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Forecast Solar and Roofing - Profile & Reviews

  • Installer
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  • Electrical Contractor

After speaking with several installers and receiving high-priced proposals for his own home 15+ years ago, Greg realized he could merge his roofing company with another electrical company to offer a superior value within the solar industry. This sparked the creation of what would become Forecast Solar. Hundreds of installations later, we have managed to take this initial energy and turn it into one of the most competitive and well-rounded solar companies in Washington.

That's exactly what sets us apart.

Forecast Solar is a built on a foundation of successful roofing and electrical contracting. We have not merely hired roofers and electricians but, we actually have decades of contracting experience in these highly competitive fields.

By bringing all the traders under one roof, we offer a uniquely efficient and seamless process. This translates to more competitive prices and peace of mind.

We have helped lead the way making solar possible for anyone with good solar exposure in Washington to have renewable energy.

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  • "Happpy With Experience"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2019

    Overall, very happy with my experience with Forecast Solar. They outlined the solar program, educated me on my options (in-state panels/inverters vs out of-state panels/inverters), and worked with us through the inspection process. Lastly, they send out periodic email updates about solar legislation and ways to optimize our solar experience (cleaning the panels).

  • "New solar system and battery backup"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2019
    "New solar system and battery backup"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2019

    These guys did an excellent job getting us qualified for the maximum return rate, a great low interest loan and a usable battery backup for times when power is down. They did what they said the would and gave us great service! Highly recommended.

  • "Forecast Solar met our needs!"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2019
    "Forecast Solar met our needs!"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

    Forecast solar and roofing provided a great experience for us,. we were hesitant to get panels installed but after learning of all the benefits, we are so excited moving forward! thanks so much to Forecast Solar for taking the time and having the patience to answer ALL of our questions and we really felt like they treated us like family!
    Plus the install process was quick, efficient, and professional! thank you, Forecast Solar!

  • "Forecast Solar Made It Easy"

    Reviewed May 26, 2019

    From start to finish the Forecast Solar team did a quality design and installation on the roof areas of our house and garage. Ours is a 9kw system with all electrical conduit on the roof which meant only one penetration down to the junction, control, and service boxes. Not only did Forecast Solar do all the work with us at the installation site, they set up the permits, public utility, WA state and Federal requirements for incentives and rebates. Their continued monitoring of the system has identified a poor functioning solar cell and sent a technician to discover the cause. Our relationship to the company has been stellar.

    As for the performance of the system, we have had electric bills below $20/ month year-round since installation. We really like the monitoring system that came with the installation and can use it on all our internet appliances.

  • "So happy we are doing are part"

    Reviewed May 23, 2019
    "So happy we are doing are part"

    Reviewed May 23, 2019

    The team at Forecast Solar is fantastic! From the discovery call, sale, financing, permits, install and now support they have been responsive, friendly and professional. Will kept us informed on status and follow up all the way thru the process. I can reach out to them with any questions or if I need help and they are prompt and very supportive.

    We are very happy with our Solar and doing are part. I appreciate these guys for all the did and continue to do for us.

    Thanks team you guys rock!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Everett, WA
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