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GRNE Solar is the premier solar company of the Midwest!
We hire locally and support community development through job creation. We pride ourselves on customer service and competitive pricing. We are honest and transparent. We are extremely competitive on price and use highly reputable products to ensure the sustainability and longevity of our projects. We do offer financing options that allow for project installation at $0 upfront.
We are a full-service, turnkey solution for your solar energy needs. We educate, design, sell, build, install and service photovoltaic (PV) solar systems at competitive rates.
We look forward to serving you.

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  • "Beware"

    Reviewed May 30, 2019

    Customer care is a joke. Ask a lot of questions they will give you the run around worse then any career politicians. I only gave one star because you can't give a negative number.

  • "Great solar company"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2018

    GRNE was the installer for my 9KW system which I contracted through SunBadger Solar. They did a fantastic job in get my system up and running within a few weeks. They handled my application and permits without any delays. When they noticed an inverter issue, they quickly came back and took care of it. I highly recommend them.

  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2018

    We just had a solar installation that went very smooth. All of our questions were answered promptly along the way. Great job all around!!

  • "Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2018

    We interviewed several companies for our home installation project and GRNE Solar was by far the best for quality versus price. They were not the least expensive but also not the most expensive. However, from start to finish they provided answers to all of our questions (and we had a lot of them!). During the installation they were very careful and handled everything beautifully. I myself am meticulous and professional and GRNE Solar is the same so they were a pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough to recommend this company for your solar projects.

  • "Excellent Installers"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2018

    GRNE installed my solar in rural Illinois at a competitive price. They were quick to reply to all my questions. Very professional installers.

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  • "Reviews Helped"

    Reviewed Jan 08, 2018

    When I began to research solar, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. Energy Sage helped give me a basic understanding of what I needed to know to talk with installers and figure out what I wanted and what pricing was within line. GRNE was the most responsive of all installers, best priced once my project was fully flushed out, and highly rated of all of the installers that I looked at. GRNE ended up being the company that worked with me the best and was willing to go the extra mile to earn my business.

    I have a 10.18 KW system and 37 panels. Fairly large project for a house and these guys made it seamless.

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  • "Outstanding! Delivered as promised."

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2017

    GRNE Solutions installed a 22 panel 7 kW solar array for me nearly a year ago. I wanted to try a few seasons with the system to give a full review. So far the system has worked flawlessly! The online monitoring tool gives great access to my data and I've seen my primary array consistently achieve near maximum output on clear sunny days. When doing my research for this project, I spoke with close to 10 different companies in the area and GRNE was easily the most cost competitive. Eric was incredibly responsive throughout the project, including after-hours calls to answer my numerous questions and, most importantly, prompt replies. He also did everything in his power to meet my aggressive installation schedule, including following up with the city, HOA, and energy provider. When his primary electrician had to take PTO unexpectedly, he communicated this to me immediately and offered to line up different contractors; during the install they were incredibly polite and diligent and Eric was on-site up on the roof during the entire installation. I've received my first SREC, power output is exceeding expectations, and so far I've not had to pay for energy supply* since the system has gone live!

    *Some words of warning about the process (not the company) though for new buyers. There may be some bureaucracy with your energy provider such that applying for permission to install the system is separate from applying for a net metering program. This distinction was not forthcoming until my next energy bill after giving away a month of free energy. Also note, there is no such thing as a $0 energy bill, at least in my experience; I still have to pay a 'customer charge' for my grid tied system even though I've provided a net surplus of energy so far. The energy credits from surplus production are applied to the energy supply costs only. That being said, my energy bills have only cost $16 per month, even during the summer (using energy credits). This was still a very positive experience overall. GRNE was great and I’m currently estimating about a 6-7 year return-on-investment (ROI) after the federal tax rebate!

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  • "Right on Target - Excellent Service"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2017

    I sent out a request for proposal to four installers in my area. The very next day GRNE Solar (Eric) was at my house with three proposals that perfectly bracketed my requirements. Eric and his team answered questions and made adjustments as needed to get it just right and now I have a beautiful 4.2kW system on my roof.
    I'm very impressed with their ability to deliver so smoothly.
    Thanks Eric (GRNE Solar)

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  • "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2017

    I chose GRNE Solar in part because they had quoted the lowest price to install solar on our roof, but also because when I spoke to Eric on the phone he was always patient and exuded a sense of calm that made me trust him for this project without meeting him in person (although I'm sure I could have).

    Throughout the process, Eric did a great job communicating by email to take care of all the city permitting and utility setup, sending us documents for virtual signatures when needed.

    I spent a lot more time researching solar and then choosing a contractor than actually dealing with anything related to the installation because GRNE Solar took care of everything. I didn't meet Eric until the system was operational, which was great.

    GRNE Solar exceeded my expectations in every way. In particular, I was really impressed by just how EASY they made everything.

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  • "Great experience "

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2017

    GRNE were a great company to work with. Eric was very polite & knowledgeable. He answered all my questions about financing and explained the process of work really well. The install took a day and a half. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to add solar to their home.

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  • "Great company and people to work with."

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2017

    I contacted GRNE Solutions for a quote, after I received the quote I had lots of follow up questions. They always responded promptly and I finally decided to go with their installation based on the system capabilities and price. The install went well and am very satisfied with electrical production to date.

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  • "Super Super Super"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2017

    Eric and his crew were terrific. They have low rate financing with different options to make it easier on payments. We did have a little confusion on our choice of financing, but approval was simple and painless. Good, competitive rates on our system. They came out as scheduled and worked tirelessly in the bitter cold. No mess was left. They explained the equipment use to me and I love the computer monitoring to see every day how it's all working and how much energy it's making. Customer Service afterwards is great, too. Eric is quick to answer calls or e-mails. It looks nice on my roof, too. My first electricity bill after installation was $3.45 Super happy.

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  • "Great service"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2016

    I found the company from their signage at another install and was pleased with both the professionalism and knowledge of the company.

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  • "Easy to work with"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2016

    Had an 8.37 kw system installed, 27 panels, roof-mounted. Waiting on the city inspector and the utility was the only downside . . . Everything else went great.

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  • "Home solar panels"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2016

    GRNE Solutions installed solar panels on our home. They helped get us signed up to received the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) payments that are offered in our state, have monitored the savings we're getting via a mobile app, and came to the house to replace a defective part when they discovered (through the app) that the system wasn't working properly. Their service has been great!

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  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2016

    GRNE was professional and proficient in all business with my solar panel.

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  • "Knowledgeable and Efficient"

    Reviewed Sep 26, 2016

    Not only did these guys have the best price, they were extremely smart and up to date in the solar industry. I found the GRNE Solutions team to be knowledgeable on the products and options available. They were very efficient with the whole process and completed my install in only 1 day onsite. Loved working with the GRNE Solutions team.

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  • "Best Price Around and GREAT to work with"

    Reviewed Sep 26, 2016

    I interviewed a few different solar companies and it was a no-brainer. GRNE Solutions is awesome. They had the lowest price but still offered great quality products. (I did some research outside of what they told me too) I was newer to the idea of solar and they took the time to walk me through each step of the process. They did EVERYTHING! Ordered my equipment, got the permit from my municipality, coordinated with the utility company on my behalf, and did the install. It was a smooth process. And I'm still convinced they didn't charge me enough. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend GRNE Solutions!

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  • "Solar is great... (Thank You GRNE)"

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2016

    From the initial consultation to turning on the system for the first time, GRNE was on top of it. I can't say thanks to them enough for the extra dollars in my pocket every month. If your looking for a Professional Company with a great product I would highly recommend giving them a call

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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We focus first and foremost on you, the customer, to ensure you are educated on the options available to power your home. We gladly walk through the different solar technologies that are available and ensure the project is a good fit for your specific scenario.

We keep our costs low and pass on the savings to our customers. We offer highly competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. We maintain the best value for your money and ensure we provide a sustainable solution for the long run.

With GRNE Solar, you get a turn-key solution for your renewable energy systems. We educate, design, install, handle logistics, operations, etc. including coordination of available incentive programs. Every aspect of the project will be handled by our efficient team and we will keep you updated and involved along the way.

We have a $2MM insurance policy for the work performed on your site. We only use certified and licensed electricians and vetted installers with vast experience. All systems come equipped with monitoring hardware and software including a free monitoring mobile app.

Enjoy savings on day 1 with reduced electric bills, an increase in property value, the 30% federal tax credit, as well as any available utility or state incentives. We have a triple bottom line approach to ensure we offer attractive projects with 1) positive financial benefits 2) environmentally friendly solutions and 3) sustainable systems designed for longevity.

You already pay for electricity, why not pay less?

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



GRNE Solar Headquarters

230 N Hicks Pl
Palatine, IL
60067 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10 year comprehensive workmanship warranty on all installations. Additional tracking of all manufacturer’s warranties which are industry best warranties on all of our products used – most are 12-25 year warranties.


Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) American Solar Energy Society (ASES)


Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) DG Certified Installer Service Finance Company Approved Partner Adjustable Block Program Approved Vendor


Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) DG Certified Installer


Fully Insured. General Liability, Automotive, Theft/Crime, and Workers Compensation on all projects. Insurance policy certificates of $2,000,000 per event at project level.

States served by GRNE Solar

  • Illinois IL,
  • Indiana IN,
  • Minnesota MN,
  • Missouri MO,
  • Nebraska NE,
  • Utah UT,
  • Wisconsin WI