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Jamar Power Systems

We are a good partner for your solar investment. We have a long history of efficient solar installation and are here to support you in the future. We believe in helping San Diegans to "Own Your Power." With a reliable solar system backed up by responsible service, you will no longer be subject to the power company raising its rates. Enjoy years of power bill savings. Set your thermostat to a comfortable setting. Save on gas with an electric car. Think of what you will do with all the money you save.
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San Diego's Premier Solar Electrical Contractor.

Check out our 100's of 5-star ratings on Solar Reviews, Yelp, and Google. We have over 1000 solar systems installed in San Diego County over the past ten years, backed up by 35 years of electrical construction experience.

We offer the premium LG panels and best in class Enphase microinverters; both products carry a 25-year manufacturer's warranty. Peace of mind, your solar investment will return savings for decades in the future.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

Up to 25-year panel and inverter manufacturer (subject to components used in the solar system)

10-year parts and labor on the entire solar power system (see our website for details).


California Electrical Contractor # 827648


$1,000,000 Workers Compensation
$1,000,000 General Liability
$1,000,000 Auto


NABCEP Associate
Generac Clean Energy

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified
  • Certified Installer
  • Gold Installer
  • PWRpartner
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Phil from Jamar won my bid

I hit up a bunch of Solar Companies and electricians to rescue my solar panels from their year-long slump and to install a NEMA 14-50 plug for my wife's Tesla. After sifting through the contenders, I chose Jamar Power System, and here's why: * Communication: Philip didn't just send a carrier pigeon with his quote; he hit me up via email like a modern-day falconer. Quick as a hiccup, he set up a time to swing by for a bid. And the BID was FREE! Whenever I buzzed him up via call, email, or even a text, Phil was on it faster than a dog on a dropped hot dog. He listened to my plethora of concerns and patiently broke down every nut and bolt of the plan like a solar-powered professor. * Honesty: Phil didn't try to sell me the moon on a stick. He showed up, did his spiel without shoving upgrades down my throat, and actually listened to what I had to say. I had my shopping list ready from Enphase since their gear was rarer than a unicorn on roller skates, but Phil didn't bat an eye. No sleazy salesman vibes here--just straight talk and transparency. * Value: Jamar wasn't exactly the bargain basement option, but I didn't pick them because they were the thriftiest. I picked them because I had a gut feeling they could handle the job. Phil strutted in, oozing confidence like a pro, assuring me they were the Enphase wizzards. Sold! * Quality and Commitment: Alright, so the solar fix is still in progress, but they did zip in to slap that NEMA 14-50 plug in pronto when I gave the word. I rang Phil up and said, "Hey, buddy, can we fast-track this plug party?" And zap! It was done. I'll be back with updates once my solar problems are sorted. So, stay tuned for the sequel--same solar time, same solar channel! Rob (the electrician) and Phil showed up Friday afternoon and completed the outdoor plug. My wife was ecstatic that she can finally charge on our driveway instead of going to a supercharger every time her car needed juice. I will be recommending Jamar to my friends and family from now on. Our last Solar Installer disappeared and ghosted all my calls for service. And....the company whom I thought I was gonna hire flaked on me a few hours before the job. I'll be reviewing them soon.

Posted by esanchez on Feb 26, 2024
Tremendous service and production!!!!

Not only is my new system firing on all cylinders,the professionalism, knowledge and communication from Jamar has also exceeded my wildest expectations. They're that rare company that treats you with empathy. I continue to receive regular emails updating me on the system function and just making sure everything is ok. How can you get any better than that????? Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about. You guys are the BEST!!!!!

Posted by pacinomichael32 on Apr 19, 2021
Excellent service

I had a great experience with Jamar PS. Philip was very responsive via the EnergySage portal. He explained the options and advantages of their systems in a very comprehensive way. The solar installation was performed in just 2 days, and they took care of all the interactions with SDGE. The service was very professional, and I highly recommend them.

Posted by dbrignoni on Mar 05, 2021
JAMAR POWER SYSTEM solar monitoring and repairs.

When our original solar contactor went out of business we contacted JAMAR POWER SYSTEMS to monitor our solar array for maximum performance. We knew we had a panel or micro invertor that wasn't performing as it should. JAMAR immediately contacted us, made arrangements to order a replacement micro invertor (under warranty) and had a technician come out and make the switch. The technician was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. The service call cost was less than the original quote. We are very happy with JAMAR POWER SYSTEMS and look forward to continue having them monitor our system and make any necessary repairs/adjustments. We will gladly recommend JAMAR to our friends and family.

Posted by debyoung1474 on Feb 03, 2021
Greatly improved performance

Since upgrading our 11 inverters (10 years old) to the newest version and adding one new current generation panel in July 2019, our production has increased to where our tru-up balance in Oct, 2019 (just 4 mos later!) was lowered to $85.00 from previous years of over $300. Looking to being closer to net zero this year. We owe it to Rick and the Jamar Company family for successfully installing and guiding us through this upgrade.

Posted by minlow on Feb 29, 2020
Professional from Start to Finish

From my initial phone-call, to the first appointment at my home, to the installation: everyone at Jamar was professional, courteous, and on-time. They took the time to explain my options, and make me feel comfortable with my decision. And the one service call I needed to make, was handled immediately. You cannot go wrong with Jamar!

Posted by djbarbat on Feb 25, 2020



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