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SunElectric LLC

Sunelectric has the best warranty in the industry! We are back by SolarInsure the best Warranty Company in the World. Active Monitoring - Covers Parts and Labor - Transferable Ownership - Full security never get stuck with a bill!

Sunelectric's Quality to its project and commitment to Service to our Customer is Divine!
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SunElectric was formed by industry veterans from top energy companies who found a need for better education of the homeowner, best value pricing and industry best equipment. SunElectric offers free services to home and business owners interested in learning more about energy reduction services and storage options. Our simple process allows our clients to work with one Energy Expert to receive an educated and custom proposal with multiple finance options.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We offer SolarInsure, a third party national insurance policy.

  2. Our owner has been in the industry for 20 years and oversees the sale and installation process.

  3. We are a minority owned business.

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English; Spanish

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

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  • SunElectric LLC Sacramento CA 95823

Workmanship Warranty

Sun Electric offers the best in the solar business SolarInsure Advantage Warranty. The SolarInsure Warranty program assumes 100% of the risk of your solar arrays for 30 years. The warranty includes all mechanical and electrical failures due to normal use, even beyond the manufacturers’ warranty. This third-party warranty will cover full replacement, removal, and installation of new panels & inverters with $0 cost, provides insurance even in the event we go out of business and extends 100% of your manufacturer product warranties for up to an additional 30 years. With the SolarInsure Warranty, you have complete peace of mind knowing your solar investment is protected no matter what.




Liability insurance, workers comp, Bond, Automobile


Tesla Powerwall Certified, LG Chem Certified Installer

Generac PowerCell


Manufacturer Certifications

  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Bidding process

When I contacted the owner by phone with the intention of going forward with their bid I was informed that the bid was inaccurate because they only accept bids of 4kWh instead of the 9 panel 3.38kWh bid that they had posted and submitted to me on the EnergySage website. He also told me that the LG 375 Neon panels submitted in the bid were not available. He said that he would submit a new bid through my email as apposed to submitting it through the EnergySage web site. I have not yet received the new bid but I am very concerned about this turn of events and wonder if this should dissuade me from doing business with a contractor who operates in this manner. I would appreciate any advice that would help me make a decision on whether to do business with this company.

Posted by resoas70 on Jan 19, 2022
Pushy, highest quotes, rude

Received a phone call despite asking to be contacted only through the EnergySage message board. Asked excessively personal questions about my financial situation. Insisted on making an appointment to talk to system designer during my work hours, despite me saying I would not be available. Texted back to cancel the appointment, and kept getting pushy salesman replies. Quote was almost double all the others. Battery price alone was almost as much as system (solar and storage) costs from other companies. Was told that the EnergySage quote was not real quote, which I would only get after talking with system designer. Ended with rude text saying they will cancel appointment as they can tell I'm not really serious about solar, and that they are not Walmart where you can just shop around and look at prices.

Posted by 4nrmike on Dec 06, 2021
SunElectric did a great job

I am happy I chose to hire SunElectric to install my solar panels. They were extremely professional. They got the installation done on time. When the city inspector came out, he also indicated they had done an exceptional job on the installation. I am enjoying the cost savings my new panels created. For instance, in the past 30 days, I have sent more power to the grid than I used on 25! Especially during times of sunshine, I'm experiencing a lot of savings. I also like the fact that I am using solar power - better for the planet. I highly recommend Greg and the folks at SunElectric.

Posted by pianoman59 on Jun 05, 2021
Excellent Care, Honest and Sincere

I had my solar panel system installed about two years ago. I was treated with great respect, and Greg and Jorge were thorough in their explanation of the system they suggested, answered all of my questions and were not insistent that I buy. They allowed me time to make the decision. The system has had its fits and starts. Greg has been there throughout. He has made himself available for my questions and concerns. He has been patient and courteous, and most of all, tenacious in problem-solving. I believe the system is running smoothly now thanks to Greg (and Cesar). I love that I am doing something for the Earth. Also saving a little money... in the end... will be a nice bonus. I am glad I chose SunElectric. Greg won't let you down.

Posted by jonlid on May 23, 2021
Get solar today!!

What can I say about SunElectric other then they are top notch professionals that offer a great solar product and great customer service. The whole team was fantastic from beginning to end, but I want to mention that James “Greg” Scott and Cesar Carrillo went above and beyond to stand behind their product and promises. I had a 7 KW system installed by them back in June of 2019, and I have no regrets! They came with no sales pressure and were patient in explaining how solar works, their program/products, and how it could benefit me. They showed me a cost analysis projection and gave me a highly competitive rate for the system. I had already gotten 4 other estimates from their competitors, and it was an easy decision to go with SunElectric once I compared pricing and products. As I mentioned, they stand behind their product, Cesar and Greg promised that the system they designed would meet my energy consumption needs in what SMUD would allow; and if it didn’t they would pay for the year end bill (re-up) and give me an additional KW to make it an 8KW system. They kept their word and on both fronts, didn’t miss a beat and kept in contact with me the whole time. Any small issues that have arose in these two years, they have responded in a timely fashion with resolution. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. After these first 2 years, the energy production from their projection is pretty dam accurate. My solar generation is steady and easy to track with the solar edge app. I had been so impressed with the product, prices, and customer service that I have referred them to family members that now have solar through them. I will update my review in about a year on 2 of my other family members experience. They also keep their word on their referral program, so definitely ask about that! If you are on the fence about solar, don’t be, I am saving roughly $140 a month, the system pays for itself! Why keep paying more money to SMUD when you can save money and own your system???

Posted by richard.haleem on May 13, 2021
Excellent Customer Service

I have talked to a lot of other solar companies and declined offers until I spoke to the owner of this company. What really changed my mind about Sun Electric was that the owner personally came and talked to me and guaranteed everything he stated. I've had the solar system installed for a little over a year now and I am very satisfied that I decided to go with this company. I opted to get my solar and a brand new AC unit installed in my house, since I knew that it was a matter of time before my AC unit would need to be replaced. Previously, the capacitor had died twice. Before the installation, we would have it on all day and it didn't cool down our home. Now with just a couple of hours of running the AC, my kids are asking if we can shut the it off. I am beyond happy. Before solar and the new AC unit, my bill during the summer months would range about 250-350 dollars monthly. I'm happy to say now I pay around 40 dollars a month. Another plus about this company is that I have the owner, Greg, on speed dial because he is willing to answer all questions I still may have. Greg is now a good friend that I can call if I ever have any concerns. This company is very clear about details and wont beat around bush and you will not have any surprise fees. In addition, all the previous solar companies that I've talked to has never mention anything about a true up bill. If you ask you'll know. This company is very informative and very helpful. I'm a tech and I am very picky on how things are done, at the end I am very please on how the install was completed. I have referred 4 of my family member to them and they have had it installed as well. Every time they complete another install, I hear compliments of this company. You can't go wrong with them.

Posted by kongmingher on May 13, 2021



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