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South Coast Solar LLC

First and foremost we listen to our client's goals and use those goals to provide honest, informative consultation so they can make informed decisions about "going solar." After an agreement is reached we implement that solution to the highest workmanship standards and provide long-term warranties. We also have a dedicated service department to ensure the long-term goals of our clients are met.
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South Coast Solar has been in business for 13 years and we are proud to be a SunPower Master Dealer. We offer our clients only the best solar products from SunPower and best in class Energy Storage products from Tesla. Our team works together from Sales to Install to infuse the same quality into our Consulting and Installation practices.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

SunPower Comprehensive Warranty covers entire system workmanship and power production capacity of solar panels for 25 years.

South Coast Solar guarantees the kilowatt-hour yield of our systems for a period of 10 years and will pay double the current value of any shortfall below 95% of guaranteed yield.

South Coast Solar warranties our workmanship for 10 years

South Coast Solar represents our clients in all warranty claims to manufacturers for the entire duration of the manufacturer warranty period


Scott Oman
NABCEP: 013409-105, TS-101913003004
Charro Hanahan
NABCEP TS-102117010660


General Liability $1,000,000
Automobile Liability $1,000,000
Umbrella Liability $5,000,000
Worker's Comp $1,000,000
Professional Liability $1,000,000


NABCEP Certified Installers
NABCEP Certified Technical Sales
SUNPOWER Master Dealer
TESLA Powerwall Certified Installers
TESLA Home Charging Installer
Chargepoint Commercial EV charging Dealer

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • SunPower Master Dealer
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Sunpower Master Dealer

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Overall great job.

South Coast Solar did a great job working with us. Rebekah, our advisor, was very knowledgable, answered all questions politely and was quick to respond to emails. The team was also very prompt in responding to any questions during installation. Mandy was very responsive after installation and very polite with all calls and questions. Any concerns were resolved promptly and professionally. We are very happy with our system and definitely recommend South Coast Solar if you are thinking of installing solar panels.

Posted by sfelix7487 on May 10, 2023

Well after seeing my power bill go up I checked on my solar system on July 20th and found the system was no showing anything on the app so it showed it stoppped working on June the 26th on the app. So I reached out to South Coast Solar to let them know my system was down. I called and called and called. No one ever picked up or returned my messages. So finally on July 26th I sent an email and Chase emailed me back. I told him what was going on that my app showed no power being made and he told me he would get this over to Max. Well I get an email back that I have something wrong with my inverter and that it needs to be replaced and that it was approved for replacement and it would be $100 for replacement. So I called again because I wanted to know why I was being charged because I had clearly went over with Scott that I wanted 100% coverage and that was the whole reason I canceled with Renu energy and went with South Coast Solar because of the warranty. Never could get a call back on why the $100 charge. Finally I get an email saying solaredge only pays so much of the labor and "I'm on the hook" for the $100. Not really happy about the response but again no one will speak with me so I was like well the longer I wait to try and get someone the longer I will be putting myself on the schedule and my power bill will be more than $100 so just pay it so I can move on. After all that I asked when I'm going to have my appointment and I'm told the inverters are on back order with no ETA. So I reached out to solaredge showed NO ETA. So i had reached out to Scott and never heard anything back. So now we are in September. Been hit with two power bills over $300 and paying a Solar payment each month. So I reached out again to see what is going on at solaredge and showed no ETA. I asked the lady what are my options. Can I not just send you my bad to be repaired, can i not order one off line because multiple companies show them, or just pay for a newer one and get reimbursed. She was like no but why don't they just fix your system and use your inverter on another job down the road or reach out to other companies for repair. I was like I don't know why they dont do that. So again reached out again (still cant speak to anyone no return calls) to South Coast Solar about why can't we pull an inverter from another company, project, or get one somewhere else. Finally got a email back. Got nowhere with that. Now I'm even being told that when they finally get the inverter they are short staffed and don't even know when they would be out to install it. So now I can see I'm getting no help here. They don't care you making multiple pays to power and solar. Tells me he gladly quote me an inverter I can pay for. I was like what good would that do you just told me you dont have staff to even put it on. So I called my power company and reached out to a few other Solar companies and pretty much got the same thing of why don't they just fix yours and use your inverter on another job. So I reached out to solaredge and to let them know I had found another company to install another inverter for me and that I needed to change the address so I could make sure that the other company got the new inverter whenever they could finally get it built but at least my system would be going even though I was going to have to pay another company out of pocket now. After all that I spoke with solaredge that morning of September 28th to have address changed and they still showed no ETA......that afternoon an inverter shipped. Unfortunately the inverter goes to South Coast Solar. So solaredge actually reached out to let me know they would make sure I got scheduled that week or to get them to release the inverter. Well I guess they didn't get me on the schedule because they emailed back that South Coast Solar would release the inverter but would not ship it to Me that I had to come get it. What!???!!!!!?? Yep they would not schedule me or ship it to me. So I got with my other company to let them know I did have the inverter that I would only need it installed and they could keep there's but I needed to run to Columbia to pick it up. So I took Oct 5th off of work and I got up and drove two hours down to Columbia to pick up my inverter that they would not ship to me. I returned with the inverter and the new Solar company was waiting at the house. Looked over the inverter and checked over my wiring and panels. Showed me what each pair of wiring should be making. Talked about my whole system and adding battery backup. They made sure they didn't need anything else and had me down for schedule replacement. All I can say is make sure your Solar company will be there after the install. Makes sure you don't have to spend as much time as I have trying to get my system back up and going. Covid has been a nightmare for automotive supply but we have adjusted to continue to give customers the best service we can. Being in customer service for almost 20 years now I was surprised how they handled the whole thing. Some people don't have the extra money to make double payments or take off work. Really do your homework. Stop by the Columbia location. Make sure you know what your getting.

Posted by tmmustang08 on Oct 29, 2022
I been waiting for a year and three months

I started the install on my home on 5/2021. It’s now 8/2022 and they have still not finished the install. They can’t even give a date when they will complete the work. I have been scheduled and canceled many times now. If you want it solar this year. This is probably not the company for you.

Posted by tony on Aug 03, 2022
I been waiting for a year and three months

I started the install on my home on 5/2021. It’s now 8/2022 and they have still not finished the install. They can’t even give a date when they will complete the work. I have been scheduled and canceled many times now. If you want it solar this year. This is probably not the company for you.

Posted by tonyphilip on Aug 03, 2022
Can't deliver what they promised

Signed a contract in November to have a completed system by February. It is now July and no one will call me back on when they will finish what they promised. I don't recommend them unless you like tons of excuses and broken promises.

Posted by lzeringue on Jul 16, 2022
The BEST Customer Experience EVER!

I began with another company (Renu Energy) but wasn't happy. I looked for other quotes using EnergySage and went with South Coast Solar. So happy I did. The salesperson, Charro, was fantastic. If I asked her for something it was emailed to me within the hour. My wife and I are both lawyers so (of course) we made a lot of changes to the form contract - not a problem. The back office team is equally good. When we had a delay with Duke, South Coast emailed me explaining the issue - and the resolution - before I could even ask the question. Installation went smoothly (two days) and looks great. Just passed inspection and currently waiting for Duke to swap out the meter. The cost was a little higher (maybe 2%) than Renu was quoting, but the panels are different/better. They have microinverters on each panel, rather then one big inverter mounted on the wall. The big difference being that the same company, SunPower, stands behind the warranty on the panels AND the inverters (because it's all one unit). No finger pointing between suppliers if something goes wrong. All in all, one of most customer-friendly companies I have ever dealt with. Could not recommend South Coast Solar more highly.

Posted by jeffd6237 on May 18, 2021



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