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Highlight Solar - Profile & Reviews

Highlight Solar have been in the solar industry since 2008. Our mission is to educate the marketplace and supply the highest quality solar products. We provide a turnkey solution to our customers and manage the solar project from beginning to end.

We are the fastest growing solar installation company in San Jose and Northern California. We offer:
- The longest full solar warranty workmanship - 20 years
- The longest solar production guarantee - 20 years
- The only solar installation company that is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) & a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
- We buy directly from the manufacturer saving the consumer money
- We have partnered with local public schools in California to support Educational Funds.
- We are a member of the BBB with A+ Rating
- Bay Area residents voted us 5-Star Solar Installer on Yelp & Solar Reviews.
- We are a Sunpower dealer
- We are top rated in:
A) Microinverter & SolarEdge installations
B) In San Jose
C) In Santa Clara county
D) In San Mateo county
E) In Alameda county
F) Fastest installation from signed contract to interconnection

26 reviews

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  • "Good experience with this company!"

    Reviewed Jun 14, 2018
    "Good experience with this company!"

    Reviewed Jun 14, 2018

    I've received quote for a 2.5kW system from two big solar companies and two local companies. At first, I opted for one of the big companies since they were the cheapest and since they have been in business for a long time. I read that they had bad customer service but decided to ignore those comments and boy was I disappointed with the communication. After two months, I contacted Highlight and they quickly picked up on our last conversation and started the process right away. It took about 1-1.5 months from the contract signing to net metering approval. The process has kinks since I need to have my panel replaced but Dean sorted it out easily. The whole team deserve kudos as well. I will recommend this company to my friends. I hope they stay long in business.


    Reviewed Apr 25, 2018

    Get all the quotes you need. I did. Lots of them. It was a nightmare. I called highlight when Diamond Certified cameo out. This is the best place but see for yourself. Best Quality. Best Service. Best Value. Installers were awesome. Salesman was AWESOME. Owner is AWESOME.

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  • "Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2018

    Highlight Solar is the full package. From the very beginning of our search for a solar company to install a system on our home, HS was by far the best and easiest to work with. They presented their system and gave us the time to make the decision. They were never pushy and always available to answer our many questions. We wanted a system that gave us maximum power generation but didn’t want the front of our house covered in panels. HS designed the perfect system for our home. Once we signed up with them the installation began within a couple of weeks. The installation went smooth and with no surprises. I highly recommend Highlight Solar.

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  • "Best of the Best"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2018

    Our desire was to install as large a rooftop solar system as we could without any panels visible from the street. We received bids from four solar companies including Highlight Solar. The Highlight Solar bid had several things going for it:

    1) it was the only company where a representative came to our house to take measurements to provide a definitive bid -- the other three companies wanted us to put down a deposit first before they would measure our house and lay out the system,

    2) it was able to fit more panels that the other three companies would commit to,

    3) it proposed the earliest project start and shortest installation time span,

    4) it had the lowest bid, and

    5) it is a diamond certified company.

    We agreed to purchase a 9.1 KW system with 32 panels from Highlight Solar.

    Once we signed the contract, the panels and inverters were delivered within a week. Installation began four days later, and was completed in three days. Final inspection was completed on the first visit two weeks later (would have been one week, but it was delayed because we were out of town). Three days after the inspection, PG&E approved our Net Energy Metering (NEM) application. The whole process took one month, which was half the time any of the other companies would commit to.

    Dean and his folks were a pleasure to work with during the whole project. In addition to the solar installation itself, they handled all aspects of the city permitting and NEM application process with PG&E. We were very happy with the entire experience, and would recommend Highlight Solar to anybody considering the addition of a rooftop solar system to their home.

  • "Excellent Process Start to Finish"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2018
    "Excellent Process Start to Finish"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2018

    Highlight Solar just completed installation of a 6kW system on our house and did a fantastic job. Everything from the initial quote to installation to the final permits was handled very professionally. Communication was frequent and superb, including fast responses to any questions I had along the way. We faced a bit of a permit issue toward the end, due to a legacy non-permitted sub-panel previously installed, but Highlight took care of that as well by modifying the solar permit and addressing the sub-panel as requested by the City. The fact that they went above and beyond the call of duty really impressed me. And, their prices were very competitive, so it was a true win-win!

  • "Excellent installation at a very reasonable price"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2017
    "Excellent installation at a very reasonable price"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2017

    Highlight Solar did an excellent job installing our solar power system and at a very reasonable price. The final cost to us (after the 30% federal rebate) was just under $5000 for a system rated at just under 2 kW. I also have to give kudos to Highlight Solar for doing a nice job even with a bunch of tricky elements that we had. First of all we don't use a huge amount of electricity in the first place and many of the companies won't even install a system for you unless you are using a lot of electricity. Plus we have some shading from a tree in our neighbor's yard and our existing main circuit breaker panel was mostly filled out. Highlight Solar was able to add a subpanel so that we now have lots of expansion capability in addition to the solar power system and the cost for that was about 1/5 of what it would take to put in a bigger main circuit breaker panel. They also did the installation faster than originally estimated, 4 1/2 weeks from signing the contract to having the installation finished.

    As other reviewers have mentioned everyone on the team was experienced at doing solar installations. I talked the most with Doug, who has 10 years of experience with solar and is probably the best contractor that I've ever had do work on our house. Besides having lots of detailed knowledge about all aspects of the installation he was happy to spend time explaining things and answering any questions.

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  • "The best solar installers out there!"

    Reviewed Nov 27, 2017
    "The best solar installers out there!"

    Reviewed Nov 27, 2017

    Let me start off by saying we can't say enough good things about this company and it's staff. Whenever you make a large investment like solar you always worry about getting ripped off. Put those worries aside.

    When we decided to go solar, we got 4 quotes. Highlight Solar was by far the most competitive with it's bid. Some companies didn't even come out to look at the house before quoting. The quote was done over the phone. Not so with Highlight Solar. Their salesperson Ali made an appointment to come out and look at the house layout before giving a quote. He got on the roof, did all the measurements, determined the best layout for the best results. He took a lot of time to clearly explain everything about the process and did a multi page, comprehensive quote including what we could expect in production.

    Ali is an honest, caring person. All of the employees who work for Highlight Solar are fantastic. The installation crew (Chris, Shawn, Nick and Doug) and in office people Sam and Jesse were wonderful. Everyone was totally into solar and extremely knowledgable. Once the installation crew arrived to start the job, I knew we were in good hands. The installation and scheduling went as promised. Highlight Solar took care of everything from installation, getting required permits and dealing with PG&E. They keep you up to date as to where you are in the total process. They were totally responsive to any questions or needs that might arise. No back and forth emails or phone calls to get a response. They were on it immediately!!! Although I didn't have much direct contact with the owner Dean, when I did, he was very honest and responsive. Very accommodating to any need that might pop up.

    So, if you are looking for a solar installation company that is honest, professional, very price competitive, uses the best quality product and very friendly to work with, look no further. Highlight Solar is the best! I don't have one negative thing to say about them which in this day and age is extremely rare. Thank you everyone at Highlight Solar. It's been a real pleasure working with you!

  • "Highlight Solar is outstanding!"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2017
    "Highlight Solar is outstanding!"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2017

    I had an outstanding experience with Highlight Solar from start to finish. I researched this a lot and finally decided that I wanted to own the panels outright. I narrowed my choice down to two vendors, Highlight Solar and one other vendor who was slightly lower cost. I then started communicating with the two vendors to get their bid. Dean from Highlight was always super responsive and wonderful to work with. This was in stark contrast to the second company which completely fell down when it came to responsiveness and customer service. And this was even before they had sold me the system!

    To cut a long story short, I chose to go ahead with Highlight Solar, their price was extremely competitive and they had gained my trust. Dean helped me size the system correctly and helped me avoid going for too many panels. My system size is 28 panels of 300W each with Enphase micro-inverters. I have not regretted my decision for a moment. Dean gave me an installation date and Francisco and his team were super punctual arriving on that date. I had been told that the installation would take 3 days but they finished ahead of schedule in about 2.5 days! This was another very pleasant surprise. Francisco also handled the PG&E inspection and quickly made the necessary changes that the inspector requested.

    Dean and team were very prompt with all paperwork and I had everything I needed to file for my Federal tax credit. They also monitored my system and made sure the Enphase monitoring was activated and the monitoring application was working properly.

    A year has now passed and my system has been working flawlessly. I wholeheartedly recommend Highlight Solar as your Solar installation team. If I had to make the same decision again, I would go with Highlight Solar in a heartbeat.

  • "Super Solar Dean"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2017

    I would highly recommend Highlight Solar! Dean and his staff are incredibly professional and run a very honest and a professional business. Dean always went above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied. My experience with this company and their products and service was much higher than average and I am overall very satisfied...

    We had an extremely pleasant experience working with Dean and Highlight Solar. Dean/Highlight Solar came on top of any others in terms of prompt response, quality, price and overall attention to details. Dean and his crew pay attention to the little details like painting their conduit to match the color of the house, etc. They have been on top of everything. Strongly recommended. Hands down 5-star.

  • "On time, Great quality and excellent customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2017
    "On time, Great quality and excellent customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2017

    We have now had Highlight solar install solar on two of our homes. We selected them after considering several companies. They do quality work, are very responsive and complete the projects on time or on a faster schedule that they lay out at the start of the project. Very easy company to work with.

  • "Highly Recommend Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2017
    "Highly Recommend Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2017

    Highlight Solar was highly recommended by a neighbor who used them to install panels on their new home. We were impressed with the knowledgeable sales person. Their price was considerably lower than the other companies with which we met. We built a custom home with many roof angles and two electrical panels so the installation was complex. Plus we wanted to hide the conduit as much as possible. Their installation crew was very professional and their skill level exceeded our expectations. We had a couple of concerns - one of which was getting the two electrical panels to work as one system. The owner, Dean, was very responsive and came out personally to make sure the system was set up the way we wanted it. They have a 20 year full service warranty plus 25 year solar panel warranty. We highly recommend them.

  • "great solar contractor "

    Reviewed Jul 28, 2017

    I am very happy with Highlight Solar's work. I have 4 to 5 quotes from different companies. And Highlight is most responsive and informative. I work with their sales rap Eddy, he is very nice, and he came for home visit right after I submit the inquirer. And he fight very hard to get me the best deal. Highlight Solar gave me the best offer, much better than the other quotes.
    Installation and inspection process were smooth. Now I can track on my system production. I am happy to see the system working well.
    I would recommend Highlight Solar as a quality company for you to choose.

  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed Jul 27, 2017

    Reviewed Jul 27, 2017

    This is an excellent company and Dean the owner runs a very honest and outstanding business. I highly recommend!

  • "My Experience with Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 27, 2017
    "My Experience with Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 27, 2017

    I was a new consumer to the solar industry and it was an overwhelming task shopping around for the best company to service an installation at my new home in the Bay Area. I was amazingly lucky to come across a 5-star recommendation for Highlight Solar. What really got me interested to reach out to them was how much the review emphasized their pleasant experience with Highlight and how well they praised the support Highlight's team offered throughout the process. A month later and my brand new system is up and running and I couldn't be happier with how comfortable and easy Dean and his team made it for me to get exactly the kind of system I needed. I now recommend all of my family and friends interested in getting solar energy for their homes and businesses to visit Highlight Solar and put their trust in the wonderful team. I hope to do business with them again in the future as my company and I expand our property interests in the Bay Area.

  • "Excellent Professional Installers!"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2017
    "Excellent Professional Installers!"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2017

    I searched for an installation company compatible with my expectations and budget for several weeks and approached Highlight Solar after great recommendations by several friends who had similar work done for their homes. I was quickly impressed by the sales representative who took his time to answer all my questions and put all of my concerns at ease. After debating with myself for a few days, I finally decided to go with Highlight and I'm so glad that I did. Their prices are unbeatable and they definitely took the lead for my decision with their supportive team. The company owner, Dean, personally took care of designing the installation plans while the crew did incredibly neat and professional work. They stuck to the schedule without delay and always addressed adjustments in a timely manner. I very rarely come across a company that can operate at this level of precision and there's nothing I appreciate more from a business than good customer service. I highly recommend Highlight Solar for any and all folks looking for the best solar installation team in the Bay!

  • "Great job"

    Reviewed Jul 23, 2017

    I highly recommend Highlight Solar for good reasons.
    I just got solar installed on my roof. I got several quotes and selected highlight solar based on both price as well as other reviews on YELP.

    I interacted with Dean at highlight solar for my installation and I can say that I am extremely happy with the installation as well as Dean's extreme professionalism. Dean was very helpful from the start when I called him for a quote. He gave me good idea about the cost over the phone which was way better than other quotes I had gotten. I made an appointment with Highlight Solar to do site inspection. Site inspector came over, went over the roof took measurements and emailed me a very detailed quote for 16 panel PV installation.

    Once I signed the contract, Highlight Solar installation and Team were ahead of schedule.
    I highly recommend Highlight Solar for anyone looking for solar installation in Bay Area.

  • "Happy As Can Be !!!!!"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2017

    Dean responded quickly, was able to answer all my questions and made me feel good about moving forward, now that my system has zeroed my bill it has saved me over $600 in gas since my electric car purchase. Can not wait to put this on my rental property.

  • "The Best Solar Installer In Silicon Valley California!"

    Reviewed Jul 18, 2017
    "The Best Solar Installer In Silicon Valley California!"

    Reviewed Jul 18, 2017

    We had an amazing experience end to end working with Dean and Highlight Solar. Ours was a complex new construction project for a luxury home in Cupertino and we interviewed/shortlisted multiple solar companies (realize that not everyone specializes in new construction) but Dean/Highlight Solar beat everyone in terms of prompt response, quality, price and overall attention to details. They have been on top of everything. Dean goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied. What can you expect from an owner of a company who is so much into details. We strongly recommend Highlight Solar for a job well done. They get ours 5-star rating in every category and based on my experience with multiple solar companies - I don't hesitate to say they are the bet solar installer in Silicon Valley/Bay Area in California.

  • "It is never easy ..."

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2017

    It is never easy taking on a project for the home such as a solar installation that has a lot of factors to consider like long term economic benefit ROI, good impact for the environment, proper sizing, impact to the roof and ,
    frankly speaking , how to get the best aesthetic appeal while insuring I wasn't overpaying. I don't write reviews often but in this particular instance I felt compelled to do so .

    I sincerely feel that Dean, Ali, Jesse , Doug and Sam guided me through the process well from getting to cost benefit/payback period nailed down , to site survey and electricity bill analysis done for ensure the proper sizing , to permitting , to picking the right solar materials , to setting up monitoring (pretty cool) , to getting all the after install paperwork done so that PG&E is in the loop and we get the benefit of the solar system.

    Highlight Solar did a wonderful job in guiding me through all things solar . All aspects of my solar installation from helping to understand education myself in terms of the best combination of solar panels , inverters (sunlight to AC electricity ) and racking (to hold the system on the roof with water proofing ). I have a tile roof so I was concerned about keeping my tiles intact . There are special hooks for that.

    Dean recommended a successful local Hayward racking company called IronRidge . For inverters, Dean had SolarEdge based in Fremont with award winning technology for residential with a monitoring app for every solar panel.

    Doug and company were polite and patient with me explaining to me what steps were being taken on my roof. He explained the process and what was going on to my wife.

    Ali helped to get the permitting which didn't take very long at all.

    My current electricity bill is -$10 and we have been running out air conditioning to our hearts delight .

    This is one of the type of projects where you need the right material at the right time installed/designed/ followed upon by the right people. Highlight Solar is high integrity , value priced , and technically competent company who played with teamwork that you don't see often.


  • "Trusted, Informative, consultative"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017
    "Trusted, Informative, consultative"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017

    Great Company.

    They did what they promised. No harsh sales. People you can trust. I have already referred them to my friends who wants solar. Follw-up is great.

  • "Excellent Service from Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017
    "Excellent Service from Highlight Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017

    Highlight installed our solar system and we are upgrading the system with additional panels. From the initial quote to the installation and start up, the work was top notch. The system has delivered more energy than we had anticipated. It is superior to a previous system we had installed by another company at our old house a few years ago. We have been so happy with them that we recommended Highlight to our neighbor and our friend who have both signed contracts.

    Their prices are very competitive and have gone down in the 1 year since our original installation. This made the decision to add panels very easy.

  • "Most knowledgeable solar expertise around"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017
    "Most knowledgeable solar expertise around"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017

    I've had a solar system for over 11 years now. My old system was installed by a Costco vendor which back then was a good experience, but 4 years in, I had some breakdown in the system and they helped me a little bit, but my warranty expired 5 years in and they would not help me any further. I started looking for a new solar installer and I had done my homework by getting 4-5 quotes (Including my original installers) This was when I stumbled on Highlight Solar. Their quote was not only the cheapest, but I managed to get an apple2apple comparison.

    Highlight Solar had quoted me a 7KWh system for $6K less than the nearest quote. (All similar equipment and warranty). I expanded my original 5KWh system which I installed 7 years earlier with an enphase system.

    I was so satisfied with Highlight Solar that I used them over twice so far.
    I had them replace my old inverter from the old system with a 15 year warranty this time. I also have a Battery Back up system installed now (using the new SMA inverter). and I had recently expanded the new system with en extra 1.7KWh system because PGE forced changed me from E7 to E6 last year which lowered my benefit and I had to pay $900 extra this year because of that change.

    I cannot recommend them enough and have referred all my friends and coworkers there and 100% of them have had a great experience with them.

  • "Highlight Solar Is The Right Company For Me"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017
    "Highlight Solar Is The Right Company For Me"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2017

    To make sure we chose the right company to build our solar system, I received several bids from the vendors in the South Bay. I decided to choose Highlight Solar because they reacted quickly and did the most comprehensive analysis to meet my requirements. The installation went smoothly. My solar system is now delivering solar power to meet the electrical requirements of our home and our electric car. I found the management team responsive and capable. So glad I chose them.

  • "Best Experience & Value"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017

    I was so confused on which solar company to go with until I came across HighlightSolar. They provided the best customer experience and value across the board. The best decision I made was going with them for my solar needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • "Best of the best! Look no further!"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017
    "Best of the best! Look no further!"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017

    My experience working with Highlight Solar has been nothing but FIRST CLASS from start to finish and beyond, so it's easy to see why they have a 5-star rating from their customers.

    It's been over 18 months+ since we've had solar panels installed on our newly remodeled home and we love it. The whole process was 5-star quality -- from the moment we signed the agreement, to the day of installation (took 2 days to complete the job), to getting the sign off from the city, to any follow up communications. The setup we went with included 20 LG 300N1C and 20 Enphase inverters which produces 9,272 kWh/Year.

    Before we pulled the trigger to purchase solar panels, we requested quotes from multiple companies, including Highlight Solar. We made sure we were comparing apples to apples before making our decision as there are so many panel companies out there. We saw the purchase of our solar panels as an investment, and trying to save few hundred dollars off the cost of the panels was not our goal. At the end of the day, Highlight Solar separated themselves from the others with their great customer service (Quang and Dean, the owner), as well as their product offerings. Dean is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and stands by his products, which was the biggest selling point for us. I have dealt with many contractors during the process of remodeling our home and I can honestly say the experience I had with Highlight Solar was 100% positive and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to others.

  • "Still delighted 2 years after installation"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2017
    "Still delighted 2 years after installation"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2017

    Our installation was done in August 2015. From estimate to completion, we were and still are delighted with Highlight Solar. They gave good advice during the system design stage, offered best pricing among multiple bids, paid incredible attention to detail on the installation as if it were for their own home, completed the build ahead of schedule, and assisted in getting and expediting the PTO from the utility. They are Diamond Certified for a reason. The system works like a champ. We would absolutely use Highlight Solar again, and have recommended them to our friends.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Highlight Solar Headquarters

1624 Remuda Ln
San Jose, California
95112 United States

Workmanship Warranty

20 years workmanship warranty on most roofs
20 years production guarantee
Our workmanship warranty covers parts and labor but does not exceed manufacturer warranty.


PMP - Project Management Professional
AEE - Association of Energy Engineers


Electric Engineering, Diamond Certified, Association of Energy Engineers, Top Solar Contractor


Solar Contractor - C46


General Liability Insurance - $2M
Workers Compensation
Commercial Vehicle Insurance

States served by Highlight Solar

  • California CA