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NRG UPGRADE - Profile & Reviews

NRG Upgrade was founded with the belief that technology, aimed to improve the environment, must be integrated in our everyday lives. Due to exceptional personal service, focus on only high quality products, and working with a team of professionals who all share the same vision, the company has helped thousands of electricity users, to go solar, live a greener life and save costs on utility bills.

Started as a small focused boutique company, that invested in thorough research to allocate the best and most effective products, along with like-minded individuals to create what is today, one of the most trusted solar provides in the US.

37 reviews

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  • "Very professional and fair price"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2020
    "Very professional and fair price"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2020

    We could not be any happier with our solar project. Nir was awesome to work with from start to finish. We met with a few companies before we started but we felt none of them were as honest and upfront as Nir with NRG Upgarde. Then when the work began the crew's work was impeccable. We have received may compliments on the finished project from neighbors. But just as important as all that is, we are most thrilled with a next to nothing bill from Los Angeles Energy.

  • "Very satisfied with the quality"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2020
    "Very satisfied with the quality"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2020

    I could tell you about the incredible service, workmanship, and price. I could tell you about the expertise and knowledge that Nicholas demonstrates the first time you meet him. However, what you really need to know, is before you sign with some other company, you owe it to yourself to talk to Nicholas.

  • "Very nice experience"

    Reviewed Jul 06, 2020

    Asaf was great to work with from start to finish and beyond. For all of my questions - whether they be about the technical aspects of my system, the installation process, or the use of the monitoring website - Asaf was and continues to be quick to respond and give me honest and helpful answers. I look forward to seeing continuing returns from my system, and I take comfort in knowing that it was installed by a company that will stand behind their work.

  • "very knowledgeable and helpful"

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2020

    I chose NRG Upgrade for my home after interviewing seven other companies. I have zero regrets. They were professional every step of the way. It was a seamless process from beginning to end. David , my sales rep, was extremely knowledgeable and not pushy at all. The installers were second to none. My system is actually over producing!!! Awesome!!

  • "amazing"

    Reviewed Jul 02, 2020

    This is specifically for the Installation of the solar panels themselves. David and team did an amazing job and even cleaned my gutters for me, without me asking. And that was a serious job that would have cost me hundreds otherwise. I'm waiting for the final approval from the city and then we are good to go!

  • "amazing company"

    Reviewed Jun 25, 2020

    NRG Upgrade is an amazing company. They were always on time and cleaned up nice and super professional. They even helped us with our other electrical work. We wholeheartedly recommend NRG Upgrade.

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed Jun 23, 2020

    I'm very passionate about sustainability so when my parents decided to install solar panels on our house I was super excited. They decided to work with NRG Upgrade to have our new roof and solar installed and they said they had a great experience. The process was clean and efficient and their project manager even came by to make sure everything was going well afterwards. Overall, my parents are really happy with their experience!

  • "very knowledgeable"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2020

    I couldn't be happier with my experience at NRG Upgrade! Their quote was far better than any other company, and the entire process went smoothly. Gil was very knowledgeable and made sure I was taken care of from start to finish.

  • "very happy"

    Reviewed Jun 20, 2020

    Best customer service, best product, fast turn around, excellent technicians! Thank You NRG Upgrade!

  • "great place"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020

    Great company to work with. They did a great installation job and they are relentless to work with you and make sure what they installed is working at its peak.
    Thank you NRG Upgrade Group

  • "Great place"

    Reviewed Jun 15, 2020

    We hired NRG Upgrade to remove and reinstall solar panals. This was all a positive experience and we highly recommend! Their crew was respectful and clean. We appreciated that the this was a good experience.

  • "Great export"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2020

    It was a great idea to change to solar ! This company did a great job with installation of the solar panels
    The price was right and they were available any time we called
    Highly recommend this solar company!

  • "Excellent customer service"

    Reviewed Jun 11, 2020

    Called them to ask some questions regards solar panels and payments.
    Nir was so nice and helpful they helped a lot I appreciate it .

  • "Excellent customer service"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2020

    Very good Customer service!
    We worked mainly with Asaf and he made the process very easy to understand for us and helped everything go smoothly. I highly recommend their service as they have answered all my questions and Asaf was always there to guide me through everything when I needed him, thank you Asaf for being patient with us.

  • "Very helpful"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020

    Great customer service!!
    They were very helpful with explaining the process of solar installations.
    They work with me with the budget and schedule!!
    Five stars.

  • "Very friendly and attentive"

    Reviewed Jun 06, 2020

    I had to move quickly because the time was right for me to make a change so big like this on my house . These guys were terrific !!! Just wonderful to work with. Super clean and always ready for work early in the morning . Pricing was also better than the rest of the places i checked !
    Had to leave a comment because they did it right for me front and back !

  • "Quick and quality service"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    Through all phases of the project, this company performed, exceeding our expectations for service, communication, estimating, scheduling and installation. Gil is deserving of a special mention. He managed our project with ease and understanding. Many thanks to him. Look no further. This is the company you're searching for. Highly recommended!!

  • "Overall great experience"

    Reviewed Jun 01, 2020

    So thrilled I moved forward with a family owned solar company, NRG Upgrade even went as far as introducing me to the entire team and showed me around the warehouse before I made my final decision, the office responds quickly and is always updated on current stages from start to finish

  • "Great customer service"

    Reviewed May 30, 2020

    This hands down was the best investment I've made with a great team helping every step of the way. Asaf and Nir went above and beyond my expectations and answered any and all questions. Rage hands down assured me they were the best in the business and boy is he right. From the moment I called till even after installation these folks provided exceptional customer service.

  • "Really smooth and fair price"

    Reviewed May 29, 2020

    We were looking to have a solar system for a long time, after Meeting with five consultants from different companies we had David came into our house and he gave us great price with the best panels, we signed the agreement and two weeks later we had a call from the office that they are ready for the installation, few days later the installers came into our house and the installation went really smooth and the panels look beautiful on our roof
    We are highly recommend NRG Upgrade

  • "Really happy"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    Finding the right contractor for such a major project was a big challenge but by the time David finished his presentation I knew the search was over. These guys are knowledgeable, cost-efficient, detail-oriented and very accessible. The project was finished on schedule. Extremely happy and proud of my panels, pure environmental art.

  • "I would strongly recommend"

    Reviewed May 11, 2020

    NRG Upgrade has been amazing from our first apt with Gil, to the install process with Juan and inspection and all final details with David. Their team is so professional and communicate with you every step of the way. Thank you for making this move such a great one for us!

  • "Extremely happy"

    Reviewed May 10, 2020

    Nir was professional and patient with all my questions and walked me through every step of the way with ease from decision making process to the very end. After doing a lot of research we found NRG had one of the best pricing, products and service in the Los Angeles market and we are happy with everything thus far! Great long term financial and environmental benefits!

  • "Excellent company"

    Reviewed May 08, 2020

    After shopping around with several companies, they stood out in how patient they were in explaining the whole process. They did a fantastic job! They were clean, organized, and always there to answer any questions or concerns.

  • "Very professional"

    Reviewed May 06, 2020

    The NRG Upgrade Group just completed the installation of solar panels. Very polite professional crew, answer all my questions and completed the installation timely! The solar panels look great! What a pleasure to work with them!!

  • "Quickly"

    Reviewed May 01, 2020

    I had an overall great experience with NRG Uprade from getting started by receiving helpful advice and information on residential solar, and obtaining a quote at a very good price, and having a smooth and trouble-free install. I had been taken care of in a courteous manner by them. Their staff has been exceptionally polite and receptive to any concerns or questions we had. The company informed me about how the permits, installation and inspections were going on daily base.
    My system has been up and running for almost one month, and it makes feels amazing that I changing my house system to be greener. I can definitely recommend NRG to anyone....

  • "Very helpful and clean"

    Reviewed Apr 28, 2020

    I am a very "Senior Citizen", my work expectations have been very pleasantly exceeded. Very professional crew. Very courteous, helpful, clean and go out of their way to explain things to me multiple times. No matter how many times I ask the same question they were so patient with me. I never before wrote a good review, because I have never been this pleased with a crew before. Great job!

  • "Very professional"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2020

    Excellent experience and top quality product and service! I spent a number of months researching solar companies and finally decided on NRG Upgrade. Asaf, the owner, was very patient and detailed in addressing my questions and concerns about getting solar. The installation and turning on of the system went extremely well, great communication and follow-up before, during and after installation.

  • "very nice place"

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2020

    I am very Happy with my system. I had Nir come over and he explained everything to me and my wife. The installers were also great. Overall the company as a whole has a very professional personnel. Thanks

  • "Very honest and professional services!"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020
    "Very honest and professional services!"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020

    Excellent company to work with. From start to finish, all the employees were great to work with and the installers did excellent work. We are very happy with the process and the outcome offered by NRG. Thanks everyone for a job well done. Would definitely recommend this company to others.
    Special thanks to the following: Asaf, David, Mariana, Myra, Miguel ,Juan & Jose All did a great job !

  • "Love the place"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2020

    The installation crew from NRG Upgrade is the most hardworking group of professionals I have seen in years. Their attention to detail shows in their work. They explained every part of the process in detail and kept the work on schedule.

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2020

    They care about what they do from beginning to end of my Solar install! My Sales rep Nir was very formative on his product and was their to answer questions from beginning to end and available at anytime. Now they monitor and take care of my Solar for the next 25 years, I feel I'am in good hands. Thanks NRG Upgrade.

  • "highly recommend NRG Upgrade"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2020

    They did a great job on my installation and were able to fit me in almost a month ahead of schedule! They worked quickly and called me to communicate what they were planning too do. They were also mindful of my dog and cleaned up after themselves. Smooth process and my panels look great. Im already earning credits for my system. Will be recommending them to my friends & family.

  • "Fantastic!"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2020

    They're nice. I love my solar, i've really benefited from it and they're super good cost wise compared to other solar companies

  • "Very professional"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2020

    NRG Upgrade is awesome. Everyone there is super professional and it is a very pleasant experience getting solar panels from them. I have a particularly complicated property and they were able to figure out a unique solution that I am really happy with.

  • "They provide a great honest service with fair prices"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020
    "They provide a great honest service with fair prices"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020

    I chose NRG Upgrade for my solar installation after thorough research. I met several companies before them but their rep seemed the most professional. It took me a few days to make up my mind but unlike other companies they’re weren’t pushy. They were nice attentive and easy to communicate with. I signed a few days later and installation was scheduled for the following week. The crew came and they were super nice and friendly they seemed happy to work there and left no dirt or debris. The whole process took just a couple of days and they took care of all the permits and inspections. I had nothing but a great experience with them they are professional affordable and just what I hoped for. Very happy I chose this company. Do your research and go for a company that feels right I personally vouch for them. They’re great to work with.

  • "Very professional and on time"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2020

    I installed solar 20 solar panels in my home.
    Nir came by he explained everything so clearly and he was very polite and he delivered what he promised.
    I would recommend them to my friends.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Your satisfaction is our goal this is how we achieve it:

1. Excellent Customer Experience
We focus on you and your needs by providing you with a customized solution, we are always available for you and work continuously to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

2. Trustworthy and Reliable
We stand behind every work we complete. Our crew is highly experience and always on-time. You can count on us to provide you with exceptional work and make sure you know what to expect every step of the process.

3. We Only Work With Premium Materials.
The products we use are crucial in delivering optimal results. That is why pride ourselves for using only the top-quality materials. This guarantees the results will be long-lasting and durable. Plus you will get extended warranties on our products.

4. Competitive Prices
We understand you have many solar services to choose from, and we want you to feel secure that you are getting a great deal with us, which is why we offer great package deals in affordable prices while not compromising on quality.

5. Hassle Free
It is our job to make this process easy, efficient and pleasant. We deal with everything from start to finish and require minimum effort on your part. We involve just the amount you want to be involved and we are always available to accommodate to your needs.

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



NRG UPGRADE Headquarters

5657 Wilshire Blvd suite 250
Los Angeles, CA
90036 US

Workmanship Warranty

Warranties: 25-year on Solar Panels, 25-years on Inverters, 25-year on Workmanship, 25-years on Racking and Mounting, 25-years on Roofing and 25-years on Performance Guarantee.


CSLB: 1038502


Commercial Liability Insurance
Workers Compensation

States served by NRG UPGRADE

  • California CA