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3D Solar LLC - Profile & Reviews

Residential and Commercial Solar company

16 reviews

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  • "Solar Panels"

    Reviewed May 14, 2020

    I researched with more than 16 solar panel´s sellers and installers. I have chosen 3D solar because their product was the best at the time(panels-microinverters), price was fair, warranties good, and Travis Mcintire always try to do his best to make it smooth, before, during and after installation.

  • "Fantastic solar company"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2020

    3D solar did an amazing job on our huge solar system! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone considering a solar system. Travis was fantastic through the entire process from consult to installation! Our system is amazing and producing way more electricity than they even expected. The install was so fast! We were leaving town on vacation and they went the extra mile to make sure it was complete and running before we left! The supervisor from the electric company even told us how impressed he was and that these are the same panels he put on his own house. That made us feel even more confident in our choice to go with 3D solar. Again I would completely recommend them without reservation. Go Solar! You will now love getting your electric bill, something I used to dread!

  • "Great Product"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2020

    I spoke with 3-D Solar about six months ago to set up an in-home consultation regarding the possibility of installing solar panels on my house. When Ryan arrived, he was very professional and patient as he informed me about everything relating to solar panels. Any question or concern I had, he answered and set me at ease. I was straight-up with him, in letting him know that I had had multiple companies come out with their estimates and, in return, he was always straight-forward with me for the entire duration of the process. After about a half of an hour of conversing, my mind was made up to go with 3-D Solar for my solar needs. 3-D Solar quoted me the best price of all the companies with whom I had spoken, while also using the exact same top-of-the-line solar equipment.
    The process was very simple and straight-forward. In order to set up a proper solar system for my particular needs, we went over my last three months of electric bills and crafted a system of energy production equal to, if not a little higher than, my average energy consumption. He was able to create a mock-up of what the panels would look like on my actual roof from an arial view. When it came time for the installation, the team worked as efficiently as they could, until the the rain came. They then took a break for safety until the storm passed and as soon as it was possible, they were right back up on the roof finishing the installation.
    The app they had me download to use to monitor the panels (energy production, energy usage, energy import/export) is user friendly and easy to read. There were a couple small hiccups I ran into after the installation that were related to the panels and app. These were easily fixable issues that could not have been foreseen at time of installation. They could only have been determined after the system had been “turned on” for a few days. Some of my panels were not producing any energy at all. I was able to see these issues in the app and before I even had a chance to contact 3-D Solar about them, they were already proactively reaching out to me to let me know something was amiss with my system. They scheduled an appointment very quickly and somebody came out to resolve the issue within a day or two, which was perfectly fine because I wasn’t out anything in those couple days. The system was “turned on” after the installation as a viewable-only system, not as an actual energy-producing system, which gave me the opportunity to learn the app and monitor a mock of my solar panel energy “production” and current consumption rates before the system went live.
    Before my solar energy system could be officially turned on, I had to wait quite some time for the county to come out and inspect the system. After the installation, it took over two weeks for the county inspector to come inspect my equipment/system. Then I had to wait another month or so for that to be processed before I could call my electric company to have them come swap out the current energy meter for a special solar-reading energy meter, after which, a several-day waiting period took place to get that processed. The complete process took shy of two full months from the time the panels were installed to the point of where I was officially creating solar energy. NONE of this time was due to 3-D Solar, as they were constantly on the ball with everything they needed to do. That two-month time was due to the standard waiting period for the various county inspections and processing constraints that were outside 3-D Solar’s control.
    Solar panels are a big investment and they are not cheap. But 3-D Solar works with a finance company that offers multiple affordable payment plans, often with no money down. A big reason I decided to go solar when I did was because of the government incentive program that gives the consumer a big solar-energy tax break on his income tax filing. I received about 30% of the total cost of my solar panels back when it was all said and done. Since going solar, I have had a $0 electric bill (outside of the unavoidable $17 electric service cost). After my first full month of being a solar home, I wanted to go over my energy bill with Ryan to compare a pre-solar panel bill with my current bill. He was very enthusiastic to go over these with me, sharing my newfound excitement in joining a solar energy family. Even though I have been solar-efficient for about 6 months now, Ryan and 3-D Solar customer service are just as fantastic now, with any of my smallest of inquiries, as they were when they were first promoting their product to me. They have fully and completely honored any promise and assurance made throughout this entire process. As I have already to my family and closest friends, I would highly recommend going solar and, more specifically, I would recommend doing so with 3-D Solar. If I had to do this all over, I would definitely do it again with the stress-free, headache-free, and hassle-free process that Ryan and the rest of 3-D Solar offer. Thank you, Ryan, for all of your assistance in lowering my energy bills and helping to keep them low in a world where the cost of energy only continues to increase.

  • "Deceptive Marketing"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020
    "Deceptive Marketing"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020

    3D Solar has contacted me multiple times to solicit their Solar Panels. My cell number has been on the do not call list for over 17 years! I had reached out to management and the owner and have been ignored. There are plenty of good Solar companies out to choose from stay away from this one and go with one that does not break the law to market to people who have put their phone number on a federal list not not be called!

  • "Was lie to just to make a sale"

    Reviewed Dec 09, 2019

    Beware of this company, Had them install a phew month ago what the salesperson told me my home required. Now Im paying my normal duke energy bill plus the solar panel finance company. The sales person told me that in the winter time I would produce more energy than the energy used, which means I would have a credit for the sumer time. Lie, I not making enough to cover the intire day. Called 3D solar about 20 times, all they tell me is that the solar panels are working as they should.

  • "This company has to be the worst ever"

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2019
    "This company has to be the worst ever"

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2019

    We met with the sales lady Kim. She was great and answered all our questions. We had a new roof installed less than a year ago and were assured that they would not damage it. Wrong! While installing the rail system to support the panels, they damaged 15 shingles. I put a stop to the work until they hired the company that installed my roof to come out and repair the damage that 3D caused. Once that was complete, I would expect the installation to resume within a couple of days. Wrong! We were put off for over 3 weeks and then only got a response after several phone calls. 3D failed the county electrical inspection due to shoddy work on the electric wiring and conduit installation. Once that was fixed they finally passed inspection so the meter could be changed. Oh, did I mention that with a digital electric meter that all the power you produce before you have your meter changed gets charged as consumed power? Yeah that is right. Something else they did not tell us. So while waiting for a new meter I get hit with the highest power bill I have ever had. This company won't return any phone calls. Nor will the owner David come out to meet with me. I have been promised, but still no meeting. I can not recommend 3D solar nor would I consider ever using them again.

  • "Expectations set, expectations exceeded!"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019
    "Expectations set, expectations exceeded!"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019

    I would highly recommend 3D Solar for PV solar installation.

    I reviewed 5 Solar installation companies, 3D Solar was the best by far.

    1) Customer Service and interactions: Outstanding. Sales pitch was informative and interactive, they sought to listen and answer any and all questions. All inquiries were handled professionally, thoughtfully, and quickly. 3D Solar worked to set our expectations in all aspects of the project, making sure we understood the capabilities, process and services being provided.

    2) Products and Warrantees: Outstanding. The solar products they offered were highly regarded in the industry. They represented the latest proven, highly resilient, completely monitored, residential technology out-there, all 'standard' components which are easily found, replaced and serviced if necessary. In addition their Warrantees were second to none. Yes, their component warrantees were through the manufacturers, but their service warrantees are unique. Such as: 1) Roof replacement de-install and re-install feature, 2) 25 year roof leak protection, 3) Panel performance guarantee of 30 years.

    3) Referrals: Outstanding. 3D Solar provided several local referral installations for us to see and talk with the owners. We were able to see the neat quality installation, and experience the satisfaction and confidence the owners had in the results.

    4) Capacity and Cost: Outstanding. Each quote we received had different drivers for sizing the array, and different ways of explaining the proposed cost. We had to discover how to compare them 'apples to apples'. First, the assumed peak hours of sunshine varied between vendors. One of the quotes assumed a much higher number of peak hours than the others AND industry sources. This vendor in my opinion would have undersized the array, resulting in NOT meeting our goal of satisfying our TOTAL electric consumption. Second, I found that the installed cost per watt, was the best way to compare the costs between vendors. Although this was not my top criteria, it was important. 3D Solar provided the lowest cost per watt installed!

    Would we choose 3D Solar again? Absolutely!

    Would we agree to show our installation to others as a referral? Absolutely!

    Note: At this time our Solar Array has been in production a little over two weeks. It is performing as explained so far. I have no reason to believe it were change.

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  • "Very disappointed!"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

    We were very excited to get Solar for our home. Our initial contact with the sales rep Kim was very good and we signed up for a large solar panel array and pool heater in March. In April an individual came to our house to assess where panels would go and our electrical panels, after leaving he said he would send a new picture of the solar panel placement. By May after no contact we called our rep and got the new plan and confirmation the permit was coming soon, on June 3rd we called the office to get a schedule of some sort and the sales manager Travis said someone should be calling us in two or three days. On June 6th we emailed our sales rep could anyone give us a timetable moving forward, there was no response. June 10th we called the office and spoke to Linda she indicated she would call us back after talking to Travis. Linda did call us back being one of the only persons at 3D Solar to respond to us, later Travis called and gave me the “ typical sales manager bs”
    and I know from experience what that is ie: this is not my first rodeo. So now a week later we are cancelling our contract with 3D Solar for lack of contact, follow through or whatever you want to call it. Imagine if I wanted service not just to fulfill a sales contract what would happen.

  • "Horrendous Operation!"

    Reviewed May 11, 2019
    "Horrendous Operation!"

    Reviewed May 11, 2019

    Run! You're better paying your electric bill then dealing with these poorly installed, multiple failed inspections, below par systems. Worst company by far in the state!

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  • "Buyer beware! Better value elsewhere!"

    Reviewed May 09, 2019
    "Buyer beware! Better value elsewhere!"

    Reviewed May 09, 2019

    Will take several months past any timeline they provide! Not worth the aggravation or the poor attitude you deal with from the office!

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  • "Beware"

    Reviewed May 05, 2019

    I had my solar panels installed by 3D Solar in 2015. There were a few scheduling glitches and delays during the installation process, but I was happy once my panels started working as promised. Then in the summer of 2018 (just 3 years later), when I started having problems with energy production, I had trouble getting responses to my queries. I finally hired an outside expert to look into the matter. A number of bad connections were identified and there were concerns about the integrity of my roof. One of the connections was completely melted and at least 2 boxes were rusted. Steel screws were used on a job that was meant to last 25 years. We were never provided with a grid of the array. When I pointed all of this out and asked for a site map of the micro-inverters, nothing was done. Apparently they have no record of the site map. I was never given the option of upgrading my installation to a quality job, one that would prevent electrical failures and eliminate the possibility of leaking through the roof. I did not know enough about this at the time to know to ask. Had they been honest, they could have said "Hey, you have a choice: Do you want steel screws or ones that won't rust?" I would have paid the extra money at the time. Please beware. Once the installation is done, they do not take any responsibility for their work.

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  • "Well worth it"

    Reviewed Apr 12, 2019

    Thanks for the team at 3d solar. I wish I can personal thanks them but I had to work each time 3d Solar help me. I install the solar panel back in 2017 and had trouble getting Peace River to sign off on them. Mr. Ringo help me fix this problem and even explain why Peace River was giving me trouble. I was told back then it would be a year till Peace River approved them, with help of Mr. Ringo 30 day later Peace River can out and change the meter. Now to present time was told by a roofer that my electric panel was the reason for the leak. Called 3d solar to find out the roofer does not know the different on solar panel when you have electric and pool. The pool panel was leaking. 30 day later I replace the whole roof (19-year-old). Called 3d Solar to remove the electric panel and it was done in 4 day after the call. The price was so reasonable where all other company want double the cost and need 30-day notice. Roof is done and call again and within 3 day out putting the panel back on and still wait to here from the company to put the pool heater back on. Can not wait to that company review. In my opinion this is the only company to call for electric solar panels.

  • "Bad Systems"

    Reviewed Aug 26, 2018
    "Bad Systems"

    Reviewed Aug 26, 2018

    I have had a friend who has had them for a year they don’t follow up on warranties. Stand clear

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  • "Terrific experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Feb 02, 2018
    "Terrific experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Feb 02, 2018

    A real pleasure to do business with! Lyndsey did a pre consultation and gave me an idea up front and over the phone of what the expense and procedure to install and hook up would be. Answered all my questions and concerns. When I told her based on my bids from other companies that I wanted to get serious about moving forward on this project with 3D she met with me to make sure all my concerns were addressed and gave me a timeline of what to expect from the permitting process, installation and hook up from TECO. Great communication and she even supplied me with the law in FL that I could share with my HOA that documents that no community can impede or prevent the installation of alternative energy efficient sources like solar panels, wind turbines or even clothesline. A real eye opener for my lost in the last century neighbors. The installation was a bit delayed due to Polk Co permit office but I was always kept informed.Installers were courteous and efficient and very careful with my roof tiles, my plantings and my pets. After installation TECO took about 3 weeks to get the new meter hooked up. TECO didnt supply me with any info on starting up the system but a quick call to 3D and Baron called back to offer to drive over to help me make sure i was up and running properly. As it was he very skillfully walked me through exactly how to get things up and running. We saved some energy that day and kept him from wasting fuel driving over to help me save energy. The last step was getting me online to navigate the monitoring system. Mike sent me a link and I am in business reducing our carbon footprint. Saving the world one install at a time, true Super Heroes!

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  • "Follow up better than expectations!"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2017
    "Follow up better than expectations!"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2017

    After the System was installed, I wanted a deeper understanding of how the system operated. The team has helped in working further with analysis of the panel layouts to better understand that the Azimuth calculations that drive the placement of the panels. Its been a lot of fun working with the team and reaping the rewards the system has supplied.

  • "Very professional and helpful"

    Reviewed Oct 08, 2016

    They are great ask for eric.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Let 3D Solar show you how easy it is to go solar. We have no money down options for any size budget.

3D Solar started in 2012, and after a few months of operation, acquired a 30 year old solar business.

We are passionate in what we do and are rewarded every time we are able to help a consumer achieve their desires to “Go Solar” and save money. We are very proud of our customer service track record and the awards that have come along with it. We have won back to back Angie's List Super Service Awards and look to have many more to come.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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3D Solar LLC Headquarters

11548 Pyramid Dr
Odessa, FL
33556 United States

Workmanship Warranty

Our warranties are the best in Florida. Along with industry standard 30 year warranties on product, we have a 25 year penetration warranty that is transferrable.




2016 Top 500 Solar Contractor in North America
2017 Top 500 Solar Contractor in North America
2018 Top 500 Solar Contractor in North America
2019 Top 500 Solar Contractor in North America

2016 Angies List Super Service Award Recipient
2017 Angies List Super Service Award Recipient
2018 Angies List Super Service Award Recipient

2018 Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Tampa Bay Market
2019 Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Tampa Bay Market

2018 Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Florida
2019 Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Florida
#743 - 2018 Inc 5000 List


Solar License #CVC56949
Electrical Contracting License #EC13008622

States served by 3D Solar LLC

  • Florida FL