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Homeowners are feeling frustrated every month because they’re forced to pay astronomical prices to their utility company. At Core Energy Solar, we save you that frustration with a solar panel system that will power your home, save you money, and pay for itself, giving you the freedom to spend your money the way you want to!

Dueños de casa se sienten frustrados cada mes cuando se ven obligados a pagar precios astronómicos a sus compañías de energía eléctrica. Con Core Energy Solar, nosotros te ahorramos esa frustración con un sistema de paneles solares que producirá energía propia para tu hogar, te ahorrará dinero y se pagará solo, dándote la libertad de gastar tu dinero como tú deseas!
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Year-after-year homeowners waste hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to their utility bill, and worst yet, they’re permanently dependent on their electric company because they’ve had no other option!

As a South Florida based business since 2017, we here at Core Energy know what it’s like to get an insane electric bill, especially during the summer months, and that’s why we’re on a mission to help you save money by becoming energy independent through solar power.

We design and install affordable solar panel systems that will power your home, save you money, and pay for themselves! When your home goes solar, you have the freedom to take control of your monthly expenses, and invest and save your money the way you choose!

Schedule a free estimate with a Core Energy Solar expert today, and find out how easy and affordable making the switch to solar really is!
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This company has refused to acknowledge that I’ve been reaching out for OVER A YEAR because 5 of my 8 panels aren’t working. They ghost you so you have no way of getting service scheduled. I literally have nothing that I can do but continue to pay for my lease on non-functioning panels. I’m looking for legal advice at this point.

Posted by kdyroy2 on Jul 24, 2024
Excelent company

Core Energy Solar made the switch to solar seamless and stress-free. Their team was professional and dedicated, ensuring everything went smoothly. Highly recommend for anyone looking to go Solar!

Posted by juandavidortegonsaenz on Jul 13, 2024
Unsatisfied customer

In July of 2022 I singed a contract for a solar system. The install was done quite quickly, but after that things went south. Found out the company had not received permits from the city to do the work. After several months of working back and forth between core energy and the city they finally got a permit on 2-21-2023. after this it took quite a bit of time to get the system in operation. Once the system was operating I discovered the system only produced 3.2 kw of power instead of 4.1. I have been in contact with core energy many times but nothing has been done to eliminate the mistake. When I was told about the solar I was told there would be a rebate on the system. It was not a rebate but a tax credit. I did not qualify for this since I am retired and have no tax liability. Since I did not qualify the monthly payment and the interest was increased. To this day June 25, 2024 I have not been able to get the increase in output taken care of. Not a Happy customer at all, the production from the system does not even cover the monthly pqyment.

Posted by butch.degn on Jun 25, 2024
If I could leave a zero star review I would.

It took Core Energy more than a year to complete my solar install. Repeated attempt were made to contact them for updates and received ‘we’re on it’ , ‘ nothing new but we’ll get back to you’ responses. I requested a replacement main panel which they agreed to give me a quote on but they never did. Finally after a year dysfunctional communication they informed me that it wasn’t feasible and required upgraded underground work. I spent over. A year waiting and paying for the new panels without them working and also paying PG&E ‘s monthly bill. When they finally got the sub panel installed I had to remind them more than once to follow through with the final inspection. I requested some compensation for the delay and loss of a year of solar power production as promised while still paying monthly bills and they lightly agreed but never followed through. Communication with Core Energy is limited to texting. I was never able to call anyone and speak to someone until they finally realized they had dropped the ball and failed miserably. I would recommend not hiring Core Energy to install Solar. They do what they want on their schedule and don’t really treat you like a customer they’re wanting to really help. We are just a means for them to take advantage of state programs encouraging everyone to install solar.

Posted by shalom.tjc on Jun 23, 2024


Posted by astutegoat on Jun 12, 2024
Fantastic service!

Fantastic service! Highly recommend Core Energy for solar installations.

Posted by Rafaelgomezmendoza55 on Apr 12, 2024
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