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Create endless sustainability for your home with Sunsolar Solutions. With over 7,000 customers in Arizona, it is easy to understand why homeowners turn to Sunsolar Solutions, the #1 solar company in Arizona since 2015. Our innovative solar solutions and technology works to power your entire home with clean, renewable energy – all from just the sun! With each solar panel, you’ll be combatting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing your fossil fuel dependency while saving up to 85% on your electricity bill. It’s time to take control of your energy consumption and start living better for your family and the environment. By investing in a solar system today, you’ll be cultivating a brighter tomorrow.
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Sunsolar Solutions is a locally owned solar sales and installation company in Phoenix, Arizona that provides a world-class customer experience in delivering the highest quality and cost-effective renewable energy power products available.

Sunsolar Solutions is an A+ BBB Accredited Business with industry leaders in engineering, design, and integration of residential rooftop solar. With over 50 years of combined experience, we’ve proudly served over 7,000 customers since 2015. We believe through outstanding customer service, innovative technology, and dedication, we can improve the lives of homeowners while creating a brighter future.
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If we could do no stars for this company we we would. We would HIGHLY discourage anyone from using SunSolar!! After a great sales pitch, we opted for some of their "best panels" which would virtually give us "no bills in the winter and credits for the summer" - this is where the lies start. After a bad inverter was put on our house and months of waiting, our panels were finally up and running, but even with the slightest bit of wind you can hear them rattling. We have "saved" about $40/month with these panels, never had any credits towards the summer and are hyper focused on not using any lights, turning on AC and using off peak hours. When I quote the word saved, I do this because you will not only be paying close to a normal APS bill but then you will have a huge SolarEdge bill now added if you do not pay cash for the panels - so really you are only adding hundreds per month. When asking the owner why we can't save any money with these panels he only responds with an excuse like the rest of customer service stating we are producing and it takes him 3 weeks to respond if he even does, now we are at a point of no responses at all. DO NOT waste your money on this because you will NOT save a dime with these, your summer and winter will feel MISERABLE with an additional cost added of solar, it is NOT worth it!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SALES REPS, THE LIES, AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OWNER ARE HORRENDOUS - do yourself a favor if you are wanting solar and take this review into consideration because you can most likely find solar that does work and saves you!

Posted by js.grims on Feb 18, 2024
Completely satisfied

I finally made the change to solar and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. Adding solar was nowhere on my radar because it seemed to complicated, expensive and honestly, I didn't understand how it could replace my electrical company. I had too many questions about all the unknowns surrounding solar; how would I maintain solar panels, what happens if the panels fail, could the panels do damage to my home, etc. That all changed when I finally took a meeting with Edward from SunSolar Solutions. He was able to help me determine what I needed when I didn't even know what I needed to start this process. Although I was super hesitant about moving towards solar, Edward found a way to explain all the details in a way that didn't make me feel silly or foolish on the subject. He was incredibly patient with my 101 questions and never failed to provide answers with so much knowledge. I truly feel like I made a well informed decision to go with solar and want to thank Edward for his commitment to walk me through every step of the process. It was seamless and caused me no inconvenience at all. The cost was super affordable and I couldn't believe how much my SRP bill came down. I highly recommend Edward and the SunSolar team to anyone looking to switch to solar energy. It will be the best decision you ever made.

Posted by mark.sullivan on Jan 10, 2024



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