
    after I write review, they contact to me and promise to solve. They solve the issue.

  • "Solar madness"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    We started looking at solar a few years ago but found it very confusing so let it go. Took up the research again a few months ago and found energysage.com What a great site, compares several several companies in one place. Very easy to use. We chose Paradise Renewables because they came out to look at our roof (went up on the roof) explained how things would work, and they are a local company. Everyone was very helpful and professional. The installation was done in 1 day! We had some issues with our electrical board but Juan came and sorted that out. I could send questions their way and they would reply quickly. Like with all projects took some time for the inspector to come out and until then we had the panels but we were on edison's dime come sundown.


    Reviewed Jun 15, 2020

    got my solar system installed about 4 months ago. The solar was installed 1 week after the signing which was much faster than I expected. Had my solar system running for about 2 months now and this is the best investment I have made. Very responsive and fast company highly recommend!

  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2020

    Paradise solar installed 34 panels approximately three years ago. The whole process was flawless. It took about three weeks from signing the contract to having The power company sign off on the finished product. I have not had any electric bill in over three years. This company is amazing and every chance I get I refer friends and family to Paradise solar

  • "Great experience from start to finish!"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2020
    "Great experience from start to finish!"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2020

    We had a great experience with our solar install. All of the staff are easy to work with, helpful and patient. Do discuss the placement of the solar panels before the install to make sure you are on the same page, but this applies to any installer. We would definitely rehire this company for any future work.

  • "Great Job!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2020
    "Great Job!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2020

    Paradise delivered on all fronts. Survey, consultation, design, quote, installation all performed professionally, accurately, on time and met or surpassed all my expectations. Being an engineer myself, I do enjoy the convenience of monitoring the systems performance online. I would use them again in a heartbeat if I had another project

  • "Photovoltaic - then a car powered by the sun"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2020
    "Photovoltaic - then a car powered by the sun"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2020

    We had our 21 panel system installed in fall 2017, thane bought our first electric car a year later, a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. In the interim, our power bills dropped by about 80%, only to partially rebound after the car purchase.
    On the surface, it looked like an even trade. But as much as possible we try charge the car with free sunlight. Given that, the Tesla driven 7,173 miles at its first anniversary cost us less over that year when compared with its gasoline predecessor: $0 vs about $1,600. Not bad!

  • "My experience was better than expected. Warranty on work is a huge bonus."

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2020
    "My experience was better than expected. Warranty on work is a huge bonus."

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2020

    Amazing team. Paul is a very helpful person. I bought a home in Murrieta and needed some panels put up quickly before I moved in, he came through for me with no issues, on short notice and a great deal. Also... I can't name another service that comes with a 25 year guarantee on the work. Better than my wife.

  • "Delivered as promisted"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2019

    They did excellent work, on time & under budget. I will definitely use them again.

  • "Amazing Service"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019

    I hired Paradise Renewables, without knowing what kind of service, I was going to get. Well, I gotta say I received the most amazing service from Paul. From the moment he presented himself, I felt comfortable. Paul, explained every detail. I would recommend, Paradise Renewables to my family & friends.
    Your new friend,
    Bassem Maaz

  • "Great Service and Best Price"

    Reviewed Apr 25, 2019

    We recently had solar installed with a LG battery and i am happy to report that Paradise Renewables did a great job. They installed our system two weeks after we signed the agreement and everything is working great and looks fantastic

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  • "Thorough evaluation"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2019

    After lots of work and evaluation (and 4 total quotes) I chose Paul at Paradise Renewables. PR was without question the best value for the apple for apple quotes I received. It's common knowledge to ensure you're evaluating identical panels/systems to the same for each company. Unfortunately the solar industry does itself no favors by the amount of games and disinformation they put out to attempt to separate themselves. Paul was honest and displayed integrity from our first handshake. I felt completely comfortable. His crew showed up to the minute of when he told us they would, knocked out our job (much larger than the average I should add) and left our place cleaner than when they arrived. I couldn't give him a higher rating - referral and am grateful that I chose Paradise Renewables. Do your homework and give Paul a chance to earn your business, you will not be disappointed.

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  • "Great Service!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

    I had solar panels installed through Paradise Renewables and I couldn’t be happier. Paul and his staff were super knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I have had my solar panels for some time now, and my wallet thanks you. I was especially impressed with their flexibiltiy to accommodate my schedule and their prompt and efficient installation. I have, and will continue to recommend this team to anyone looking for this type of service. Thank you Paul and Paradise Renewables!

  • "Top of line system for great price"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2019
    "Top of line system for great price"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

    Worked with Paradise on two projects, a primary installation and then adding to the shstem to increase my production. Both projects were executed perfectly and right on the mark to maximize the economics of the system. I am totally out of tier 2 and 3 rates and on pace to pay off the system in 7 years. If you are considering solar, I strongly recommend working with Paradise Renewables. Leave the big companies out, save money AND get better service.

  • "Service Delivered as promised"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2018

    I shopped around for a bit and decided on Paradise for solar. The team I worked with throughout the process was very efficient and communicative. The Solar was installed without any hiccups ( I have heard horror stories from others with their installs) and the product is fantastic. I highly recommend the team at Paradise.

  • "Free Car Charger, Happy Mama!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018
    "Free Car Charger, Happy Mama!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

    A big thank you to the guys at Paradise, the Solar works great, we are saving so much and will save so much more in the future. and the car charger they gave us for free for going solar is so awesome.

  • "Battery's for Farmers"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

    Living on a farm miles from the nearest store it was important to us to have a constant supply of power. We put solar in years ago but needed more power and also wanted to have the ability to store energy in case of an emergency. Because we are on not in the city but county a lot of the companies would not work with us because of permitting issues and costs. The only company that could add to our existing system and provide us with multiple battery's was Paradise Renewable Energy. They did a great job for us and have done right by a number of our neighbors out here in the sticks. Much appreciated, Paul.

  • "Very Caring"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

    This is a great company to work with, they are very polite and respectful. The day they were supposed to start my son was not feeling well and stayed home from school. I called them that day and asked if they could start the next day instead and they did. They were very understanding and did not charge us to make a last minute change to the schedule we had. We are so glad we chose to work with a family owned business and and not a large corporation.

  • "Superior Service and Quality Installation"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018
    "Superior Service and Quality Installation"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

    Living in Los Angeles or the (valley) as people refer to it we have very hot weather and use our A/C full time about 4 months out of the year. Our average spend during these months was about $800. Because we have a traditional "valley" home built in the early 60's we have one of those flat roofs with rocks with no insulation. When we had solar companies come out in the past we were told we needed to replace the roof before going solar, only problem is that ment we had to use multiple contractors. In the spring of 2015 we met with Paul at Paradise Renewable's, we were impressed right away how much more knowledge he had compared to the previous sales man who had shown up in the past. He designed a great system on a tilt kit to maximize production and had a great roofing company work along side him to replace our old rock roof with a new cool rated roof. For those of you thinking about going solar use this company you will be glad you did.

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  • "Honest and Helpfull"

    Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

    After thinking of solar for many years and meeting with a number of companies my husband and I chose to work with Paul at Paradise, he had the most knowledge and experience and was not trying to sell us solar. As the owner of the company he explained all of our options and helped us tailor a system using panels made by manufactures we trusted. All the other companies we met with came with pre-made proposals and told us how they would do the job, without allowing us to be part of the process. We highly recommend Paul and Paradise to anyone looking for solar

  • "Excellent company with excellent products"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018
    "Excellent company with excellent products"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

    Excellent company with excellent productsI cannot say enough good things about this company. They were responsive timely and high-quality work. The product they offered were far superior from other options we had and we are very satisfied with the results

  • "Thank you for a Great Job"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2018

    Paradise Renewables is a very solid company too work with. Our solar was installed 3 years ago and it works perfect and is producing all the energy the company said it would. They also included a line to charge our Prius for free.

  • "Great Job"

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2018

    We are very happy to write this review for Paradise, they did a very good job and did the work in time frame they told us. They were very well priced and did a great job explaining all of the options for us

    Our solar was installed 2 weeks after we said to move forward and approved by Edison 10 days later. Our neighbors who used another company took 4 months and paid more.

    Thank you to Paul and all the guys

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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From the Start

Paradise Renewable's only sends out a certified design specialist to your home, not a sales person.

This person is a consultant to you, and will design a system tailored to your homes most efficient production abilities.

We build the most cost effective systems in the industry, we do this by sending a design specialist to measure your roof and do a shade study, instead of sending a salesman

Most solar companies send out a sales person to your home first. This person arrives with a “guesstimate” proposal which always needs to be changed and provides no production guarantee. This person will not and can not examine your roof or measure to determine what will work or will be in code.

Nearly all solar companies will require a signed contract and $1000 deposit before sending out a technician to measure and inspect the roof.
Paradise Renewable's does this for FREE.

Paradise Renewable's, Measures and Designs the proposed system while at the home allowing you to be part of the design process. It is your home and we value your input

We Promise to spend more time designing and tailoring your proposed system than we will trying to sell you the system.

We are in the business of installing high quality solar systems and using only the best hardware. We do all of our own work and never use Sub-Contractors, unlike many of the solar companies who are simply in the business of "selling" solar vs actually installing it.

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Paradise Renewables Headquarters

30721 Russell Ranch Road #140
Westlake Village, CA
91362 US

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years


OSHA 10-hour


CSLB# C10-986062


State Fund (workers comp)
United Specialty Insurance Company (GL)
Infinity Auto Insurance Company

States served by Paradise Renewables

  • California CA