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NEC Solar - Profile & Reviews

NEC Solar always puts our clients first. Family owned since 2008 we have completed over 3000 solar installs across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are more than just a solar company. NEC Solar is part of Newport Electrical Construction, a full service residential and commercial electrical company. We not only install your solar system, but are happy to install that EV charger, new electrical service, battery system, or stand-by generator. Some of which also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit.

Your project will be handled start to finish by NEC’s Solar Consultants, Project Managers, and licensed Journeyman Electricians that are experienced and qualified to help you select the right equipment and install it correctly to get the perfect results for your home or business. We also understand that the way your system looks is as important as the environmental and financial benefits you seek.

Now that you have decided solar is a better choice than the utility company NEC Solar ensures that the correct engineering, permits, and paperwork are filed so your project can be installed within 30-45 days. As opposed to the months it takes most installers. NEC Solar's install crews are always courteous, professional and leave your yard and home in the pristine condition that they found it in. They are also efficient, generally completing your install the day it begins.

Once you are producing clean green power we look forward to continuing to provide impeccable service and seek to exceed your expectations for all your electrical needs well into the future.

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  • "Solar Panel installation"

    Reviewed Apr 05, 2021

    The team at NEC was very easy to work with. They are competent, professional, and thorough. I recommend them highly.

  • "Outstanding expertise and service!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021
    "Outstanding expertise and service!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    The whole NEC Solar process was wonderful, and we couldn't be happier with the finished product! From the start, they worked with us patiently to meet our unique needs, explain and simplify the process, and minimize expenses. The whole team, from Liz to the project manager and electricians, communicated well and worked neatly and efficiently. Gratefully, NEC Solar coordinated with the utility company, town, and the state to take care of turning on the system, tax credits, rebates, etc. Now we have a gorgeous system turning photons into usable electricity!

  • "NEC-Solar excellent installing solar panels on my house."

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021
    "NEC-Solar excellent installing solar panels on my house."

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

    NEC-Solar is a great company; I highly recommend them. They installed solar panels on my house in Dec 2020, and I’ve contracted with their sister company NEC-Electric to have heat pump A/C and heating installed soon. I’ve had extensive dealings with two estimators and our project manager and they’ve all been extremely responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, considerate and have always done what they said, on time. The crew that put the panels on the roof and did the wiring were a happy bunch, joking with each other and careful to ask my opinion on the aesthetics of wiring and equipment placement. NEC has a great corporate culture.

    I’ve had many solar proposals done for my house, and, the points I noticed that differentiates them are:

    Will the company be around to fix any problems? If you look at the map of NEC’s installations on their website, they clearly are a pretty big company that should be around for the long haul.

    You want the inverters to be warranted the same 25 years as the panels.

    How much paper work will you have to do (in NEC’s case I read a 3 page contract and did two or three DocuSign sessions to the extent of about 20 mouse clicks). My part of the paperwork was minimal.

    If you need a loan, what’s the interest rate? If you sell your house, is the loan transferable to the new owner? There are companies that offer special solar loans, because the risk of default is low. Not having an electric bill (on average) pays these loans. NEC told me they’d find me such a loan if I needed it.

    Over the past 10 years, I’ve had at least 3 solar companies knock on my door (and NEC was not one of them). I’ve invited all of them in, listened to their spiel and looked over their proposals. One exaggerated the financial benefits to the point of lying. The loan being offered is sometimes high interest. Any offer to put panels on your roof at no cost to you is accurate, but you never own the panels and will continue paying an electric bill (which is smaller than without the panels). No-cost panels is almost a scam; you are far better off owning the panels. I always came away with a bunch of scribbled notes and little understanding of the finances and I had a hard time finding reviews of the companies. I’d always ask for a year-by-year spreadsheet, and never got one.

    By contrast, NEC’s estimator led off with a spreadsheet showing my panels would pay for themselves in 7 years and I’d be $43,000 ahead at 25 years. This was based on electric company rates going up at 4% a year. I checked that out and it was accurate as far as I could find data. NEC gave me an honest picture of solar panels as a financial investment, and it’s a no-brainer good one. Also, you can find articles saying that solar panels raise house values by an average 4.5%.

    My goal is to get my household as close to net-carbon neutral as I can. I already have an electric heat pump water heater. I’m getting heat pump heating soon. With a few more panels, electric cars and a battery, we’d get there. The surprise is that I’ll make money doing it.

  • "This company is the best!!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

    I had been researching PV systems for a few years and wanted to move forward with a building team that knew their stuff. I spoke with a number of salespersons at different companies and they did not always know how to answer my questions. NEC answered all of my questions. They did not try to upsell me anything but instead showed me the facts about the build. The system is attractive (in my opinion) and when we were scheduled to have people at our house, they were at our house on time. There have not be any surprises.

  • "NEC Solar exceeded expectations"

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2020
    "NEC Solar exceeded expectations"

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2020

    After receiving several quotes for Solar I decided to go with NEC Solar. NEC was very professional and thorough not only with explaining the process to purchase/install Solar but also the incentives that I'd be eligible for to maximize my investment. NEC exceeded expectations with their excellent communication, attention to detail and professionalism. Taylor, Alex and the rest of the NEC Solar Team was great to work with and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to purchase solar.

  • "Huge Fan of NEC Solar - So Glad I Chose Them"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020
    "Huge Fan of NEC Solar - So Glad I Chose Them"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

    It is 1 year to the day that my system was turned on with Eversource and I am 1,000% pleased with how everything has turned out. I purposely waited the 1 year to make sure this review was thoughtful and thorough.

    When I reached out to NEC Solar I made sure they knew what was important to me, my two biggest concerns were leaks in my roof and the visual nature of the system (how the runs would look on the outside of my house). Artie, Meghan, Sean and team exceeded my expectations. They took the time to listen to what was important to me, spent time at my house looking at the installation site (before the contract was signed) and made recommendations/suggestions on how best to do this so my goals would be achieved.

    Artie is the salesman, he spent time designing a system that would meet my energy production goals, explained the pros and cons of various choices and guided me in my solar journey.

    Meghan is the PM and set the expectations on timeline, process, etc. She was spot on and communicated every step of the way I could not ask for anything more.

    Sean ran the installation crew, they were on time, courteous and cleaned up after they were done. The crew joked with my kids and explained what they were doing them, teaching them along the way.

    365 New England days later, many a snowstorms, 70 mile hour winds, tons of rain storms and I am happy to report, no leaks and the system is producing more energy than expected.

    I am happy to speak to anyone that wants to talk about working with NEC Solar. I am thrilled I chose them as my installer and the quality of the work cannot be beat. You will not be disappointed when you work with NEC Solar.

  • "Great experience from design, through contract to installation."

    Reviewed Sep 15, 2020
    "Great experience from design, through contract to installation."

    Reviewed Sep 15, 2020

    I had recently completed an extensive renovation to my home so I was equally concerned with price, performance AND look of a new solar system. I did an internet search and found NEC Solar had strong reviews.

    Artie, from NEC did a 3D model with thermal imaging of my property and roofline. We went through multiple discussions to determine the proper quantity and location of solar panels to meet my current power needs and that of my recently purchased EV. Artie informed me of solar incentives available in RI, made timely application and saved me $7000 in addition to the federal tax credits.

    Once Artie provided a competitive quote, Meg took over as the project lead for installation planning and permitting. Upon the permitting and utility applications completion, an installation team arrived and coordinated with me the placement of panels on multiple roof surfaces. I felt from beginning to end, I was able to influence the project to meet my high expectations. The end result is a solar array that looks great on my home.

    I couldn’t be more pleased.

  • "finally going solar"

    Reviewed Sep 05, 2020

    afte2r several years and several companies. We found NEC Solar. Very pleased with everything about them. We are up and running in no time. Time to go solar call Liz at NEC Solar

  • "Solar panel installation"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2020

    We could not be happier with choosing NEC Solar to do our home solar installation. Another solar company told us we'd never qualify for the installation we were looking for because it was too big. NEC Solar assurred us that this was not the case, and proceded to give us an installation timeline that they stuck to 100%. The installation team was outstanding as well - the panels were added efficiently and correctly. By sticking to their timeline and getting the panels installed by the end of 2019, we were able to capitalize on the greatest tax incentives we could. The best part, of course, has been generating even more energy than we are consuming, on average. Not only have we not paid an electric bill since, but we are accruing credits for the energy we supply back to the grid.

    NEC Solar has provided amazing customer service since the start of the project. Our Solar Consulting Engineer, Artie Crocker, was wonderful to work with. He was responsive and informative, providing us answers to every question we had. Our Project Manager, Mike Sullivan, was also fantastic. He was very communicative and made sure to take the time, in person, to answer all of our questions and help us with the Sense app for monitoring the system. Both Artie & Mike are still regularly in touch with us to ensure everything is working smoothly.

    We give NEC Solar our strongest endorsement. You will have a positive installation experience and they will absolutely work to save you as much as possible on your electric bill for decades to come!

  • "Solar power"

    Reviewed Aug 11, 2020
    "Solar power"

    Reviewed Aug 11, 2020

    I met with Daryll from NEC shortly after I met with the first solar company that gave me a proposal.
    Daryll showed up on time . Very well prepared and very personable. His knowledge was extensive and impressive!
    Daryll didn’t try to answer questions that he had no way of knowing the answer to but took down my specific questions and told me that he would get me an answer shorty . And he did just that.
    He laid out the whole process to me both from the physical installation right down to the financing options and who in there industry he had dealt with both good and not so good.
    One of the many reasons we decided to go forward with NEC was that NEC was more then a solar company.
    They had several divisions that did electric work. This made me feel more comfortable realizing that this was not a fly by night company snd would be around a long time when the other companies may not.
    I tested out my thinking by having Jay come to my house to give me an estimate on putting in an outlet to run a generator. It was very much in line with what I was told to pay.
    They came out and did the work on time and at the agreed on price.

    From there I was comfortable giving them my business for a much larger project. My solar panels.

    Daryll put me in touch with Alex he would be my project manager for the installation and answer all my questions about how my system would work.
    Again Alex showed up on time. He reviewed my house as it pertained to our project took down some notes and told me that he and Daryll would schedule a time that best fit both their and our schedule.

    On the day of the installation a group of trucks showed up with Alex leading the project . Alex stayed and over saw the entire installation . It was a long day 28 panels were installed and the system was ready for our local electrical inspector to come out and sign off on.

    That happen without a hitch as expected. National Grid was then informed that our system was ready to go live and they came out in short time to change over our meter.

    Since the installation I have a few questions that Alex got right back to me on and he even came out to replace a panel that they saw wasn’t performing as well as the rest due to a small installation issue.

    I have had my system up and running for two months now and being as hot as it’s been with 4 sometimes 5 a/c running and a bounce house I run on the weekends for my granddaughter to play on my bill from National Grid was just 8 dollars of which that was some silly fees.

    If your looking for a solid company that employs great and knowledgeable professionals look no further then NEC

    I plan on reaching out to them in the near future to discuss battery options to my solar system.
    Jim Sutherland
    401 871 2421

  • "A great experience"

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2020

    We had a great experience with NEC Solar and we are very happy with our solar system. Artie, our sales person, was very patient with us as we worked through all our numerous questions and it was his willingness to think outside the box with our system that made us choose this company over their competitor. The installation team was very professional and quick, respecting our home and time constraints. The project coordinator Megan also did a great job keeping us informed on the next steps of the project. The best part is now we get to watch the solar energy roll in. We are creating more solar energy than we are using, even with our unusual roof orientation. Overall, we would not hesitate to choose NEC Solar.

  • "NEC Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 14, 2020

    Working with NEC Solar was a pleasure. I didn’t know a lot about solar energy at the outset and Artie Crocker took the time to explain the technology, the installation process, maintenance, and cost. We were then assigned a project manager who provided the details and timeline and all the work was done exactly on schedule. The individuals who did the installation were professional, courteous and took the time to clean up any remaining debris. Following the installation, NEC Solar facilitated all of the paperwork necessary for us to enroll in the state incentive program and checked in with us several times to ensure that the system was working properly. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  • "Loved working with NEC!"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020

    Working with NEC was a delight. We chose them after going through the quoting process with 3 companies. We found their sales approach to be honest and friendly. They did not inflate the benefits or provide unrealistic expectations on what we would be able to install. They do no door to door sales, which I prefer too!

    NEC is family owned and has a history of electrical construction work. They are pleasant and helpful, and they do their own installs (we found that many companies sell the project, and outsource the installation). The quality of work was very high and we are very very happy with how the array looks on our roof.

    Their pricing was extremely competitive and they are transparent with cost. Surprisingly, they were unique in our experience, by showing the project total cost, and different break downs on tax credits and finance options. Some companies were a bit more secretive on total cost, and less flexible on payment options.

    If you are looking to go solar, I'd recommend getting a quote from them, we are so happy we took the time to shop around and found them!

  • "Excellent!"

    Reviewed May 23, 2020

    They did a great job installing my solar panels! I loved working with this team, and everything went smoothly and efficiently. I interviewed several companies before choosing NEC Solar, and their quote was competitive. I had such a great experience that I'm working with them again to install a solar battery. I highly recommend this company!

  • "NEC Solar is Fantastic!"

    Reviewed Jan 31, 2020

    I cannot say enough good things about NEC Solar.

    Right from the very start, my salesperson Daryll set the proper expectations on what to expect during the solar consultation process. During the initial solar consultation, Daryll walked us through the entire process. They proposed to use premium, all black Panasonic Panels that are assembled in NJ at a cost that was much less than what other solar companies were offering for an inferior solar panel.

    Once I decided to go with NEC Solar, I was assigned a dedicated Project Manager to oversee my solar project. Mike was very well versed in solar and electric. He came out to my home a Saturday to commission my system after National Grid had swapped my meter.

    Their install team was sensational. They were properly tethered to the roof which gave me peace of mind.

    NEC Solar also upgraded my 100 AMP service panel to a 200 AMP service panel. As a fellow licensed electrician, I was extremely pleased to see that their electricians were using premium electrical supplies and equipment and following proper safety protocol.

    In addition helping me explore my RI solar options, Daryll, who is a BPI Certified Home Energy Advisor ,took a "Whole House Approach" and identified other energy savings measures in our home. He connected me with with the RISE Engineering who conducted a free home energy audit.

    I had previously met with two other companies before deciding on Newport Electric Construction (NEC) Solar. They paled in comparison to Daryll, Mike, and the entire NEC Team! I never felt pressured during the entire process. I also like the idea of working with a local solar company that work and live in the same community.

  • "Not my first rodeo, but definitely the best."

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2020
    "Not my first rodeo, but definitely the best."

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2020

    This is the 2nd system I've installed on a property. Last time was with a different company, but this time I used NEC for a 14kw system on my home. Liz, Megan and crew where all excellent. I'll be doing another system and my office and I'll use them again for that next year.

  • "Perfect Experience, Start to Finish!"

    Reviewed Jan 02, 2020
    "Perfect Experience, Start to Finish!"

    Reviewed Jan 02, 2020

    Everything about this install went better than expected. Our Solar Consultant, Dana, was amazing! Informative, passionate, friendly, knowledgeable...a total delight! Our project manager, Mike, was terrific. They made the experience terrific! And the panels look amazing. Beautiful install! And they left the yard cleaner than when they arrived!

  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Dec 18, 2019

    Another solar company knocked on my door and convince me to go solar but then I decided to do more research and found out their price per watt was really high. After reaching out and meeting a few other solar companies I decided on NEC. Their prices were good and their salesman Daryll is very knowledgeable. The install went great despite the weather not cooperating. I really appreciate them coming out on cold snowy days and getting the project done before the end of the year seeing that tax credit is being reduced next year. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to go solar.

  • "High praise for NEC"

    Reviewed Oct 15, 2019

    Our salesman was knowledgable, took time to inspect our roof, attic, and electric service before drafting a proposal, and followed the project's progress throughout. The project manager was prompt and informative on the installation, and permit, inspection schedule, so we got online quickly. The electrician and installers used the highest level of craftsmanship in an orderly and good looking result for panel mounts, wiring, conduits, and meters. Power results so far have been very good.

  • "Outstanding customer service"

    Reviewed Oct 08, 2019

    NEC was great helping us through every step of the installation of our solar panel system, including adding additional roof support and upgrading the electrical panel. The end result looks incredible, complementing the colonial-style home rather than detracting from it. I have since convinced two co-workers to install systems on their roofs, and I recommend anyone in the New England area to consider them if they are thinking of going solar.

  • "Solar Installation"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2019

    We received quotes from several solar installers. What stood out with NEC from the start was Artie's dedication to figuring out the best possible panel layout for our roof. We have a difficult roof. The entire process went smoothly and everyone at NEC was helpful and wonderful to work with. Artie came by multiple times during the construction to make sure everything was going well. Great experience all around.

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  • "A+"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2019

    NEC Solar was a great company to work with. Responsive to my questions and concerns and on-point during installation. Last minute requests by me were met with a professional and calm response. Enjoying $0 bills ever since. Highly recommend

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  • "Professional and Efficient"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2019

    From our initial contact to the activation of my solar electric system, the people at NEC Solar were professional and responsive throughout the process. Every step of the way, from selecting my system to the installation and getting inspections done, NEC Solar made it all seem so effortless.

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  • "100% Top-Notch"

    Reviewed May 14, 2019

    After seeing four solar companies for their design & quotes, we kept coming back to NEC. From the first meeting with Taylor at NEC Solar, the relationship was built on honesty & professionalism. This is our 2nd solar system, so we were fairly informed on what to expect, questions to ask, etc.

    Through no fault of NEC, the installation took a bit longer than anticipated; 100% due to National Grid. However, we were kept informed every step of the way through the entire process. As soon as there was information to share, we were contacted immediately with the current status.

    Once we had a confirmed installation date, David (the project manager) was on top of everything! We knew exactly when the team was going to arrive at our house, what was going to be accomplished on the day, and what the post-installation activities would be.

    We cannot express enough how pleased we are with the installation. The team are true artisans and take time to ensure everything is 100% perfect. After the installation was completed (yes, all in one day) we just stood back and marveled at the workmanship. Plus, the team are just really nice guys!!!!

    Thank you NEC for a top-notch quality experience!!!!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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NEC Solar is a division of Newport Electrical Construction Corp. We have experienced master electricians and installers on hand at all times. this gives us us faster install periods than the competition and the ability to put the customer's needs first. Outside of solar we offer full residential and commercial electrical services including EV charging stations, generators and battery storage.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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NEC Solar Headquarters

121 Broadcommon Rd
Bristol, RI
02809 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 275 Grove Street Suite 2-400
    Newton, MA 02466

Workmanship Warranty

Up to 25 years Parts, Labor, Production through Panasonic Tripleguard Protection


Panasonic Authorized Installer
Sonnen (sonnenBatterie) Certified Installer


RI: AC 4585
MA: A 20803


COI with $5MM Coverage

States served by NEC Solar

  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Rhode Island RI