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Castor Solar, Inc

At Castor Solar, we put our customers first with expert engineer designs, best-in-class products, and unparalleled customer service. Our education and integrity-based sales process guarantees customer success! We also have an expansive network of roofing partners if your project requires a reroof.
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Castor Solar is a certified master installer of solar panel systems and other energy efficiency products including battery storage and generators. We are dedicated to bringing the most technologically advanced products to our customers, offering them supreme value and an unparalleled customer experience. We are a newer company, but one of our owners has 8+ years worth of experience in solar. Castor’s leadership is made up of large, multistate operational contractors who prioritize clean and precise project management. With experience in many different sectors of the construction industry, including large-scale solar installations, Castor’s executive team leads the industry in its milestone-oriented installation process. We have an expansive network of roofing partners if your project requires a reroof.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Competitive and transparent, 30-60 day installation timeline with constant updates through your choice of communication (email, text or phone call) with Kirsten, your dedicated sales representative and customer success manager

  2. Panasonic, Sol-Ark, Enphase, QCells, and REC certified installer

  3. Post-installation welcome email to ensure customer success with warranty certificates and solar monitoring instructions, daily monitoring by Kirsten to identify any issues and schedule service call within 24 hours

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Approved installers passed our rigorous screening criteria for experience, licensing, and positive reviews.

We engineer, design, and install residential and commercial solar systems using best-in-class products. We also install battery backup systems and natural gas generators. Castor Solar can also help you with a reroof if that is needed for your project.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting

Associated product manufacturers

Associated financing companies

Workmanship Warranty

25 year installation, workmanship, defects, and 10 year roof warranties


Florida GC #CGC1531939
Florida EC #EC13011800
Louisiana commercial building contractor #73922
Louisiana residential building contractor #888287
Texas EC #36988


Certified REC, Panasonic, QCELL, Enphase, and Generac installer

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Atmos installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • HomeGrid Certified Installer
  • Silver (Certified)

What Customers Are Saying

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Flawless Solar Installation!!

I can not rave about Castor Solar, Inc. and their crew enough. The entire process from signed contract to install and permission to operate was seamless. Our system was installed within 30 days of signing the contract. The install took less than a full day and the crew was very polite. The Final Inspection passed the next day and then we were granted PTO within 3 days. I've heard horror stories from friends that have used other companies. This company is top notch. I wanted to wait to do a review until we received our first electric bill. We just received it on Monday and it was for only our connection fee of $30 when normally this time of year we'd be paying $210. I'll be referring Castor to all of my friends and neighbors.

Posted by ggarver0418 on Aug 09, 2023
Straight forward, Fast service, Solid Price

I did my research for about two years before I went solar. Since there are so many companies out to just make a quick buck versus actually trying to sell a product they stand by it was hard to find a real company that would not screw me over. To many sad stories of bad contractors, crappy equipment, people saying their electric bill is higher now than before having solar installed. It's crazy out there!!! But Castor Solar is the way to go! Start to finish, (I mean contract sign start to my power company allowing the system to be turned on), was 3 months flat. Actually a week shy of 3 months. The installers were smart, they handled everything like pros, cause they are! If you're in Florida or Texas, pick them!

Posted by xxryloxx on Jun 30, 2023
Very satisfied and I am hard to please.

I am very technically savvy. I research part numbers, the plan, pay for third party review of plans, and I critique the contract with a fine tooth comb. Hear the short story. I got Q. Cell panels and IQ8+ inverters. By any standard these are considered top of the line hardware. In addition, my cost for this system was very, very competitive. Most solar company have two prices. Cash price and financed price. The problem is, the desirable monthly payment on the finances price is always with the tax credit being sent to financing company. So you get the solar system and the Monthly payment is close to your current electricity bill. However, you do not get to keep your tax credit. Castor was different. Now, idk if they’re able to give everyone as good of a deal. But, I was able to finance what was equivalent to other systems cash price with incredibly favorable terms with Mosaic. So… Top of the line equipment. Honest pricing. For me the finances price is where is should have been with all these other price gouging solar companies. The best financing plan possible (which unfortunately could change due to the nature of our financial climate). All this means I got the best deal out there. I went through 15 bids and Castor won. Others were cheaper but their equipment was as good and I had concerns about the installers and customer service. Castor for the win! Now, I background check my salesman, my rep and one of the partners of the business. I couldn’t find any concerning history. I did my part to reach out to my contacts regularly and I always received the information I needed. My reps have always been accessible and pleasant to work with. So far, I have no regrets going with Castor and they have been good for their word up to this point (couple weeks since installation).

Posted by footballplayer97msn on Jan 20, 2023
Great products quick install best warranty

After researching multiple options it was clear that Castor solar was offering the highest quality equipment available. Tier 1 materials with a 25 year warranty. Install only took one day. System has been functioning great ever since then my total electricity costs have gone down 30%. Kirsten has been an excellent point of contact along the way.

Posted by mdwhitington on Jan 03, 2023
Great Install, but failed to many times

Didn't have any problem with the installation or the workers THAT day, they did a very good job! But based on what TVEC gave to you guys(through email) on what NEEDS (Not recommended) to be installed, the company failed to do so. Not only did they fail 3 times before we could even get it started but, the TVEC worker showed me the email and template that was sent over to Castor Solar which failed to install what they(TVEC) asked for. Castor Solar wasted so much time as well not notifying the TVEC that everything was finished the FIRST time which caused a 2-week delay. I had to reach out to the roofing company to ask for help to get Castor Solar to call TVEC to let them know it was installed. Now, on to the third failure. TVEC came out again and notified me that the CTs were not properly installed to the breaker and that they just threw them in the meter box which was a "no-no". He said "They know these have to be connected to the breaker so we can not turn on your solar until this is fixed." Luckily you guys came the next day got THAT fixed and notified TVEC which came back out the following day and got it approved. Again, the workers need to know that they need to install everything the electric company asks for PROPERLY instead of trying to cut corners and say "Well, sometimes they don't notice unless they are very experienced in installations" Well, thank goodness the guy who came to look at our house was very experienced otherwise who knows what I could have been missing. Proper training needs to be taught to your crews from now on. All these hiccups almost caused me to cancel everything and return the solar and go with someone else. Thank you.

Posted by Antonio.Gutierrez1 on Dec 13, 2022



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