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Public Service Solar, LLC

We are rooted in the community and pride ourselves on our custom installation services and extreme attention to detail.

We are an installation/operations minded company that can offer flexibility for anything that you are looking for; We offer the finest products and equipment that is available.

Our company leadership has been installing solar since 2009!
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About Public Service Solar, LLC

Custom Solar Installation Company.

As we do this everyday at the highest level strive to provide the best quality installation skills with the best materials available that have the strongest long term warranties available.

We provide a Zero Pressure Sales Process that is educational and informative to help you choose what you want.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Our employees do the work and we are local! No sub contractors - Ever- not an out of State company

  2. Panasonic has been in business for 105 years and the quality, performance, and warranty is second to none! Ask yourself: Have you ever heard of the brand our competitors are offering you before you started looking into solar.

  3. Give us a call and find out. It's 5-10 minutes that may save you thousands and a lot of headaches.

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Elite installers earn top ratings from customers, endorsements from vendors, and win customers more frequently than their peers.

We speak

English; French; Spanish

Custom Solar Installation Services & Professional Roofing Installation - Shingles and Flat roofs.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Going Solar is not like buying something online from Amazon, It takes the "village" to make it happen for solar. As there are multiple State & Local agencies and Utilities & Codes and standards to be met, prior to the building of the "Power Plant" that will be your Solar System. Everyone in our Operations staff has over 10 years of solar specific construction experience. Our Sales team is made up with folks with an operational background not a sales background, so expect zero pressure and a lot of accurate knowledge about what you are getting and how things work. Our installation crews are second to none in experience and dedication to quality, we provide a custom installation every time.

Workmanship Warranty

Lifetime Warranty for Workmanship
All labor required to repair any problems your PV system may have.

Lifetime Roof Penetration warranty.


Business Incorporation: 2018
NABCEP: PVA-062519-026320
Electrical: 34EB01490600
NJ HIC #: 13VH10538000


Fully Insured: Workmans Comp, Liability, Commercial Auto, Additional liability(Umbrella), and Professional.

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Atmos installer
  • Elite Solar Installer
  • FranklinWH Certified Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Excellent Solar and Roof Experience

Throughout my solar journey, Public Service Solar has proven to be an exceptional partner. They seamlessly replaced my roof, installed panels to meet my energy needs, and even set up an EV charger. Their pricing is competitive, and they offer a wide range of top-quality products for both roofing and solar solutions. Their efficiency and ease of communication make working with them a breeze. The staff is genuinely caring and highly responsive to any inquiries. While it's important to note that external factors like township and utility dependencies can extend the overall process, Public Service Solar remains dedicated to steering the project towards successful outcomes.

Posted by david on Feb 13, 2024
Smug, arrogant and unprepared.

Will keep it short as this company is not worth that much of my time. Never got close to doing a purchase and install as the consultation was enough to convince me Public Service Solar was the wrong vendor. Company came and did a site survey. John, the tech was fantastic and represented the company well. Things went off the rails after that. Nearly every communication had to be initiated by me. Already a bad sign. Had to chase them for their after action report post-survey. What they sent was amateurish and indecipherable. Spent the next couple weeks trying to get them to schedule a call to review. Nick kept sending me to Tony and then Tony would send me to Nick. Right hand needs to be introduced to left. Finally get Tony to schedule a call. Tony does not call at designated time. Sent an email to ensure time was correct. he finally calls 20 minutes late. As we were going over the survey it was apparent he never looked at it prior and did zero preparation. Had to keep having him explain their design as it made little sense to me and I have an engineering background. Eventually we get to a point where he admits he hadn't prepared and blames Nick as Tony assumed we had spoken. That was BS as one of my last emails to Tony stated I never spoke to Nick. Tony on at least 6 occasions informed me he was the CEO and is a busy person. My wife, an amazingly calm person, is mouthing to me that Tony can F-off. We are busy too, but we show up on time and come prepared. Long story too long already, I left it letting Tony know they blew the opportunity due to their negligence and poor service. He pretty much agreed, but not before telling me a couple more times he is the CEO. So smug! There are plenty of companies out there, most often selling the same products. Go find someone that values their customer's time and investment, not PSS.

Posted by jordanstern on Feb 12, 2024
Highly Satified

Our journey with solar power began three years ago with the installation of a new garden shed. We wanted to have electricity available in the shed for lighting and a battery tender for the lawn tractor. Unfortunately the home run from our electrical panel to the shed is 180 feet. Getting utility power to the shed would have cost thousands of dollars. There had to be a more cost effective way to achieve what we wanted. After a bit of research we launched into a DIY off grid solar project featuring a single pole mounted solar panel, MPPT charge controller, 1 KWH LiFePO4 battery and a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. This system more than meets our needs for the shed and it cost a fraction of what it would have had to connect it to utility power. An important and unforeseen benefit of this exercise was learning that a solar panel can produce power even on a cloudy day. Prior to that discovery we hadn’t given much thought to solar power for our home, but this new bit of knowledge changed our perspective. After a bit more research we came to understand the differences between string inverters and micro inverters and opted to investigate a rooftop system using Enphase micro inverters. Next we requested proposals on the EnergySage marketplace. Within a few days we had four very disparate proposals claiming to offset 70-110% of our electric usage. As time passed the number of bidders increased and something started to become apparent. Looking at the ratio of first year production in KWH to array size in KW we had eight bids landing in two tight clusters centered around 0.88 and 1.15 with one 0.7 as an outlier. Needless to say the actual number would have a large impact on the financial viability of the project. After further discussions with several of the leading bidders and EnergySage we came to understand that the production estimates were largely coming from two estimation tools, thus the two tight clusters, and that the higher figures were coming from the newer and presumably more advanced model. Based upon that information combined with our own experience with the off grid application we decided to take a leap of faith and trust the higher figure. Narrowing down the list of bidders largely came down to looking at the components offered and trying to get something close to apples to apples bids for comparison. We wanted Enphase IQ8 microinverters and panels warranted for 92% production at 25 years. Most of the initial bids received included panels warranted for 86% production at 25 years and a few included a different brand of microinverter. Bids that initially looked attractive quickly fell by the wayside once they were leveled up with better panels. One bidder increased his price by 20% just to get from 86 to 92% production at 25 years. One bidder, Public Service Solar, put forward a proposal with what could be considered the gold standard of components from the very beginning. Their proposal also included an attractive pest barrier around the arrays called Solar guard. When the list had narrowed to three finalists we asked the other two to include Solar guard which resulted in them adding 10% to their bids. Public Service Solar stood their ground on the original equipment proposed whereas the other bidders kept looping back with offers for another brand of panel or microinverter that would save us some money. At the end of the day it was Public Service Solar that inspired the most confidence, both in their equipment recommendations and in their production estimate. We had a video conference with Public Service Solar on 31 October 2023 to discuss the final number of panels, their placement and the production estimate. At this point they were not the lowest bidder but they agreed to meet us halfway and thus we signed the contract. Three months to the day on 31 January 2024 a crew of six arrived on site shortly after 8 AM. Work began in earnest at 8:30 AM and by 3 PM they were commissioning the system. Thirty five Panasonic Evervolt 400 panels were installed across four roof planes in a matter of six hours and began to offset our electrical purchases on the same day. In summary we could not be happier with our experience using EnergySage or with the work provided by Public Service Solar. Our 14 KW array has produced 222 KWH of power over the first eight days of February and production should rise rapidly as the days grow longer and the sun is higher in the sky.

Posted by astro_guy on Feb 09, 2024
Great Job

We recently had a home solar power system installed by Public Service Solar, LLC and are completely satisfied with the entire process. I began by requesting estimates from four different providers. All of them responded and the pricing was relatively close. Public Service is the only company that consistently followed up and showed continued interest, without being overly aggressive. When I conducted my final analysis, they were the clear choice based upon a combination of price, service, quality of products, warrantees and customer interaction. When it came time for installation, the team was professional, courteous, fast and efficient. The entire job was done within 6 hours and has produced flawlessly since then. I highly recommend Public Service Solar, LLC.

Posted by mskcfk on Feb 06, 2024
Great to work with!

Public Service Solar has been great to work with! No project ever goes 100% as planned, but everyone in the company that I have had contact with from the owner to the professional team of installers wants me to be happy with my install. They understand that Solar is a long term commitment. I was lucky to find my forever company.

Posted by cmr176 on Dec 16, 2023
Public Service Solar review

Public Service Solar was our perfect solution for our solar Installation. They handled everything from the original proposal, handling permits, site survey, system installation, building inspection, to contacting our local power utility. Everything went smoothly. If we had questions they were prompt getting back to us usually the same day. We would highly recommend Public Service Solar for anyone considering going solar.

Posted by tgardner54 on Dec 01, 2023



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