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Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy delivers the world’s most powerful, reliable, and safest off-grid energy storage at the lowest cost on the market. For the self-reliant consumer looking to break free from the grip of utility companies, Blue Planet Energy is the energy storage provider that unlocks true grid independence.
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Blue Planet Energy is making the promise of grid independence a reality. With Blue Ion – the industry’s most powerful, most reliable, and safest energy storage solution – Blue Planet Energy customers experience true freedom from the energy monopoly held by utilities.

Breaking free of the power grid can be a frustrating process for homeowners. Many traditional batteries pose safety and performance limitations.

At the heart of Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion systems is the safe, high-performing Lithium Ferrous Phosphate chemistry, guaranteed to provide higher-quality, longer-lasting power, all delivered at the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. Blue Ion is offered in 8 kWh and 16 kWh units and is easily scalable for residential and commercial projects of all sizes. With a product warranty covering 15 years of use at full daily discharge with zero maintenance required, Blue Ion presents a reliable “set it and forget it” solution.
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Workmanship Warranty

Our Blue Ion HI comes with a 15 year best performance warranty, zero maintenance and safe operation, Blue Ion HI provides all the power you need without requiring special appliances or concessions on the construction of your home. The Blue Ion HI has an impressive 21 year life expectancy, making it the BEST value for off-grid living at 2.5X lower cost than other off-grid solar storage solutions.


UL 9540 Energy Storage System,
UL 1642 Lithium Ion Cell,
IEC 62133,
SBA S1101,
UL 1973 Lithium Ion Battery Modules



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