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Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger uses the newest and best equipment available on the market. We price competitively and our customer service is second to none! To top it off, our installation timelines are shorter than most of the industry.
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We offer solar energy solutions to residential and commercial clients. Sun Badger has unique financing options that can fit any budget or financial situation. Our staff has worked for decades in solar and we are passionate about the industry.
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  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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12 years covering installation, roof work, warranty replacement, parts and labor.


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  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

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  • Gold Installer

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Install good, go woke - go broke

Luckily we had our solar installed in 2021 before they went DARK (ironic). There were a lot of delays due to backordered components - and this was before the mass shortages occurred. In the end, happy with what was installed. We got solar to hedge against future Marxist brownouts and rationing and outages. On a customer conference call, I could tell that this was not what they expected to hear, but rather "we want to save the planet and go green." If you look at their website, they supported several nonprofits. They should have been looking out for their own profits before they started trying to save the rest of the world. Hard to believe with all the trillions on govt "infrastructure" subsidies that a SOLAR company would go out of business.

Posted by copper_disk on Mar 17, 2023
Out of Contact and Out of Business - Avoid!

I just signed up for a $109,000 system with them in September. No reply about anything since January. Today, the phones are out of service and the website does not come out. Fortunately, since nothing has been done, Sunlight Financial was able to cancel our loan. They have had several other customers cancelling today also. A newspaper article says they are trying to get financing to resume business. But at this point, that sounds pretty tenuous, too. I sure won't be doing business with them if they do open up again!

Posted by djarvis86 on Mar 06, 2023
Took my 22K and I have nothing

We paid $22k in 9/2022 , we got a engineering plan then action since November. We have had to hire a lawyer to try to get out deposit back.

Posted by drbilldavidson on Feb 20, 2023

Contracted in early 2022. Started install and left us hanging with no communication and no panels. Now website won't work and phones are turned off. They told our loan servicer that our install was complete triggering them to give Sun Badger all of our loan money and we have nothing!

Posted by annelise1608 on Feb 08, 2023
Poor communication

I have been working with them since April 2022 the entire way I have been the one reaching out for progress updates and or asking about the status of the next step and rough time lines. The initial sails person told me around 6-9 months it took them 10 months. Which isn't too bad overall. The frustration is going months without hearing anything from Sun Badger. The installation crew left holes not properly plugged and tools around my yard. Which I had to contact Sun Badger about to get them returned to fix which they did after a 1-2 weeks. I was able to turn on my solar system based on an email I got from my energy company. Followed a week later by Sun Badger emailing me to tell me I could turn it on. Though, the wrap up meeting has not yet been scheduled and I am going on a month with what I believe is my system on. Though, I cannot verify that or get confirmation I flipped the correct switch on the inverter and that they are functioning correctly. I have emailed 4 of the 10-12 people that I have made contact with at Sun Badger over the process and none have yet to reply to me. I have made my first payment and not all services have been completed yet.

Posted by badgercraz on Feb 03, 2023

I think they’re going out of business, so maybe this won’t matter, but in case they survive their current battle with death, STAY AWAY. Zero communication. Zero responses. Zero assistance. Fraudsters.

Posted by darabayliss on Feb 01, 2023



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