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Albany Solar Solutions - Profile & Reviews


Living in a world of inflated contractor solar pricing Albany Solar Solutions was formed to help spread solar to the masses at an affordable price.

Putting the Federal/State/NYSERDA incentives to work for the customer 100%

Clean installations with the best aesthetics in the industry solar does not have to be ugly.

Please feel free to reach out for more information about us and why solar is a no brainier in NYS.

Start reducing your bills immediately. No need to wait for your finance to be paid off in full.



11 reviews

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  • "Highly Recommend"

    Reviewed Jan 10, 2021

    I would highly recommend Albany Solar Solutions for anyone looking for a residential solar installation. Travis has a strong technical knowledge of solar systems and made scheduling and installation easy. He uses suppliers who provide state of the art technology - which was a big factor in our selection decision. Travis was fair, honest, hard working, and answered all of our questions. We could not be happier with the end result.

  • "Ghosted after the check cleared"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2020
    "Ghosted after the check cleared"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2020

    Initial installation was ok....but have had multiple issues since then. Refuses to answer calls/emails/texts. Was very eager to talk/interact until he was paid. After over a year of trying to get my system fixed, I had to have him taken off as the admin of my system and bring in a different company to get it sorted out. Still no contact from him despite the "warranty" that was such a big selling point. I would recommend a company that has a track record of standing behind their work, even if they charge more.

  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed Oct 19, 2020

    Travis and his team are true professionals who do what they say they are going to do on time and on budget. Great experience and highly recommend.

  • "Exceeds Expectations"

    Reviewed Aug 02, 2020

    I solicited bids from five solar providers that were proximal to my residence.
    One didn’t respond, and others required additional soliciting for a quote. Ironically, the provider that was the most distant, responded immediately—Albany Solar Solutions.
    From the start, Travis Sherman, the owner and installer of Albany Solar, was exceptionally communicative and extremely knowledgeable in all photovoltaic systems. It was plainly apparent that I was speaking to an installer, and not a salesperson. Travis clearly explained, the differences and advantages of AC and DC systems, off-grid and grid-tied systems, and he knew the tax advantages and grants available for each.
    The contract was straightforward and refreshingly absent of legalese.
    From the moment we signed it, Travis moved things forward at a rapid pace, while communicating each step. He deftly handled all permits, inspections and grant applications with promptness. His efforts moved the project ahead by several weeks—making it less than a month from signing to power generation.
    While this exceeded our expectations, value was the primary reason we selected Albany Solar Solutions. Travis engineered an AC system: using tier 1 commercial panels, US made microinverters, system monitoring, and high quality connecting components, for less than most old technology, DC system quotes. Moreover, he did this with regard to our energy consumption, our location and the aesthetic appearance of the array. Again, this quote wasn’t the least expensive, but within the parameters of my research, it provided the most value.
    Like the pre-event paperwork, the installation was completed in a timely and professional manner—taking only two days from the equipment delivery to a successful test of the system.
    I closely monitored the installation process and observed nothing but quality workmanship, safe practices and consciousness for customer and property.
    The bottom line: Albany Solar Solutions provided a value focused, no nonsense solar solution.
    I am waiting the meter replacement to energize the system and check performance, at which time I’ll submit a follow-up to this review. I have only positive expectations.

  • "Efficient!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2020

    Via Energy Sage, I decided just before Thanksgiving on Albany Solar Solutions. I requested the panel installation be completed by 12/31 so as to take advantage of the tax credit before the reduction in 2020. Other vendors wouldn't commit to completion within the timeline. Travis had no concern and had the best value (price for return). The installation was done and loan disbursed on 12/30. The quality of the workmanship was totally evident and they were even able to add an outlet in my garage for an electric vehicle. Thanks Albany Solar Solutions!

  • "Albany Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 01, 2019

    We picked Albany Solar from the list of installer bids provided by Energy Sage. Travis was excellent in guiding us through the entire process. He helped us decide on the placement, type of panels, financing and tax incentives. The install went smoothly. Travis was onsite with his crew and kept us up to date on the entire process.

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  • "Easy to work with"

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2018

    Great install. Worked correctly right out of the box. All hooked up and making power

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  • "Professional, Respectful and great value!"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2018
    "Professional, Respectful and great value!"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2018

    I've been looking into getting solar for a while. I just bought a new house with tons of southern exposure and during my first 4 months living here I had no less than 10 solar companies come to my house. I was seconds away from choosing Solar City (Tesla) when a buddy said to check out Albany Solar Solutions. Extremely happy I made that call.

    Travis and his team were quick to respond, provide clear and precise answers to all my questions. I never once felt like they were trying to sell me something. Instead, I felt they were trying to help me get the most bang for my buck. Once I chose Albany Solar Solutions, Travis and team were quick to order the panels, get onsite and do the install. They were extremely respectful of my house, my pets and my working schedule.

    The actual installation went very well and I've already gotten many compliments on how it looks on my house. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Albany Solar Solutions. Definitely check them out!!

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  • "Solar Panels"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

    Albany Solar solutions was a great company to have as a contractor. They worked with me on the best possible system. installation was painless with a every knowledgeable crew.

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  • "Exceeds expectations!"

    Reviewed Jul 20, 2018

    Travis and his team were there every step of the way for us. They promptly helped us with any questions and made this process very smooth and enjoyable ! I highly recommend this company for their wonderful client service and great workmanship, they go above and beyond. Small business done right!

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  • "Excellent Customer Advocate"

    Reviewed Jul 20, 2018

    Travis and team were helpful, knowledgeable and never pushy. His pricing was competitive and the installation was quick and painless. I would (and have) highly recommend Albany Solar Solutions to anyone looking for solar.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Family owned and operated solar contractor.
Exceptional workmanship and customer service.
Clean aesthetics.
25 year parts and labor warranty.
30 Year Power Production Warranty

- Solar Modules USA (LG)
- Micronverters USA (Chilicon Power)

We won't be beat on price!
We can install any competitor quotes equipment.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Albany Solar Solutions Headquarters

15 Farrell Rd
Troy, NY
12180 United States

Local Offices (2)

  • 1499 Mountain Springs Rd
    Westport, New York 12993
  • 8115 Limberlost Rd Clinton 13323
    Clinton, Ny 13323

Workmanship Warranty

Full Parts AND Labor 25 years


UL listed PV installer
NYSERDA installer


Fully Insured

States served by Albany Solar Solutions

  • New York NY