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Urban Solar Group, Inc.

Our mission is to empower home and business owners with the right to choose where their energy comes from.
Urban Solar’s vision begins with the goal of making solar simple and affordable for everyone. Since 2001, Floridians have been trusting us to provide the resources and knowledge they need in order to achieve their solar power goals. Though our focus on customer service, dedication to meaningful relationships, and passion for emerging technologies, we’ve poised ourselves to be an industry leader that can adapt and grow along with the ever evolving solar landscape.

Our customer focused team provides a great experience for customers. We are a full turnkey solar installation company, which means our customers just sit back and enjoy solar. We also boast the best quality products the industry has to offer.
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About UsUrban Solar Group, Inc.

Urban Solar makes it easy for homeowners to obtain a quote without any pressure, avoiding those face to face meetings when you are asked to sign on the spot. The company’s unique ability to quote, design, install, and finance all under one roof – have helped the renewable energy leader achieve more than 1,000 installations since opening its doors.

Our simple process

Take advantage of a free consultation with our solar experts. We begin our project with an initial phone call to discuss your basic energy needs. Understanding your goals allow our team to determine which solar path is best for you and to provide you with the most cost-conscious solution for turning your home solar.

You will receive your tailor made solar proposal on a system designed to eliminate your energy consumption with your utility company. This proposal will provide you a visual solar panel layout on your home, equipment & material information, savings over your current utility bill, and your return on the investment of solar.

Once you realize Urban Solar is the right installer for your solar project, you will select Solarmax as your installer on your Energysage portal. We will then send you the agreement for review and signature. Our agreement includes a (25)year installation warranty on parts and labor, (5) year warranty against roof leaks, and production guarantee for any lost production under 90% of the systems targeted annual production. We handle all administrative tasks, including engineering design, permits, and submitting the inner-connection documents with the utility company.

From signing the agreement until being installed can range from 45-60 days depending on the size of the system, city approval timeline, and approval timeline for homeowners with an HOA. Within 5 business days after signing the agreement we will schedule the site evaluation appointment. Our technicians will take measurements of the roof lines, check existing roofing shingles and attic rafters, calculate shading percentages, and evaluate the existing electrical panel. This information is then assigned to one of our engineers who will then design your system.

The installation of the project is normally 1-2 business days. Once the installation is complete, your assigned project manager will schedule the city inspection which typically 1-3 days post installation. Once the city inspector signs off your project, our utility relations department will submit the inner-connection application and most utility companies can take 7-14 business days to approve.

As soon as you have received Permission to Operate (PTO) from your utility company, our customer service department will contact you to set up the monitoring account so you are able to monitor your solar system production via phone, tablet, or computer.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Warranty.
Leak Proof Guarantee


FL Solar Licenses: CVC56948 EC13005324


$2M Liability Policy, Worker's Comp Insurance.


YGRENE Certified contractor

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Platinum Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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poor communications and arbitrary decisions

i was recommended Urban Solar by their independent local sales rep. a nice person but woefully uninformed. Never received a contract with Urban Solar. they relied on contract with Sunnova who financed. sent the wrong panels,which i had to catch,did not get approved by FPL,i had to work with FPL never quoted me for critter guard,and sent a crew to install them never ordered, did not keep sales rep informed. I had to make 30-40 calls to find out. even FPL approval i had to get involved! Almost did not pass county inspection because did not follow layout. i had to show the inspector where the panels were. changed inverter system from what i had requested which increased my price and lowered my production. etc etc. the independent sales rep got tired of apologizing so stopped calling. said they were not returning her call. if i was smart i should have cancelled them when they delivered the wrong panels the first time and used outside contractors who were actually better than their own people who came later. A stressful, mess that no one should have to go through. Don’t use an independent sales rep no matter how nice. because if things go wrong they have no pull.

Posted by eyeshack on Sep 07, 2022
Look no further!

We were most impressed with Andy Hopta (561-723-9717) who was our initial point of contact.

Posted by kford335 on Apr 26, 2022
Working with Solar was seamless!!

Working with Solar was seamless - from sales to installation. The city inspector really liked their installation quality. When a major component of the system failed, they quickly replaced the component at no charge. I highly recommend Urban Solar.

Posted by cgamarramiami on Dec 13, 2018
Urban Solar

Urban Solar made everything easy. They explained how the system would work, went over permitting and installation options, and everything went exactly as described. We would highly recommend the company to anyone thinking about solar.

Posted by khc73 on Dec 13, 2018
Amazing Experience we are very happy with Urban Solar

Urban Solar went out of their way to make sure that the job went smoothly and that I was informed at every stage of the project.

Posted by benj007890 on Dec 13, 2018
Urban Solar LIES Beware of this company - NO Customer Service

My sales person from Urban Solar Group lied to me! Tommy told me my monthly bill would be less than end of year tax assessment and would also be less than the cost of my current electric bill. This was a lie. My mortgage payment went from approx. $1,800 to over $2,400. Be very careful dealing with Urban Solar or you may find your self in the same predicament as my family. I have reached out to the company and they have refused to refund the purchase which is over 200% profit for them. The owner does't care about customer service at all. They will respond stating they have tried to offer solutions to which is just more lies. Stay away from these guys.

Posted by reggie.saylor on Sep 06, 2018



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