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Array of Solar LLC

Array of Solar was started in 2015 with one goal in mind; serve the community.

Our founder had been working in the solar energy sales world for several years, and wasn't happy with the way that the solar investment was presented to families. He realized what the real goal should be... to show every family how to save money and invest in their home by changing the way we all look at our monthly investment into electricity.

As a company, Array of Solar is a family too, and we want to treat everyone we meet as if they were part of that. Our values include looking at every interaction with 3 specific questions in mind:

Is it Honest?
Is it Helpful?
Is it Kind?

When we approach every home and family with those values, we are confident that we are serving each family, ourselves, and our community in the best possible way.
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You throw money away with every dollar that you hand to the electric company. Let us show you how solar gives you the freedom to get away from the NEVER-ENDING monthly electric bills.

You work hard to ensure that your business runs efficiently and you ask yourself every day, "Is this the RIGHT decision for my business?"
So why invest in the electric company? Solar provides you with the opportunity to put those dollars into YOUR pocket.....not theirs.

Large Scale:
As our population grows and electrical grids age, we will need more 'out of the box' options to offset the need for electricity. From small community solar projects to large scale solar farms, Array of Solar will be your advocate.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

Array of Solar LLC warranties installation of the system for (25) twenty-five full years. This warranty covers the full cost, including labor to correct any installation defects.


Business Incorporation: 475006855


$2,000,000 Liability Insurance


Project Management Professionals Certified

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society

What Customers Are Saying

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Over promise and under deliver - look elsewhere

"Invested" in a 19000 kWh system and 9 months later and we are hitting less than 60% of production. They insist the system is working properly and won't do anything. After bugging them for months, they finally came back and said I actually only have a 15000 kWh system because they forgot to account for the trees. But we aren't anywhere close to hitting those targets. All they've offered to do is cover payments for a few months. But I just want a system that works. At first they said they would adjust the system after 6 months. Now they are saying we have to wait an entire year before they'll do anything. I have to call, email, and text 3-4 times before they ever get back to me. Missed appointments and constant rescheduling. Was a new construction home, but they didn't do the work correctly at rough in and we had to tear out brand new roofing and drywall to fix their mistakes. And at least 2 of their 5 star Google reviews are written by employees.

Posted by dcwatkins04 on Apr 26, 2023
Saved our system

We contracted with a firm headquartered in IL. In 2021. We worked with them almost a year and they never got the system up and running. We had an outage and the system did not take over as promised. I called Generac and they gave me several dealers in tg He Fort Worth area. ARRAY OF SOLAR responded immediately. They came out and determined what equipment and parts needed to be installed and reprogrammed to make it work. They worked with Generac and our installation company to get things finished, but it wasn't. Finally, AoS came out and did the work themselves and we tested it. Worked great. They were exceptionally professional and easy to work with. I can not praise them enough.....

Posted by dixieburkett on Oct 23, 2022
Great guys to deal with.

Jeremy and his crew were great to work with, down to earth and very honest. Highly recommended.

Posted by mgc_74 on Apr 23, 2019
Excellent Service

Array of Solar has been an awesome company to work with. The company has guided me every step of this solar energy adventure. I knew what to expect and when it would happen. There were no surprises. If I contact them, they respond immediately (same day or next day). Since putting my solar panels in, their service hasn’t changed. I am very happy with my solar panels and the company I chose to work with.

Posted by cherie44c on Mar 08, 2019



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