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Energy Independent Solutions: EIS Solar

We use 100% American Made Panels, have NO SUB CONTRACTORS, and build to the highest quality standard in the industry all while offering some of the most competitive pricing in the nation.

Over 180 active installations measuring over 2.7MW of installed PV power.
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About Energy Independent Solutions: EIS Solar

EIS Solar is trusted by hundreds of Residences, Businesses, Farms and Municipal Buildings throughout Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and beyond for Solar Power in Pittsburgh. We are a local Pittsburgh company with a track record of high-quality solar installations, solar service and the best solar field performance rating in the industry. With EIS, you will receive an in-depth solar energy education, assessment and recommendation for a great return on your investment.
Year Established
Phone Number
(412) 294-1741

Services Offered

  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction

Workmanship Warranty

5 years




5 Million Aggregate


NABCEP Certified

Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Power to the people

In September of 2013, EIS completed our solar installation at the Millvale Community Library. We have found their staff to be personal, professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. So much that we are doing two more installations with them in the spring of 2015, and hopefully many more in the years to come!

Posted by brian.wolovich on Feb 11, 2015
Ross Solar Installation

My 20 panel roof- mounted installation was completed in December 2013. Since then I have recommended EIS to many people. All the people I dealt with from sales through completion were personable and professional and not only knowledgeable but able to explain the technology to newbies like me. I had many questions throughout the process and felt all were clearly answered. I continue to be well satisfied with EIS and very happy to have made this investment.

Posted by g4weav on Feb 09, 2015
Fred Kraybill

I met with 5 different solar energy consultants before going solar. The first was at a Home Depot Solar Workshop. The 2nd solar consultant quoted a price of $10.00 per watt. There was contractor #3 & #4. But #5 was the best. He was the only one to actually get on my steep roof and take measurements. And when the price came in at $5.00 per watt, I was sold. That solar consultants company left town about one year later and now he works for EIS. EIS installed my 2nd solar system, an 11KW ground mount array at a cost of $4.00 watt and they did an excellent job. I know a number of solar homeowners who are satisfied EIS customers and if you check out their website you can see that they have completed an impressive number of solar installations. So yes I am biased toward EIS Solar and jealous of you because today you might even get a lower price per watt than I did.

Posted by fredkraybill on Feb 09, 2015
Residential Solar Panel Installation

Very satisfied with EIS Solar's professional approach to the technical and financial analysis of our solar installation. EIS documented our home's capacity for solar power generation, analyzed alternative installations with their respective payback periods and provided guidance with respect to the specifics of equipment selection. The installation of 39 panels was completed within two days, tailored to our roof conditions. The installation team was professional in their work and in their respect for our home. While the equipment functions on its own, we were briefed on the controls and our ability to monitor the system's performance. All of the system building department permitting, utility permitting and subsequent registration of our system for the sale of solar energy credits was performed by EIS. We would not hesitate to recommend EIS to others.

Posted by butway2 on Feb 08, 2015
Through EIS my initial intimidation became a joyful success.

As a single woman in her mid seventies and with no technical knowledge, I was intimidated by talk of kwatts and voltage. Luckily, I found EIS. They were understanding, responsive, professional, and always available to answer every question. I had 20 solar panels installed the first half of 2014. I was so pleased with the outcome that I had 6 additional panels installed in December. If I can find anymore sunny space on my property, I will certainly expand again. My experience with EIS is always a joy.

Posted by diannelburnham on Feb 06, 2015
Love to Watch the Electric Company's Meter Run Backwards!

Our system was installed in October 2014. I am surprised at how much power it has produced so far given the time of year and occasional snow cover. I can't wait until spring and summer to see what it can really do! All EIS personnel we met were professional and knowledgeable. They explained how to get our SREC credits, which was a bonus for us as I had no idea there existed this extra little stream of income from our system. On a nice sunny day, I love to go outside and watch the West Penn Power meter run backwards!

Posted by MELBP on Feb 06, 2015
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    Going Solar at Phipps Conservatory



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