SunPower by New York State Solar Farm - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

SunPower by New York State Solar Farm - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

SunPower by New York State Solar Farm (NYSSF) brings together the benefits of the most powerful and efficient Solar Panel on the planet, with the longest and most inclusive warranty available - power, parts, and labor for 25 years on all system components. NYSSF is a local, family owned company, serving as a primary Hudson Valley Solar installer since 2008, and one of only 30 SunPower Master Dealers in the nation. NYSSF has offered an escape from rising utility costs, tax benefits, and savings from day one to over 2,000 families and businesses, with over 8 Megawatts of Solar installed.

More About Us

More About Us

NYSSF is a local, family-owned Solar Provider, performing most of our work in the Hudson Valley. We were founded in 2008, and have completed over 2000 installs in that time. The accomplishment we are most proud of is our SunPower Master Dealer status. As one of only 30 Solar installers in the nation granted this status by SunPower, we sell the highest quality, most powerful, and efficient Solar panels available. SunPower technology is unrivaled, possessing hundreds of patents that allow for greater durability and performance, less panels needed in the same amount of space, an expected useful life of 40 years, and the best warranty available in the industry. When you choose SunPower, you are choosing a fully integrated system with all components produced by the same manufacturer, and under the same warranty. No other system can say this.

This Master Dealer status also means greater support from and a committed partnership with SunPower, one of the most experienced and successful Solar panel manufacturers in the world, and the only one that has been in business longer than its warranty period.

System installations are conducted by our own fully trained and licensed staff, and managed by our veteran onsite supervisors. We are a licensed electrical contractor across the state, and employ NABCEP-Certified professionals.

We provide turnkey, customized Solar Solutions for our customers, managing all aspects of the financing, design, permitting, interconnection and monitoring processes. We also provide lifetime system support. Our goal is to make the process of going Solar easy and worry free for New Yorkers who wish to save money on their utility bills, and help make the world a better and greener place!

Check out our website, give us a call at (845)255-0610 or (518) 409-7200, or email us directly,

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Associated Suppliers

Associated Suppliers

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SunPower Corporation

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
28 Reviews
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"Excellent product"
Reviewed Oct 21, 2019

Very happy with the product NYSSF offers, everyone was great. Weather slowed down the install but very happy with this company. Would definitely recommend them and the quality product they offer.

"130% Energy Offset & No Utility Bill!"
Reviewed Oct 15, 2019

I had my solar panels installed in June, and am beyond pleased. Thus far I have produced almost 130% of my total power usage (meaning I have more than enough energy stored to use in the winter when it isn't as sunny,) and I haven't paid a bill to the utility since!

I'm really looking forward to getting the state tax credit which will make my first few years of solar energy free.

NYSSF is an amazing company, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the panels used, the aesthetic install, and the savings!!

Highly recommend

"Ask for Gabby!!!"
Reviewed Oct 09, 2019

We originally tried going solar with another company. As soon as we signed with them they pretty much disappeared. We were fortunate to be able to back out from that company that got nothing done for us in several months. Then we found Gabby. Great personality, very informative, not pushy at all and was there for us every step of the way. She addressed any questions and concerns we had. It was never an issue to get a hold of her. Great communication with her and her coworkers. Great experience overall. Thank you for everything.

"Arrogance of the thought that they are the best.."
Reviewed Aug 30, 2019

As you know once Yahoo refused to buy Google and thought they are the best in market, now we know what is the history. Sunpower is one of the best panel I agree, but with a premium hefty price. I am planning to put solar so that it can offset my monthly electricity bill and get the advantage of evening out the amount I spend asap. With sunpower I was not achieving this sooner and is like spending more money for no reason. As of now there is LG Neon R panel 370W which is as good or better than sunpower residential panels with far less money and you can even out in 6 to 7 years. After considering sunpower and LG I decided to go with LG as that was giving me ROI and with Sunpower there was no ROI as per my calculation and understanding.

Verified Installer
Response from SunPower by New York State Solar Farm
Responded Sep 30, 2019

Hi Sooraj. We would like to apologize for your negative experience with a price quote for a SunPower System. We appreciate your feedback in the matter so if you could e-mail the owner directly at or call our local office at (845) 255-0610, we could explain the pricing further with you. We only want you to have the best experience with going Solar. It is our hope that you grant us the opportunity to re-visit a proposal in the future.

"Rude Salesman"
Reviewed Aug 28, 2019

When I told the salesman that the loan APR of 6.99% was a dealbreaker for me and that I was receiving far lower rates from other providers for very well rated equipment and warranties, he said "Well SunPower still has the best panels in the market place with the best price warranty so good luck."

This type of unprofessional sarcasm is uncalled for, I don't care how good your system is.

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Verified Installer
Response from SunPower by New York State Solar Farm
Responded Sep 30, 2019

Hi Mike. We would like to sincerely apologize for this negative experience with one of our reps. We'd like to look further into your situation and make things right by you. If you wouldn't mind giving us a call at (845) 255-0610 or e-mail the owner directly at, we would greatly appreciate it. We look forward to speaking with you and granting us the opportunity to improve your image of us. - Gabby, NYSSF

"A ray of sunshine"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

I had a great experience with NYSSF. They had the best prices and the best equipment in their estimate. By far. They delivered exactly as promised and my panels are up in running. I can update this after some months or a year after starting, but as of now, I am ecstatic with their service and product. I was particularly impressed with the crew that installed the panels and did the electrical work. Super professional, polite, and meticulous. Couldn't be happier at this point. Have had many neighbors ask me about the panels, even ones that already had panels installed in the past.

"Great company!"
Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

Sun Power made the transition to solar panels seamless. They were with us every step of the way, explaining the process in easy to understand terms.Panels were installed ahead of schedule and quickly. Everyone was personable and easy to work with. I can not say enough good things about this company and I would highly recommend them!

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"Why we went with SunPower and NYSSF"
Reviewed Feb 08, 2019

My wife and I had thought about going solar for several years. Then one day we were approached by a sales person at a local home improvement store. That got the ball rolling with a large national solar company. We had several phone meetings with their rep (who was in California). The rep mentioned that NYSSF was one of the local installers they used for our location in NY. We decided it would be worthwhile to contact NYSSF directly. You know-get a second opinion. NYSSF came to our home, took measurements and explained the differences in panel brands. The SunPower panels they offered not only looked better, but out performed the cheaper panels the national company was pushing. Plus the warranty was superior. Not all panels are the same! As a former aeronautical engineer, I understood and concurred with this. We ended up buying less panels than the national company proposed, and NYSSF took care of everything including securing building permits & inspections, and obtaining state/federal incentives and alow interest loan. They made going solar easy! The installation crew had the job done in 2 days, and were friendly and professional.
That was over 3 years ago. Our electric bill went to ZERO (it was replaced by a energy loan payment of the same amount which will be paid off soon). In the end we are very glad we made the move to go solar; both for saving money and being a smart ecological choice. We highly recommend NYSSF.

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Reviewed Feb 06, 2019

We interviewed NYSSF for our solar project along with three other local companies. We were impressed with their representatives, quality products presented and history in the local market. On line reviews were excellent as was the opinions of two customers that we spoke with. Installation was professionally completed.

"Mike White and the whole team we're pretty great."
Reviewed Feb 02, 2019

Despite the wettest fall season in a century, and the delay that caused on getting my project under way, I still loved my experience. From meeting Mike at the DC fair, to him coming to our house and giving us the rundown, I had full confidence in his knowledge and honesty. He truly was the sale. Everything was sensible, transparent, honest, open, and logical. Throughout the whole thing he was quick to communicate back any and all questions I had to the point where I was probably annoying him.

The guys were in and out in two days and installed 34 panels on my roof after moving one vent pipe through my room. It came out seem less and is a beautiful array.

Ryan was great as well in providing scheduling and technical set up and support with the system.

I highly recommend their quality product and team for anyone looking to add solar to their home.

"Review of my solar installation"
Reviewed Jan 29, 2019

Very happy with all the staff at New York State Solar Farm. Mike White answered all my concerns and Gabby went beyond expectations for the calls that I had made to the office. The installation was top notch and the best quality. Sorry I can’t remember the names of the installers. Thanks guys. Highly recommended.

Reviewed Jan 12, 2019

Priced competitive, Work was done in a professional and speedy manner. Did what they said in the time frame specifief.

"First Time Homeowners Went Solar"
Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

I wanted to take a moment to write to you and the crew at New York State Solar Farm. I believe it's been officially one year since we were able to flip the "on" button on our solar system. We as homeowners couldn't be happier with making the decision to go with solar and to have your fine company walk us through the journey of harvesting energy from the sun.

If you recall, we had just bought our first home when you came to see us. We were "a bit overwhelmed" with everything and we first and foremost want to thank you for having the patience and giving us time to think about everything. That meant a lot to us considering every other salesperson and contractor we had in that week pushed us to move as fast as possible and only created more chaos in our new homeowner brains.

When we finally decided to move ahead, you and the Team at New York State Solar Farm were the absolute best in answering all our questions, answering phone calls, and guiding us through the process. Your company was the first quote that I've ever seen to actually hit the financial numbers dead on in both cost and rebates and tax incentives. Through the tax refund and savings on the electric bill, we were able to pay off the loan on the system within 10 months. I know that's not 100% realistic for everyone but we made the effort to take those savings and get the loan paid off. I looked back at the estimated solar output for our first year and I think had the autumn not been so rainy and gray in September and October, those numbers would have been dead on too. The install crew worked in a snow shower and the hook up and turn on process was very cool, it was a gray day then too and we were still generating a small bit of power.

Over the course of the year people have asked us about our experience in being "solar people". We fully talk about what our process was, I proudly pull up the Sunpower app to show them how we can monitor what the house is generating and I love to talk the numbers with them, especially since we are an all electric house. Most important though, we share with them how this was a want for us. We wanted to be a part of cleaner energy and take charge of how the power we use is produced. That was something that you saw was key for us in our decision to go solar.

All-in-all, we are ecstatic with being a part of the Solar community and our first year in has been a joy. Now that we're past the shortest day of the year again, we look forward to that extra minute of sunlight running through our system. We cannot thank you enough and whenever we get asked about solar, we heap on the praise about you and New York State Solar Farm.

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"Home System Installation"
Reviewed Jan 01, 2019

NYSSF did a great job from beginning through installation and follow on. Beginning with educational information the sales Rep Michael White answered all my questions as they came up via calls, emails and text, covering questions on the hardware, production numbers, and payback. Many answers led me to more questions and again to more. All were answered timely and directly. In the end they had the best equipment, best warranty, at the best price. Installation went well with the exception of weather delays which obviously cant be prevented. I highly recomment NYSSF and Michael White and would use them again.

"So Easy!"
Reviewed Dec 26, 2018

From the initial visit through installation, SunPower by New York State Solar Farm made getting solar panels on my house so easy! I'm someone who likes to do a lot of research and comparison before making a decision; they were by far the best overall package out there. NYSSF installs high-quality panels and their great customer service kept me informed along every step of the way. I highly recommend them.

"Sun Power excellence"
Reviewed Dec 26, 2018

From the moment I met Dave Rush our salesperson I felt good about the experience we were embarking on. He let us know how it would go from the installation to finished system. We had absolutely no issues and the system has performed as expected the past year.

"Saving with solar"
Reviewed Dec 22, 2018

2018 has been a great year for solar - in spite of all of the rain! We were told that our solar should handle about 95% of our energy needs and with 10 days left in the year it will be closer to 100% - right now we are at 102%, but November and December have been rainier months. We have only had to clear the panels of snow twice in the last 2 years - and usually just need to clear a small portion of it and the rest sheds pretty quickly. The only complaint I had was that the truck delivering the parts was parked in the lawn and made some good sized ruts; we were told they would be fixed and they weren't. Besides that everything is working great!

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Reviewed Dec 19, 2018

I have seen many installers. NYSSF the most responsive from start to finish. and the best sunpower pricing.

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"solar panels"
Reviewed Dec 18, 2018

I have 2 sets of solar panels the first set I had installed about 4 years ago they have an inverter that's on the outside of the house , I had several issues with them . I have added a second set about 2 years ago I was some what reluctant to have them install the second set , but I am pleased with the second set it does not have an inverter separate from the panel , it is built right in the panel and have not had any issues with these. In case you don't know what an inverter is it changes what the panel produces which is DC to what is used in the house AC .

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"Originally wanted the solar shingle but went with the all black sunpower panel."
Reviewed Dec 17, 2018

I originally wanted the solar shingle, aesthetics was very important to my wife & I. After seeing what the panel design actually looks like I prefer it much more than the shingle. we wanted a good product with warranty that would transfer to the new buyer later on. Thats what we got with sunpower. The crew who installed our system did the job in one day which i was not expecting getting us completed before the end of the year.

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"The best solar panels out there."
Reviewed Dec 16, 2018

The installation of the system was nice and quick and I even had them upgrade my service to my house. My system is 6.21kw and on a sunny day on these short days is producing 8.4kw can't wait to see how much it will do in the spring- summer.

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"Should have done it sooner, my wife was right."
Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

Our system was installed in our side yard in Dec 2016. We went with the panels that have the mini inverter attached, so there is only a knife switch in the garage. In 2017 we only paid Central Hudson the $24 monthly access fee to the grid, and produced more electricity than the house used. It was amazing to see the statement saying we didn't purchase any electricity for the year. We received $24.61 from Central Hudson for the "excess" electricity we generated. Monitoring the system from our computer, we believe our 2018 "generating" check will be higher than last year. Installation only took a few days, and everything went smoothly. ALL the technicians were great. All we had to do was throw the switch after all the inspections were done. Most snow slides right off, so there is no maintenance. We are very happy with the system and NYSSF. We really should have done it sooner.

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Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

NYSSF made things easy. Very professional.

"Great quality and attention to detail"
Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

NYSSF have done a great job on my solar install. They have the best solar products and the installers were true craftsman. I would highly recommend NYSSF to anyone interested in going solar.

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Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

Rick from SunPower was great and very easy to deal with. My roof had plumbing pipes in the way they even paid to have a plumber move them.

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"Always pick the local guy"
Reviewed Dec 04, 2018

First, some background: we initially signed up for Tesla/Solarcity about a week after we closed on our first house. Credit and financing was fine but then time went on... and on... and we waited and waited... eventually a year later, we had 7 hard credit inquiries from the Tesla system that never got installed, PLUS a very angry Greek contractor they had hired who wanted to upgrade our service to 200Amp (out of pocket) for no real reason.

Fast Forward: I told Tesla to go away and did some research through EnergySage. After comparing the products, warranties, and power generation estimates, I went with SunPower through NYSSF. They promised 101% of my energy would be solar powered during the summer time, and they'd even shore up my attic to support the weight of the new panels. Sweet.

I have not been more surprised by the night-and-day difference between the two competing companies. NYSSF were very helpful, knew the product they were selling, and understood I was ready to go. Rhona and I never even met face-to-face, only spoke by phone but she understood where I was coming from.

TL;DR With Tesla, a year elapsed with no panels on my roof. In the meantime, they also send a Model 3 car into space for no reason other than to piss off their investors.

With NYSSF, within a month, we had financing, permits, panels and everything ready. Install took 2 days (due to weather) and has really made a dent in our electric usage since. I've also since purchased a plug-in hybrid car to make use of the excess energy we sell back to ConEd. I mean, why not?

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"Information on Solar"
Reviewed Nov 15, 2018

The information and the presentation that we received was cleared and understandable.

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"I'm a satisfied customer"
Reviewed Dec 24, 2016

Kudos to New York State Solar Farm on the work performed on my home. There was no 'hard sell', and the installation and set-up crews were professional and courteous. I am now realizing the exact savings on power usage that they estimated I would receive. The only problem we encountered from beginning to end of the process was confirming a start date for the project.

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