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Chilicon Power - Profile & Reviews

Chilicon Power was founded in 2010 by two accomplished engineers, Dr. Christopher Jones and Alexandre Kral. Based in Southern California, Chilicon Power is a private company that has experienced tremendous growth over the past four years. Chilicon Power is dedicated to building the world's most technologically advanced solar system, along with providing excellent customer service.

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  • "Excellent company to work with"

    Reviewed Apr 25, 2019

    As a contractor we have been in awe by the customer service and quality of Chilicon Power. They are building units to LAST. Constantly sending out updates and improvements to make sure they are on the top of the chart. Truly 100% USA product.

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Since 2010, Chilicon Power has been manufacturing the world's most technologically advanced solar system. The only 100% American made inverter, Chilicon Power has been growing rapidly over the past four years (1000% plus) as installers and homeowners have become aware of our superior product. We've recently launched the groundbreaking CP-720, the most powerful microinverter available. A twin inverter, it produces 720 watts of power- 360 per module- and is compatible with any panel on the market. The CP-720 is extremely cost effective, as well. In addition, our revolutionary monitoring system (the Gateway) leads the industry in both aesthetics and performance. Featuring a 7 inch touch screen with color graphics, the Gateway boasts an extremely robust PLC that has a 500 foot range and doesn't get knocked off by noise or interference. It also offers add-on features such as home security and consumption monitoring. The Gateway is, in essence, an all-in-one smart home hub. In summation, Chilicon Power manufacturers a high tech microinverter system at a competitive price, right here in the USA.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Chilicon Power Headquarters

15415 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, California
90272 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 year warranty

States served by Chilicon Power

  • Alabama AL,
  • Alaska AK,
  • Arizona AZ,
  • Arkansas AR,
  • California CA,
  • Colorado CO,
  • Connecticut CT,
  • Delaware DE,
  • District of Columbia DC,
  • Florida FL,
  • Georgia GA,
  • Hawaii HI,
  • Idaho ID,
  • Illinois IL,
  • Indiana IN,
  • Iowa IA,
  • Kansas KS,
  • Kentucky KY,
  • Louisiana LA,
  • Maine ME,
  • Maryland MD,
  • Massachusetts MA,
  • Michigan MI,
  • Minnesota MN,
  • Mississippi MS,
  • Missouri MO,
  • Montana MT,
  • Nebraska NE,
  • Nevada NV,
  • New Hampshire NH,
  • New Jersey NJ,
  • New Mexico NM,
  • New York NY,
  • North Carolina NC,
  • North Dakota ND,
  • Ohio OH,
  • Oklahoma OK,
  • Oregon OR,
  • Pennsylvania PA,
  • Rhode Island RI,
  • South Carolina SC,
  • South Dakota SD,
  • Tennessee TN,
  • Texas TX,
  • Utah UT,
  • Vermont VT,
  • Virginia VA,
  • Washington WA,
  • West Virginia WV,
  • Wisconsin WI,
  • Wyoming WY