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Sky Solar Energy, Inc

We Simply Know Your solar needs.
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To make your transition to solar energy power as easy and fitting as possible.

We always say we Simply Know Your solar needs. Everyone you come across within our organization has the same thing in mind, YOU. From setting the appointment to PTO, we strive to make your transition to solar energy as simple and fitting as possible.
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 year workmanship warranty


Electrical Contractor - #13010029


Any & All state required

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For the first year everything was great. Our electric bill was $30, then a year later three of our inverters went out and ever since our electric bill has been in the lower $200's. September 2023 the same inverters went out and now our electric bill is in the high $200's. When I call, they say everything is working correctly. I do not understand if I am producing 80kw and using less why I'm on grid at 8%. Anyone have this issue?

Posted by oneluckygrl1020 on Jan 26, 2024
Poor to NO response to issues

Our sales rep was quite knowledgeable about the system and reliable with two appointments. Our panels were installed on 12/6; FPL installed the meter 2/7/23. Nine panels were not working and this is where the issues with Sky Solar began. It took Sky about three weeks to rectify their install error. Our ongoing issue with Sky Solar is twofold: the meter measurements are either incorrect or not being reported to FPL and we are getting increasing electric bills $123 for April and we supposedly produced 1.0 MWH. Our sales rep has left Sky solar and the Administrative Assistant, Katy Asaro, does not answer our calls, text messages, or emails. Electricity is now costing us more per month than it did prior to Sky Solar system. Enlighten-Enphase, the company who manufactured the panels, has been a great help but they cannot fix Sky Solar's Issues!

Posted by aricci4 on May 04, 2023
Sky Solar

I signed a contract with this company one day. The very next day I sent them the cancellation form as required. They have yet to tell me this has been cancelled =. The sales representative has not responded to me ane I have called her several times and messaged her. The office also has not returned my calls or responded to me

Posted by jrenicksews4u on Mar 11, 2023
Very satisfied

It has been almost 9 months since we signed the contract with Sky Solar. We have been very satisfied since the first communication with them. We did not have to be concerned with any of the paperwork from a similar purchase. They took care of everything and informed us when each step had been completed and also what the next step would be. The communication with the company is outstanding. The install took one day and the crew was very professional.

Posted by gp1114 on Feb 01, 2022
Great customer service

Great communication and was very helpful explaining everything to my wife and I in great detail.

Posted by jamesv21 on Mar 03, 2021
Great company

Although our solar panels are not yet activated, Sky Solar and our sales person Rick have been great! Anytime I have asked for an update they have an answer for me that is correct, so I know they really looked into it. The installation crew was polite, knowledgeable and detail oriented. After they were done, they cleaned up all the trash from the installation and took it with them. Would definitely recommend

Posted by thedogfather1970 on Feb 11, 2021



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