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NEC Solar

NEC Solar is a division of Newport Electrical Construction Corp. We have experienced master electricians and installers on hand at all times. this gives us us faster install periods than the competition and the ability to put the customer's needs first. Outside of solar we offer full residential and commercial electrical services including EV charging stations, generators and battery storage.
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NEC Solar always puts our clients first. Family owned since 2008 we have completed over 3000 solar installs across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are more than just a solar company. NEC Solar is part of Newport Electrical Construction, a full service residential and commercial electrical company. We not only install your solar system, but are happy to install that EV charger, new electrical service, battery system, or stand-by generator. Some of which also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit.

Your project will be handled start to finish by NEC’s Solar Consultants, Project Managers, and licensed Journeyman Electricians that are experienced and qualified to help you select the right equipment and install it correctly to get the perfect results for your home or business. We also understand that the way your system looks is as important as the environmental and financial benefits you seek.

Now that you have decided solar is a better choice than the utility company NEC Solar ensures that the correct engineering, permits, and paperwork are filed so your project can be installed within 30-45 days. As opposed to the months it takes most installers. NEC Solar's install crews are always courteous, professional and leave your yard and home in the pristine condition that they found it in. They are also efficient, generally completing your install the day it begins.

Once you are producing clean green power we look forward to continuing to provide impeccable service and seek to exceed your expectations for all your electrical needs well into the future.
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Up to 25 years Parts, Labor, Production through Panasonic Tripleguard Protection


RI: AC 4585
MA: A 20803


COI with $5MM Coverage

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  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

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  • Certified Installer
  • Gold Installer

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Just Perfect

Usually I start reviews with something positive, but I'm going to start with this: If you use anyone other than NEC Solar to install your system, you are making a mistake. My experience was above and beyond amazing, and 2 years later, hearing horror stories from neighbors and friends who used other companies, I am even more impressed by my experience with NEC. A dedicated roof team came to install the roof mounts before the electricians came to install the panels, then after my solar install, the roof team came back to install the critter guards - I am sure my roof won't have leaks thanks to the professional job. I had some things in my electric panel that the electricians noticed weren't up to code, and they just fixed it, no questions asked, and they didn't try to charge me extra. The install is very neat and clean, without ugly exposed conduit on the roof. Even after the install, the last day was a very late night after my home's unique build caused some delays, I tried to tell them I'd clean up, and they still insisted on sweeping up their debris themselves and left my basement cleaner than when they started. Attention to the smallest detail even after I gave them their money! 1,000% Recommend.

Posted by danielanthonynagy on Mar 22, 2024
Solar Installation

Excellent service - did what they said they'd do when they said they'd do it.

Posted by mdewar29 on Feb 13, 2024
Happy Solar Customer

I wanted to use solar power for a while, but I owned a condo and couldn’t put it on the roof. So when I got a house, I looked into solar for electricity. I had heard of NEC Solar from signs around my town, so I reached out to Liz Thomson. They call her Solar Liz for a reason. She was great. She spent a lot of time with me reviewing all aspects of solar and gave me a binder with all the information on going solar – including pictures of my house and how much solar it would produce, rebate, and breakeven information. Every aspect of working with NEC was great. They kept me informed of when it would be installed and then when it would be ok’d and turned on by Eversource. It was so great and worked so well that I put on more solar panels a year later on the addition to the house with Liz and NEC.

Posted by kzarrow on Jan 16, 2024

Very pleased with the entire process from the initial design through installation and final permission to operate. The installation even looks good, which you don't often see with rooftop installations. This is a local company that specializes in electrical contracting and solar in particular. They were able to expedite permit pulling and inspections. The entire schedule was "as advertised" and their project lead, Nick, kept us informed and helped us with logistics such as registering for SRECs and even forms to claim state and federal tax credits. Highly recommend.

Posted by jabauer650 on Jan 07, 2024
Almost "artisanal" solar panel installation

When you think of placing panels on a roof, you may think that it's just a "plug-and-play" installation based on the area available - not the case with NEC Solar. We have a difficult roof, and from the projects beginning definition through planning, design and then installation it was super-customized to maximize the potential of the system with the roof lines. Installation also resulted with no visible cabling, a feat that required ingenuity on the installation team's part. It really felt "artisanal" with an accompanying super professional team. Plus, the process with getting into production was "frictionless" with regards to the utility company and local permitting.

Posted by johnaterry15 on Dec 28, 2023
Great service and installation

Dana, Wyatt and the NEC team did a great job guiding us through the process from start to finish! Their attention to detail and quality of workmanship are second to none.

Posted by hewinsd on Dec 15, 2023



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