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5 Star Energy Pros

5 Star Energy Pros is committed to delivering the 5 STAR service you deserve, we are a no pressure, NON COMMISSION based company, so our only focus is to direct and educate you, to making a sound decsion regarding your Solar project.
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We at 5 Star Energy Pros is not your typical "Solar Company" what makes us different from the rest of our counterparts in the industry is, from A-Z your whole project stays in house, from the initial consultation with our non- commissioned energy consultants to the Safety First team that's installing your Solar system.
We are truly a 100% EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Solar company.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Installation Warranty, 25 Year Roof Penetration Warranty


General B Licence #1067798


Contractors Bond, Employee Workers Bond, Workmans Compensation Bond, Insurance.

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

What Customers Are Saying

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Scammers of Solar

these guys joffre and mathew do not care about your well being.. they will take your money and run. you will save yourself a ton of headache not dealing with human beings like these.

Posted by adamthesolarguy on Feb 21, 2022
5 Star is a Scam

If I could give 5 star 0 stars I would 1) System was installed in December 2020 and you still didn’t have PG&E’s permission to operate your system then. 2) I paid for a 2000 AMP Main service panel upgrade and 5 Star installed 100 AMP, same as what I already had. They lied to me saying PG&E didn’t approve a 200 AMP upgrade. I called PG&E and they confirmed 5 Star Energy Pro never submitted a 200 AMP upgrade request. Instead they submitted a like for like panel upgrade. 3) They collected full payment from us in January of this year and it has been a nightmare dealing with them. They never return calls as they say they will “get back to us”. It does not take 9 months to correct this type if issue. Worst part is, this company hopes you just go away so they don’t have to fix their work. Stay away from 5 star Energy, they never contact you after they collect their money. I filled a complaint against their license with the California Contractors Board and Joffre told them he would contact me and never did, neither by phone nor email. 4) I'm having to pay NBT Bank for the solar panels on top of having to pay PG&E. It's a hassle. 4) All 5 star needs to do is make the corrections necessary for inspection to pass and pay the re-inspection fee.

Posted by carolinae84 on Sep 03, 2021
If I could leave zero stars I would.

Absolute shit of a company. I have had a contract with them since November. I have had panels on my roof since February. Still not operational. I have now had to pay 4 months worth of a loan payment on top of my PGE bulk because I cannot get a response from Joffree or Matthew. Absolutely scam. We will be filing a complaint with absolutely everyone possible and will be seeking legal action. Do not give them your business. Everything all the negative reviews have posted are spot on.

Posted by erin.vandagriff on Aug 10, 2021
Don't become another victim of Joffre and 5 star energy pros

5 STAR ENERGY PROS/ JOFFRE SIA BOLDA Joffre and his 5 Star energy pros company- a real professional con artist! Joffre will charm you; he will pretend to be your friend and will pretend to be very nice until the day he collects your money or you start having problems with your solar project. Joffre will avoid your phone calls, avoid text messages, avoid your emails. YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY OUT OF LUCK! I know because I met Joffre in September 2020 and made the mistake of sending some customers his way, and it was the worst mistake I ever made. If you are already having problems with Joffre and his 5 START ENERGY PROS please file a complaint with your District Attorney and file a complaint against his contractor’s license with the (CSLB) Contractors State License Board Joffre’s contractor’s license number is: 1067798 This individual needs to be stopped from scamming other people! If you are one of his victims please file a complaint immediately. If you are considering working for him, he will not pay you and he will avoid you just as he avoids his customers after he takes their money. He never paid me! If you are considering solar, there are many reputable companies out there such as SUNPOWER OR SUNRUN, and others that have been in business for decades. Joffre and 5 Star energy pros just got his contractor’s license in August, 2020 and has already committed multiple violations. This is a 100% COMMISSION sales, so Joffre saying this is a NON- COMMISSION based on this page, is another one of his lies. Joffre’s victim’s complaints on social media are legit, and are from genuine victims, unlike his fake 5-star reviews. If you need proof, you can email me at DO NOT BECOME ANOTHER VICTIM! To respond to Joffre's recent comment! I never worked for him so there is nothing to terminate, I had an agreement to send business his way, and I only sent him a few customer and after screwing my customer "Roy" I decided at that time not to give him any new business. I have been in the solar industry for over 12 years and never met a horrible someone like Joffre. Unethical practices!! HAHA! Joffre only wishes I was unethical like himself. I am happy to provide proof to anyone dealing with Joffre Rene

Posted by Rhino7363 on Mar 15, 2021
Worst customer service

We decided to go with 5 Star because Joffre sold us on his professionalism and customer service. He played us! Joffre was very attentive until be got paid. Joffre told us we needed 21 panels to give us an 8kw system and it would cost 28k. He installed 20 panels and when we asked why and if it would still give us the 8kw system he never answered. We have reached out to him multiple times asking him to please explain why he installed a smaller system than he said we needed, but still charged us the 28K, no response. We have expressed our disappointment in the way he does business, no response. We asked for updates on our install... no response. Avoid this company at all cost! Once they have your money, they are on to the next and could care less if you are happy or not. Again, extremely disappointed!!

Posted by ms.vayala on Jan 11, 2021



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