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Public Service Solar, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Custom Solar Installation Company.

27 reviews

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  • "Great company, great system, great installation!"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2021
    "Great company, great system, great installation!"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2021

    Overall, we're very happy that we chose Public Service Solar! The price was very competitive, the installation was seamless, and the system is running great! The company has also been very responsive to any inquiries, and Sean did a great job of addressing all our concerns. The only room for improvement is that the whole process took a few weeks longer than initially estimated, and communication around the delays could have been slightly more proactive on their end. Nevertheless, very happy with the whole team at Public Service Solar.

  • "Excellent company to work with!"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2021
    "Excellent company to work with!"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2021

    Public Solar is great company to work with. It gave me peace of mind for my solar work. Public Solar's customer service is excellent as well. They follow up very quickly and solve all problems. I would highly recommend Public Solar.

  • "Lived Up To Expectations"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

    I inquired multiple solar installation contractors, small & big, local & national. After reviewing all the proposals and comparing the equipments, the services and the warranty they offer, I finalized with Public Service Solar. I was initially skeptical, so I researched further to do my due diligence. Overall, I got a good feeling. Along with solar installation, I also got my roof installed with them. They gave a great combo offer. While reviewing the contract, they took time to explain all that would be done in their job. They followed through their time-line.
    They did a great job for roof and solar installation. No project is without any issue, so when there was a minor issue (my personal Wi-Fi signal was not strong enough to connect to Enphase system) during the process, Tony and his team were fully willing to resolve the issue and they provided Wi-Fi range extender at no cost. Even after the system is turned on, they are still equally supportive and responsive. Especially Sean, he is very prompt to get back and to address all valid and invalid concerns. They completely lived up to my expectation, so I recommended them to some of my friends and would continue recommending others.

  • "Job well done"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2020

    Pat and his team of 4 installed a 31 LG panel system in one day. Great guys and a real professional installation. They did it on time despite the pandemic. After I spoke to many installers Public Service was the lowest price using top rated LG and Enphase equipment. I am now driving my Tesla on sun shine!

  • "Great service start to finish"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2020

    I investigated solar several years ago and wasn't eligible because of shade from a large tree. With the tree gone, I started the process again and found several companies willing to overcharge me. I found Public Service Solar on Energy Sage. Their response to my inquiry was almost instant and their willingness to jump on the phone, hold frank conversations, and answer every (somewhat ridiculous) question I had was appreciated. The process started in February 2020 - less than a month before COVID-19 took over the world. Public Service Solar didn't slow down - from the roof tear off and installation to completing the process for installing and lighting up the panels - the only thing that slowed them down was bureaucracy enhanced by a pandemic that was outside their control. I was kept abreast of every step in the process - even when the process was delayed - so I was never left wondering "what next?" The roof, the panels, the installation and follow-up were top notch. Their price was the best, too. I wouldn't be more pleased. Oh, and my electric bill for several months (during peak cooling season) has been zero.

  • "Clean and Professional Installation"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2020
    "Clean and Professional Installation"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2020

    I'm extremely satisfied having signed up with Public Service Solar. They arrived on time, immediately got to work, and finished ahead of schedule. The final result was beautiful and by the time they left, the outside of my house was cleaner than when they had started. The price was right and I would recommend them to everyone I know!

  • "A trustworthy & professional company"

    Reviewed Jun 23, 2020
    "A trustworthy & professional company"

    Reviewed Jun 23, 2020

    I began solar research when a number of my neighbors began installing panels... I opted to call around to different companies, and right away Tony spent an hour with me, and set Public Solar apart in terms of the quality of materials and price. The electricians and installers were all on-time, pleasant, professional, and clean on-site. I would recommend Public Service Solar if you are considering a solar project and researching incentives of doing so, technology, etc. These guys know their stuff.

  • "Very good solar company"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020

    Public Service Solar was great from start to finish. Besides having the best prices, they were full of personality and very accommodating. The install was fast and they were always reachable for customer service.

  • "Solar project"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020

    Happy that we went with Public Service Solar for our solar project. Very competitive
    price for quality products (panels, inverters etc) and great service. Installers did an excellent job. we got ours installed in December when it was cold. Entire crew arrived on time and finished the work as promised. thanks to Steve, Dana and Mike who ensured we are informed every step of the project.

  • "Glad I chose to work with Public Service Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020
    "Glad I chose to work with Public Service Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020

    I started looking at solar on a whim one day after getting tons of emails, ads online, and some vendors coming right to the front door trying to pitch their companies.

    I did a ton of research and met with nearly a dozen different solar vendors before I chose to work with Public Service Solar. I'm happy I did as everything they promised came to fruition; I had a new roof installed as part of the job, my solar generation is what they said it would be, and everything was done as quickly as possible to get me up and running. I have zero complaints!

    Not only did they do a great job and obviously know what they're doing (using all their own people to do the work - it makes a difference), they kept me updated every step of the way and answered a TON of questions.

    Can't thank everyone there enough. I'm very satisfied with my install and even more with the fact I'm generating all my own electricity now!

  • "Fast and easy process!"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020

    I wanted to put panels on my house shortly after moving in and since this was a large purchase I spent a lot of time comparison shopping. Since my house is 20 years old, it needed a new roof soon and I asked for quotes both with and without a roof. Steve at Public Service Solar gave me the best quote with both options and with the panels I wanted, the LG Black panels. Installation and permitting took longer than usual due to COVID-19, but they still got it all done quicker than I expected and had power generating within a couple months. My 58 panels are now more than powering my house, including with two AC zones going at once. The process was nearly painless and I am a happy customer.

  • "Delivered what they promised!"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    Very professionals in what they do. Did an outstanding job from start to finish. I started with EnergySage and got 8 quotes including Public Service Solar. Their quote was very competitive compare to the others with the top-notch solar equipment they provide with of-course top-notch customer service. I had so many questions and they answered them all. After the initial approval, the crew of professional installers came early in the morning as they promised and finished the installation in a timely manner. They hauled all the debris and cleaned up after the installation was done. I was very pleased to use the system on the day it was installed and would defiantly recommend them for any upcoming solar project in the area they serve.

  • "Did fantastic job"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    I was reluctant to use Public service as they are new but the did fabulous job to set setup my system professionally and on time.

  • "Great Service, Would Recommend"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020

    Public Service Solar was easy to work with, great intallers and professional. Everything went exactly as scheduled and I am so happy to be a Public Service Solar customer.

  • "Perfect panels for reasonable price"

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2020
    "Perfect panels for reasonable price"

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2020

    Public service solar sent me a good offer for LG panels for the best price. They answered all my questions and concerns without pushing and prepared several estimates. I had to clean up some wires on my lawn after installation, but that's totally fine and no problem. Due to covid the project was delayed, but in the end everything is running, and i'm very happy!

  • "Excellent from start to finish"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2020

    Tony and his staff provide an excellent product at reasonable price with supurb service. The whole process was explained clearly from the start and the work was completed exactly as it was described. I could not have had a better experience than I did with PSS.

  • "Professionalism Personified"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2020

    Every step of the way, starting with site survey and explaining how the solar system works and it's economical and environmental advantages and necessary site preparation such as trees removal and roof replacement, I have evidenced professionalism. from Public Service Solar representatives.No sales pressure and client's interest and satisfaction as paramount importance to this company. They gave me references to check with and I talked to three of them and all were happy with their work and all their dealings.. It was kind of smooth sailing from start to finish.
    I highly recommend them. D

  • "They took care of every detail"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2020

    They were $4,000 less expensive than any other company. I got to choose what panal I wanted and of course I chose the Panasonic. They took care of every detail from beginning to end. they showed up at 8 in the morning on the pre-arranged day and they were finished by 3:30 and that included changing my entire breaker panel. A person picks up with the phone when you call, so there are no frustrating phone trees. They are completely trustworthy and I would recommend them very highly.

    Tony Lostracco
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Mar 09, 2020
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Mar 09, 2020


    Thank you very much for the review and your business and for going Green!

    You have a beautiful home and a beautiful solar system!

    Tony Lostracco

  • "Amazing Job!"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2020

    I highly recommend this company to everyone! From start to finish, the entire company was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. They took care of everything from dealing with my township, getting everything set up with my utility company and even set me up with the state credits. I was installed in about a month from signing and my wife and I love the way our system looks on the front of our house. 5 Stars!!!

    Steve Steele
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Feb 28, 2020
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Feb 28, 2020

    Thank you sir! We appreciate your business and thank you for going solar and producing Green Energy Electric Power from your roof!

  • "Great company to work with! Competent employees!"

    Reviewed Dec 26, 2019
    "Great company to work with! Competent employees!"

    Reviewed Dec 26, 2019

    At 9 AM this morning our house had a ordinary roof. By 1:30 PM a new 7.37 kW, 22 panel, PV system was installed, wiring run, and our electric meter running backwards! Great job by the obviously experienced and competent installers of Public Service Solar (https://www.publicservicesolar.com/). Good company to work with, answered all my questions no high pressure selling, top of the line equipment and a great price - which didn't change from the initial estimate. I didn't sign the contract with them until Dec 6th and they were still able to get everything done before the end of the year. With the Federal tax credit and the NJ SREC incentives this system should pay for itself in about 4 years. Very happy!

    Steve Steele
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Dec 27, 2019
    Response from Public Service Solar, LLC
    Responded Dec 27, 2019

    Thank you very much for the review of our work and your hospitality towards the installation team.

    We appreciate your feedback and your business!

  • "Excellent!"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2019

    I am extremely content with the professionalism and manner in which the whole project was carried out. Their pricing is too good to be true and almost scared me away from them, but they gave me a few previous homeowners to speak to that confirmed the quality of their work.

  • "Great company to deal with"

    Reviewed Nov 06, 2019

    Great installer, did everything as planned. Excellent crew, did wonderful job. Would recommend them.

  • "Superior Work!"

    Reviewed Oct 25, 2019

    They worked all day non-stop installing our beautiful solar system! From the beginning Koffi and Company were amazing!

  • "Great Team and Service"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2019

    Worked with Steve, Toni, and Pat. Overall they where very detailed with their proposal and extremely helpful during decision making. We went with the Panasonic Hit Panels & Solar Edge which worked out to be a good combination. Overall recommend their team.

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2019

    From the beginning I challenged their consultant Steve with a lot of my questions and they answered all of them without delay. They were very prompt and courteous giving me updates throughout the process (Thank you Dana). The day of the install really made me feel comfortable in my investment when the workers showed up promptly in the morning and introduced themselves, They kept us informed throughout the day and let us know when they were finished.

    I will be recommending them to friends and family.

  • "All around a great group!"

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2019

    Tony made feel very comfortable with all the information he supplied me with. The guys who came out to put up the solar were very courteous and professional. Looks great on my roof!!

  • "100% Professional installation and project management"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2019
    "100% Professional installation and project management"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2019

    The project managers are very transparent through the process. No high pressure sale because they are a installer not a sales company. They coordinated everything in a short period of time and were very accommodating. The install looks very professional, no pipes running across my roof. They do high quality work with very competitive pricing. Thanks for the great job.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We are rooted in the community and pride ourselves on our custom installation services and extreme attention to detail.

We are an installation/operations minded company that can offer flexibility for anything that you are looking for; We offer the finest products and equipment that is available.

Our company leadership has been installing solar since 2009!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Public Service Solar, LLC Headquarters

1631 South Olden Avenue
Hamilton Twp, NJ
08610 United States

Local Offices (3)

  • 4543 New Falls Road
    Levittown, PA 19057
  • 866 Green Valley Road
    Jackson, New Jersey 08527
  • 591 Mantua Blvd
    Sewell, NJ 08080

Workmanship Warranty

25 years.

All labor required to repair any problems your PV system may have.
25 years Roof Penetration warranty.


Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Association - (MAREA)
NorthEast Sustainable Energy Association -(NESEA)


Business Incorporation: 2018
NABCEP: PVA-062519-026320
Electrical: 34EB01490600
NJ HIC #: 13VH10538000


Fully Insured: Workmans Comp, Liability, Commercial Auto, Additional liability(Umbrella), and Professional.

States served by Public Service Solar, LLC

  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • Pennsylvania PA

Languages spoken by Public Service Solar, LLC

English, French, Spanish