Sun Badger Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Sun Badger Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Sun Badger uses the newest and best equipment available on the market. We price competitively and our customer service is second to none! To top it off, our installation timelines are shorter than most of the industry.

More About Us

More About Us

We offer solar energy solutions to residential and commercial clients. Sun Badger has unique financing options that can fit any budget or financial situation. Our staff has worked for decades in solar and we are passionate about the industry.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Associated Suppliers

Associated Suppliers

Financing Companies

EnerBank USA

Admirals Bank

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Great Experience working with Sun Badger Solar"
Reviewed Sep 18, 2019

Had a great experience working with Sun Badger Solar . They did a large 10.27 KW solar ground mount for our eco-friendly farm. From the initial correspondence to the installation, everything was great. Carley the project manager, was very prompt with keeping us informed of how each aspect of the installation progressed. We are very happy with our solar unit, and wouldn't hesitate to use this company again.

"Excellent job delivering the project in record time"
Reviewed Sep 10, 2019

Sun Badger is a great company for the amazing people that work for them. From the design, offer, signing of the contract, installation, and commissioning, all the people involved in my project worked efficiently and professionally to deliver my project at a blazing speed. The project that was contracted to be delivered in 3 months took just over ONE from the signing of the contract to start producing electricity.
The installation and overall quality of the equipment is great and the best value I could find.
Thank you to all the people that were involved: James, Carley, Ryan and all the rest that worked to deliver my project
Now I'm an extremely satisfied customer of Sun Badger.
Great job

"Proud to recommend Sun Badger Solar!"
Reviewed Jul 02, 2019

Sun Badger Solar was one of several bids we considered for our solar project implementation. Sun Badger won out on price (not the highest or the lowest), fantastic consulting and a smooth sales cycle. Other contractors offered solutions that did not meet our needs financially or technically.

We felt that Sun Badger's proposal would create the best return on our investment combined with state and federal incentives (which they were really knowledgeable about).

Once we secured financing (which their sales person was able to consult with us on), we signed a contract and began the first phase of the project. The site survey was performed by Re-Think Electric and was meticulously conducted. I was educated in the structural and electrical considerations that must be taken into account in the design of the system. I felt very comfortable with how thorough the person conducting the site survey was and we knew that our solar system and house would be well matched for each other and meet all regulatory and safety requirements.

Another item of note - the project management process was very transparent and I could see when tasks were scheduled. The BaseCamp project management platform (which I've used in a lot of other projects) keeps you in touch with your project team. I felt very comfortable asking questions through this portal and the response time (if not immediate) was within a business day.

Construction scheduling took place quickly after the permit was issued and we were slotted for a week or two later. By the end of installation day one, the rails were installed and most electrical connections were made. By the middle of day two the solar modules were installed and the system was ready for inspection. I noticed only a few bits and pieces of construction material in the grass...a bolt here or there or an aluminum scrap but nothing major. The crew did a great job cleaning everything up (as compared to roofers and siding installers several years ago).

We had an inspection and commissioning scheduled two business days later. The Re-Think Electric crew chief checked everything out and made sure that the system was electrically and mechanically sound. The inspector signed off and we were ready to commission the system. The crew chief explained what he was doing as he paired the power optimizers with the inverter and set up the remote-monitoring communications system. Fascinating stuff!

The Sun Badger Solar people provisioned a monitoring account for me to see how the system was performing. Other than a minor communications issue (resolved the next day), the data has been flowing and I've been keeping an eye on production numbers and pleased to see that everything is working as designed.

In summary, Sun Badger Solar is the way to go and I am proud to recommend them to my friends and neighbors. I wish all of my renovation projects were this smooth! Thank you Sun Badger and Re-Think, for a great experience!

"a painless experience"
Reviewed Jun 11, 2019

I knew that Sun Badger would take care of all permitting, interconnection, etc. Still, I was surprised how little involved I was in that process. I needed a new roof (by others); Sun Badger started the install the day after the roof was finished. My experience was so positive that I am now discussing with Sun Badger an installation for my church.

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"Zero to Solar in 50 days"
Reviewed Jun 09, 2019

Our whole project took less than 2 months. Sun Badger solar team took care of all the permits and inspection from start to finish. Noah did an excellent job explaining the entire process and provided a detail illustration of our project. The installation team was awesome, they communicated each step of the project and any changes or problems to the original project. Highly recommend Sun Badger Solar.

"Professional, Friendly and Honest. Excellent company to work with."
Reviewed May 31, 2019

With my 6-month journey to move to solar I have had many written quotes and some verbal quotes, Sun Badger Solar without any doubt has come out on top. From the initial call to the sales presentation with Noah explaining every detail of the solar journey and expectations. Never once tried to over sell (as many other companies), but clearly understood my requirements and my expectations. Once I approved the initial quote the inhouse team took over and provided all of the aspects from design, install, permitting, and activation either over the phone or on their portal. The installation went extremely well and by comparison to other companies installs in my neighborhood it was a very clean install with nothing visible from the street (even the final inspector mentioned he has never seen such a clean install). Special thanks to the install team from “Fresh Coat Solar for the install of the solar arrays and Sige Electric for a great electrical installation”. Now it’s time to sit back and generate some solar power to put back into the grid and reap the benefits.

"I Love Sun Badger!!!"
Reviewed May 24, 2019

I spoke with 6 different companies when I decided to go solar, 3 of whom I met in person, and 3 of whom gave me online quotes. At the end of the not only was Sun Badger among the cheapest, but Noah Rothschild proposed what appeared to be the most realistic plan of any of the companies that I had spoken with. Plus, Noah was easily the most responsive person I could talk to. Replying instantly to emails I sent him after the kids went to bed, and coming out to my house to look at everything and show me how everything would work. I'm glad that I met Noah because Sun Badger was a pleasure to work with.

After signing the contract Sun Badger moved very quickly, sending the contractors out to my house to take measurements and finalize everything. As soon as we got the permits from the village (and it stopped raining) they were out on my roof installing the panels. The installation went very smoothly, they informed me of what was going on and what the next steps would be, and they stayed on top of the power company to get them to approve my panels.

The entire process was very smooth, and Sun Badger made sure that I had to do a minimal amount of work to go solar. I highly recommend Sun Badger and Noah Rothschild if you are looking to get solar panels!

"Excellent service start to finish"
Reviewed May 15, 2019

I got quotes from 5 different solar companies. Proposals included purchase, lease, and PPA. Some companies offer all 3 as options. I have been watching the industry for a long time and so I know a fair amount. I was more interested in product quality and life expectancy. I looked at the specifications for the products in all of the proposals. Sun Badger uses excellent products that are at the right point in the cost/quality curve.

The paperwork involved with the city, the SRECs and ComEd can be daunting. Sun Badger made the entire process smooth as can be.

The installation went smoothly. The installation team was clean, fast, always on time, available for the inspections and excellent in every way. A few minor issues came up in the inspection and they were solved quickly.

My only concern is that Sun Badger seems to be like a general contractor and hires subcontractors to do the site survey, engineering design, and installation. The entire process went very smoothly.

"Great Company, Excellent Service, Awesome Product!"
Reviewed Apr 06, 2019

From start to finish it couldn't have gone any better. SunBadger was super knowledgeable and helped us make an informed decision. They took care of everything and made the process easy. Install only took one day and the crew was great. Couldn't be happier. Really great company to work with.

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"Excellent Solar Company"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

I had a terrific experience with Sun Badger, start to finish. Noah had a great understanding of solar and was very helpful in answering my questions. The installation team lead by Jeremy and Adam was outstanding. Highly recommended.

"Great communication!"
Reviewed Apr 02, 2019

I have been working with these guys for the past few months, and have been so impressed by their quick responses, professionalism, but most importantly, their honesty. I had been really excited about the prospect of putting solar panels on our home, but really had no knowledge of placement, number of panels, etc. We have a lot of trees on our property, which I hadn't even factored into our potential install. Thank goodness I was working with a team that was able to steer me in the right direction. They haven't been in it to just sell me a system - they were up front about some of our shading issues. We're now looking at a possible ground mount, and if it works on our property, I wouldn't hesitate to move forward. I trust them completely. Thank you Sunbadger Solar for helping me to 'see the light'. :)

"Top Notch Service"
Reviewed Apr 01, 2019

Couldn't ask for better service and keeping me current with every step of the process! Their process is seemless and response is better than timely!

"Fantastic company to do business with"
Reviewed Mar 27, 2019

Great team, excellent communication, seamless handoff from sales to the install team. Sun badger have voluntarily and proactively worked with us to to solve every possible sticking point in our favor. Could not be more satisfied.

Verified Installer
Response from Sun Badger Solar
Responded Apr 02, 2019

Thanks Matt for your support! We are honored you chose our company for your solar project. Remember we have a great friends and family referral program. Stay Sunny!!